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  1. I like this signing, maybe we can use him similar to a Von Miller type role...
  2. Great additions and resignings before the draft. A very good draft. A very good Undrafted Signings and now a very good Return Specialist. Where's game 1 at?
  3. It's cheaper to keep her is a marital term, ie. It's cheaper to keep your wife that divorce her, apparently you didn't have to duck for that one. What would be stupid would be to pay Darnold 18 million to leave. We're stuck with paying him either way. It doesn't benefit us to cut him. At the very least, logic tells us that he'd play better behind this line than the previous. But I understand, the narrative here is to post: cut Darnold, fire Rhule, Tepper has none & Fitts OK. I'm not a narrative guy. Keep Pounding my friend...
  4. Oh yeah, this is an awesome pick. Adding versatility to the offensive line. Very solid pick up for us...
  5. I really like this pick, love the speed and potential. It feels like we aren't looking for a home run hit style player but pieces for a home run team...
  6. This looks good. I hope we can add the rest to be more consistently competitive...
  7. But Happily, it has the makings to be, one of the best offensive lines, in Carolina Panthers history...
  8. Yes, this has the makings of being one of the best lines in Panthers history...
  9. Rainmann is more of a work in progress. If rather Penning over him but I'm going for Neal, Ekeonu or Cross. We need a tackle that's ready to go now.
  10. A bunch of pu*** claim to be fans...
  11. My Prayers go out to his family and friends. God Bless...
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