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  1. We already tried Jacob Eason and let him go, same player
  2. He was interested in him before the college season started. How he feels after watching that poo show this year has yet to be revealed.
  3. Yeah, he didn't say "I should have stayed another year at Baylor" lol. He doesn't give a poo about using Baylor as a stepping stone/getting lucky on year 3 and grabbing the biggest contract he could at the time.
  4. This is film from last season FYI, posted 6 months ago. I think the general consensus is he regressed from last year but the excuses/blame are still up in the air.
  5. Then it's wide open the year after, especially if we get our rookie QB on the cheap we'll have plenty of space for solid FA pickups
  6. Also his social media is filled with sponsored car lot ads, Brita water filter ads, just really cheesy stuff like you get from Russ or Baker who are on everyones poo list. I pretty much dislike every single thing about him as far as using your 1st round pick on him and trying to make him the face of your franchise. Cringey guy
  7. Shaq is probably a cap casualty unless they extend him, Chinn has kinda been MIA, Horn is still super young so Burns makes the most sense to step up to that leader on D
  8. I think you do the contract now when he's at 10 sacks just in case he gets to 15+ by the end of the year his leverage increases. We can't let him walk, we didn't trade him when we had the chance, and we actually need the $12M we can save by extending him instead of the $16M tag cap hit next year. We have zero dollars in cap space currently, actually like negative 900k or so but thats basically zero in the NFL
  9. It's going to suck for evaluation that Richardson and Hooker won't be at the Senior Bowl. I wonder when they announce which QB's will actually play. I guess we also have random Bowl games coming up
  10. I want a 1 on 1 sit down with Rhule and David Newton. Never thought I'd say or think that in my life
  11. Or after us if it's to the Falcons/Saints/Bucs depending on how the draft order settles. He can be someone else's mistake in the division
  12. Pretty much just young. His 4th string WR's were dropping everything in his last game, and he wasn't running for whatever reason so made the already not great Florida team one dimensional. Not sure if it was injury or bad game plan on the coaches
  13. If his punk ass doesn't play in the bowl game and do something he shouldn't be in consideration. He's shown nothing all year. Don't wanna hear about his turf toe either, he sucks
  14. That's why some of us think some "sources" will link some dirt to Joe Person or Jonathan Jones or whoever
  15. Extension would open up supposedly $12M in cap space. We're basically at $0 right now
  16. On why he didn't draft Fields or Mac Jones-" I wasn't the GM I didn't make the picks"
  17. He looks like Daniel Jones without the wheels
  18. In regards to how he's pitching coaching jobs to his staff- "I've got a lot of guys that are like my guys. If I made a mistake in the NFL, one of them is a hired some guys for their experience, but they maybe didn't always connect with me. I'm a highly demanding guy, I want things done a certain way" blah blah. I would say that wasn't a great sales pitch, but there's plenty of guys that just want a coaching job if he's looking for yes men over talent
  19. Can't believe I'm listening to the whole thing. He said one of his mistakes was hiring NFL guys for their experience, but they didn't connect with the way he wanted to do things. So the NFL coaches were also the problem
  20. Yeah they're probably done with Drew Lock
  21. Also his claim to fame was turning around a team/culture in 3 years. 2.5 years in they threw all his "Brand" and "1-0" "DBO" signs in the trash, and the team culture was revamped in like 10 days
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