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  1. Does that mean that they have 212 players on their active rosters that can't play better in another system?
  2. I believe he'll get stronger in the weight program but even that doesn't mean he'll be a bruiser back, well see. I know it's beating a dead horse but we should've keep Mike Davis. I never understood why we let him walk.
  3. Yeah, but he lacks power and our weak o-line doesn't help....
  4. I agree. I'd focus on our o-line first. That alone may improve our defense.
  5. Rhule wasn't overflowing with confidence about Darnold but a replacement at qb behind the same o-line doesn't fix anything, we have to upgrade the o-line. I'm not sure Rhule and company knows what that looks like in the NFL.
  6. Getting rid of Brady won't fix everything. Brady wasn't throwing interceptions, dropping passes, fumbling the ball, getting blown off the o-line, getting pushed of the d-line, giving up 400 passing yards p/gm, not getting qb sacks, etc
  7. The Vikings OC has made adjustments. I'm waiting on Brady to make ours...
  8. Bouye with the FF & Hubbard with his 1st rushing TD...
  9. I haven't been all that impressed with Joe Brady. I can the talent but to me, it seems to be mostly of the play of his best players, repeatedly. CMC got injured, so we lost that plentiful option. DJ was locked by Slay and Brady had no options. I don't know why but we're not making Anderson a factor. The ball needs to spread around to keep the defense guessing. As far as adjustments, there haven't been many on offensive or defense in the 2nd half this season.
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