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This game had so much wrong on the coaching side that the talent we have on the team had to fix. Terrible play calling in the first half, did not set the tone with the run. Left Ickey on an island most of the day against a top 3 edge rusher. Did not play for the dagger and just went for the safe win. Why wasn't a timeout called before the FG attempt? 


The only positive from the game was the half time adjustments and the team playing a little better once involving CMC more. Terrible way to lose but not all is lost the team will be at least some what watchable the remainder of the year. 

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    • Plus, all that stuff around his dad being a coach and his kids being athletes...he would have been a different kind of bad from Tepper. Tepper is making bad decisions because he sees every business like a hammer sees every nail. Navarro would have been micromanaging decisions just like Tepper and would have fallen back on his dad being a coach, etc.
    • It’s not even really about Brooks, maybe he’ll be good. There were better players that fit bigger needs available. Just more roster and draft mismanagement which points to nothing changing anytime soon. 
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