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  1. I mean just this season, the difference between being 6-6 (and first in the division) and 4-8 are the result of 3 kicks: Cade York's 58 yard GW FG vs the Browns and Pinero's missed 48 yard GW XP and 33 yard GW FG in OT at Atlanta. We have gone 0-3 in 1 score games (Ls to Browns, at NYG, at ATL). I don't count the Saints game as a 1 score game because that game was pretty much decided, but even if you do, it's 1-3.
  2. Honestly even taking the Browns and Giants losses, if Eddy just hits one of those kicks in the first Falcons game, I'd feel pretty good about the division. That loss is the one that hurts.
  3. Justin Fields went 11th overall my guy. edit: and everyone was saying he was a bust until about 3-4 weeks ago.
  4. Mahomes - 10th overall pick Watson - 12th overall pick Josh Allen - 7th overall pick Justin Herbert - 6th overall pick Lamar Jackson - 32nd overall pick Jalen Hurts - 53rd overall pick Would I prefer a top 2 pick to have our choice of QB prospects? Sure. But let's not act like it's the be all end all to getting out of QB hell. Hell, look at the litany of QBs in the past few drafts that went in the top 5: Darnold Mayfield Trubisky Goff Trey Lance Zach Wilson For every Joe Burrow or Cam Newton at #1 overall, there's a Baker Mayfield and Jared Goff out there.
  5. Hindsight is 20/20 but I agree. And I like Jaycee as a player.
  6. I don't think age matters as much as tread for RBs. Foreman has 331 career carries and 353 career total touches. CMC, despite missing 23 games, has 269 carries and 366 touches since 2020 alone.
  7. Wilks went back to his Rams turtle game plan. If he doesn’t trust PJ, then put Baker in. You need to threaten and have some semblance of a pass game. Unless he’s just being a tank commander in which case keep on keeping on.
  8. Calling my shot today (bookmark this post) - one of the 5 candidates below WILL be the next Panthers HC Shane Waldron, OC, Seahawks Shane Steichen, OC, Eagles DeMeco Ryans, DC, 49ers Frank Reich, ex-HC, Colts Jim Harbaugh, HC, Michigan
  9. Reich is more likely to land on his feet as a HC next season. Zero shot he’s a QB coach next season lol
  10. No thanks. Take a shot at a QB at the top of the draft. None is without flaws, but it’s time.
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