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  1. I simply just want us to be in an tremendously better position...
  2. I hadn't looked at his stats last season or watched him play really. I know that he's a good player that I thought may provide some stability, much much more than Justin Houston. Just a thought...
  3. Should we go after LB Shaquil Barrett if/ when the Bucs release him? I think Luvu Shaq and Barrett would immediately be a tough LB combination...
  4. Whether it's going crazy or not, WE NEED TO SERIOUSLY UPGRADE THE O-LINE...
  5. I'm looking forward to our new coaching staff bringing a game plan that fits the players...
  6. How many times has that happened?
  7. Yeah, I heard that too but it won't make sense to cut Sanders if we still gotta pay him, maybe someone will trade for him...
  8. I'm implying that we hold the new staff accountable for their own actions and not the actions of any previous staff...
  9. How is Tepper holding him hostage? Didn't he interview for HC positions?
  10. The returns weren't shetty, the selections and or the coaching of those returns were shetty...
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