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  1. I think Chark is more of a fit since we need someone to take the top off the defense. I wouldn't mind signing Leonard Floyd to a short-term deal to start at OLB opposite Burns either.
  2. I can't say I'm a HUGE fan of it, but I understand the rationale as he's a complete back that catches out of the backfield and will probably be our rookie QB's safety valve. Also, it's not that bad of a contract - it's really a 2-year deal and then the Panthers can move on without too much of a hit, if necessary. There's no guaranteed salary after the 2024 season, so cutting him out right would leave just under $3m of dead money and free up just over $5m of cap space. We'd just be on the hook for the remaining prorated signing bonus: https://overthecap.com/player/miles-sanders/7844
  3. Just looked it up, based on AAV it's the 20th ranked contract among TEs. Similar to Tyler Higbee and Josh Oliver, less than Will Dissly, CJ Uzomah, and Logan Thomas. Not terrible I guess.
  4. Woof, not sure about that contract given how slow the TE market has been so far?
  5. So if I'm reading this right, his cap number for 2023 is only $2.72m, right? $4.92m signing bonus prorated over 3 years is $1.64m plus the fully guaranteed $1.08m salary for 2023. edit: Looks like there's also a $350k workout bonus so it's $3.07m per OTC. Not bad.
  6. Bro, what WR & TE combo do you think you're getting for $4m? (He has $8m guaranteed over 2 years so that's $4m per) This signing does not preclude the Panthers from picking up a vet WR or TE and the bridge QB signing is vitally important. If you haven't heard, the only two WRs that have signed so far are Allen Lazard and Jakobi Meyers. I don't think any TEs except the Saints guy signed? And we're most likely taking a WR or TE at 39. Patience.
  7. Kunkel says we're going with Gonzalez over Pinero next season
  8. Believe Gantt confirmed Tuttle was signed to be the starting NT
  9. So in a 3-4 base I'm thinking: Brown - Tuttle - ??? Burns - Shaq - Chinn - Luvu on early downs / Burns - Shaq - Luvu - Haynes on obvious pass rush downs? Horn - Woods - Bell - Jackson
  10. I'm a little surprised the Bucs don't want to interview him honestly. Seems like it's Washington or back to KC. It's been reported that the expected OC in Arizona under Gannon will be Browns QB coach Drew Petzing
  11. Not gonna lie, feels like a weird thread when the Eagles O put up 35 points, 25 first downs, and 400+ yards with the only turnover being their QB just flat out dropping the ball. The Eagles D cost them that game.
  12. There's definitely the job security part to consider. Another sub par year and without Arians and Brady, the Bucs could decide to move on from Bowles.
  13. Having full autonomy over playcalling under a defensive HC would be one reason
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