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  1. I’m guessing Tepper was locked into Ben Johnson and when he pulled out, had to scramble and reset. I agree that Steichen should’ve been the choice, but I’m not sure he’d have been able to assemble the staff that Reich did. I do wish that given this is his second go as a HC, he’d have reassessed his approach and wasn’t married to being the play caller. I get that Brown has only been a RB and WR coach prior to the OC gig, but if he really believes in him, he’d give him the keys. I feel like Reich did this backwards - let Brown be the play caller and if things looked like poo, he could easily step in and take over. Now he feels under fire and seems to be stubbornly tightening his grip on the playcalling and all the onus is going to fall on him.
  2. I thought the content itself was good, I'm just talking about the advertising cut-ins...dunno if it was just my experience but it would be someone talking and mid-sentence/word an ad would start. Felt really disjointed and interrupted the listening experience.
  3. I don't think Reich gets fired after the season, but I do think if the team ends up winning 4 games or less and ships a top 5 pick to Chicago, something is going to change. Fitterer probably loses his job. Which honestly if that's the case, I'd rather wipe the whole thing and start over. I'm not sure why Tepper keeps doing this shotgun marriage of GMs and HCs (Hurney with Rhule, Rhule with Fitt, Fitt with Reich, Reich with ???). It would've sucked for Fitt that he got tied to Rhule and let go, but honestly, Tepper should've went full clean slate this past offseason.
  4. I mean here were Mingo's weaknesses per his draft profile on NFL.com: Lacks juice out of breaks to separate from tight man underneath. Feet are efficient but lack suddenness. Unable to find a second gear to run down deep balls. Needs to get head around quicker on seam and over routes. All of these you can see in the first two games. Now, he's a rookie and he can definitely improve by putting in work. But we shouldn't be surprised that his routes aren't crisp yet and he's struggling to get separation - those were the knocks on him coming out of college.
  5. I think we should move Chinn there fulltime tbh. He can cover in a pinch like TD could back in the day, but he's best near the LoS and he needs to be on the field. He was a monster at LB as a rookie, don't fix what isn't broken. Let him do his thing.
  6. While I largely agree here, my only quibble is the 5 of 6 key positions accounted for bit. Accounted for in the sense we have someone there? Yes. TBD on whether or not they are the actual answers or no: QB - rookie #1 overall pick; way too early to tell if he's a hit or not LT - 6th overall pick, young, shows flashes, seems to have regressed/struggled more than expected so far but willing to give more time DT - agreed, but he'll be seeking a big, big raise after this year DE/Pass Rush - for now...if this team starts 1-5/0-6 and Burns still doesn't have a new deal, I wouldn't be surprised to see him dealt CB - can't agree here; when healthy, Jaycee is a lockdown corner, but so far the guy will have missed at least 22 of a possible 39 games (14 in '21, 4 in '22, minimum 4 in '23 and that's giving him credit for the Atlanta game where he got hurt before halftime and it will be more than that given he's probably not coming back until the 2nd half of the year at best). Until he can be shown to be relied upon for at least 80% of a season, not sure you can say we have CB locked down
  7. I know you have to evaluate every move on its own, but if that happened, the sequence of events you're describing would essentially mean we turned CMC, DJ Moore, Brian Burns, and 3 2nd round picks (23 SF, 24 CAR, 25 CAR) into Bryce Young and DJ Johnson.
  8. Feels like Icky was getting beat like a drum time and again. The rest seems to match the eye test IMO.
  9. We actually materially outgained Atlanta week 1 (20 1st downs to 13, 281 total yards to 221, 9.5 min TOP advantage), we just coughed the ball up 3 times to 0 and committed 9 penalties for 66 yards.
  10. CMC = 23 SF 2nd, 23 SF 3rd, 23 SF 4th, 24 SF 5th Trade up to Chicago for 1: DJ Moore, #9, 23 SF 2nd (#61), 24 CAR 1st, 25 CAR 2nd DJ Johnson: Package 23 SF 3rd and 23 SF 4th So essentially, CMC + DJ Moore + 24 CAR 1st + 25 CAR 2nd = Bryce Young, DJ Johnson and 24 SF 5th
  11. I think the thing that chaps most Panthers fans' asses is not just the draft capital but the proven talent we sent out as well. Chicago traded a 1st, 5th, 1st, and 4th for Fields. The sequence of events that got us to Bryce (+ DJ Johnson, a 25yo rookie that got 0 snaps week 1 and a healthy scratch week 2) was basically trading CMC, Moore, 2 firsts, and a 2nd. That's actually a helluva lot more capital than what Chicago invested in Fields. Nevermind that we could've just taken Fields at 8 overall (yes that means no Jaycee but he's played in a total of 17 of a possible 36 games so far in his career so are we really missing much?) that year or taken Howell without trading any picks like we did to get Corral.
  12. Whoops, def an oversight. Still not great that we haven't been able to draft any offensive skill players worth a damn in the 21st century.
  13. Yep...Terrace seems to be a Jarrett level bust. Even Funchess and Colbert had decent seasons. Funchess year 3 put up 63/840/8 and Colbert as a rookie did 47/754/5. I doubt we ever see a line like that from Marshall as a Panther unfortunately.
  14. 4-13 / 5-12. Only potential wins I'm seeing are vs Texans, vs Colts, at Bears, vs Bucs, and vs Falcons . We'll probably drop one of those, but maybe we surprise and win a game like at Bucs, at Saints, or vs Packers. Reich-led teams historically never start well so I don't feel confident in the next 4 (at Seahawks, vs Vikings, at Lions, at Dolphins). Frankly feels like we're staring 0-6 in the face. Maybe 1-5 if we upset the Vikings at home. 2018: 1-5 2019: 4-2 (actually started 5-2 before ending 7-9) 2020: 4-2 (best season, finished 11-5) 2021: 1-4, finished 9-8 2022: 3-5-1, fired 2023: 0-2 and staring 1-5/0-6 in the face
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