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  1. Brady's accurate but I don't think he's that accurate...
  2. WOW, that's high for a RT isn't it?
  3. I wouldn't expect anything less from Ron Rivera. Luke Kuechly was the best Linebacker that Ron has ever coached and one of the best to Ever play the game.
  4. Yes, each year I've believed we were closer. I realize now that was hope, this is belief...
  5. I hope they all play well enough to give the coaches a hard decision. I feel like we're getting close to being constantly relevant...
  6. Or maybe he's having a better camp than he's ever had and they're acknowledging it.
  7. True and at least for me, there's typically hope this time of the year as well.
  8. And I'd still immediately take Rule over Rivera...
  9. I believe it coaching staff is competent enough to use him in ways that benefits the team based off his skill sets and the defensive formation.
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