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  1. $5m max makes me think his salary is probably around the vet min ($1.125m) and incentives to get it up to $5m tied to production.
  2. Ridley put up worse numbers than DJ Moore last season with a better QB/offensive structure around him and got $50m guaranteed (when DJ signed his deal it was $62m with $41m guaranteed). Not to mention he missed an entire season. Can't believe we traded DJ away ugh.
  3. I think you might as well hang onto Sanders for this season and see what he can do if healthy behind this revamped line and scheme (Reich/Brown's offensive scheme was awful) given his $4m base salary for 2024 is guaranteed. If he sucks again, we can cut him after the season and only take on ~$3m in dead cap.
  4. Queen to the Steelers - so much for that
  5. If we land Queen (former DRotY and 3 years younger than Luvu), no one will care about losing Luvu. Burns was a sunk cost, knew he was gone at this stage. Bell and YGM are JAGs.
  6. Rumors are Henry to the Ravens is a done deal
  7. Basically a 2-year deal at $13.5m per with zero dead cap hit if we want to get out after that. Good business, solid signing.
  8. They're not going to bench the 6th overall pick going into his 3rd year. They're putting Icky next to a strong interior and are going to see if last season's stinker of a season was due to a bad scheme and a revolving door interior. If he sinks this season, they'll replace him as a starter. But he's going into the 2024 season as the starter at LT.
  9. $27m per for Wilkins, that Brown contract is going to be eye opening edit: I don't think the Panthers are going to be able to afford both Brown and Burns. Think one is gone.
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