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  1. I agree, I don't think we bring enough to the table on offense...
  2. I'm definitely in favor of giving Wilks a legitimate shot at HC and so far he deserves it. However, if Wilks get the job, do you all think that we can win with McAdoo as OC, providing we have a very good QB.
  3. I'm not a fan of Baker Mayfield but I'm sure that Sam Darnold will have a better showing...
  4. Well, Bridgewater is better and more efficient than them both, he just couldn't carry the offense behind that line. However, he'd be much better behind this line. I never considered Mayfield an upgrade over Darnold, only slightly more mobile but with a lot more flare, character and confidence at a far reduced rate. I'm not sure who it would be but I'd love to solidify our QB for years...
  5. Sam Darnold is better than Baker Mayfield, but I still want high draft picks at this point.
  6. My standard is very high. The conversation wasn't air standards, it was about Fox/Rivera and putting the blame off our season at Interim HC Wilks feet, in which I Disagree...
  7. There were a lot of people here that wanted both Fox and Rivera gone. Now that they are, people keep bringing them back up like they were worthy, while putting the blame on a interim HC....
  8. I agree, he's had far too many fumbles.
  9. Wrong, he's the Interim Head Coach, which means that he had no say so over players and coaches/coordinators
  10. If you can't hold on the ball, you shouldn't be on the field...
  11. If say Jimmy Clausen, but Baker isn't far behind him...
  12. Is it just me or is anyone else not very high on Shi Smith...
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