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  1. I mean sure he's mellowed with age but Dalton has some sick highlight reel throws. He has a better grasp of what NFL open is and that sometimes you gotta trust a guy to win a 50/50 ball or get a PI like Bryce did when he finally threw deep to Chark. There are definitely a few frames on the TFG film breakdown where WR's are just standing around downfield NFL open and Bryce is running sideways out of a decent pocket
  2. Yeah and they've gotten close to a couple turnovers that could have this tied up or at least one score. Feels like Panthers have been in play not to lose mode for a while now
  3. I think they can elevate 2 per week so I guess that was Luton and that CB
  4. Also with the 12 team playoffs next year, some kids will take chances on themselves and rosters with some underdog teams
  5. Colorado had over 9m viewers for an 11pm game last week. Maybe 10pm or whenever they finally turned that Gators game off lol
  6. Upon doing my own research sounds like this guy is not good. We should try to get Foreman back if Cohen isn’t his old self
  7. Cohen needs to be in the slot too. Probably runs better routes than most of out WRs
  8. Also need to run the ball if you want any success in rpo's or play action. We only ran like 16 times last week. Miles had 14 and Chuba only had 2 which is fuging stupid considering how the passing game was looking. The score was close enough for the first 3 quarters to run
  9. Mingo looks rough. Shoulda grabbed Dell or Downs. We have enough possession guys
  10. I actually am concerned about him being able to see over the line. The first INT seems like one where he has self admittedly said he sometimes throws to the proper spot even if he can't see over the line. That must be the one that Reich took the blame for and said the safety "cheated". The next handful after that there are NFL open guys but he's not seeing them for one reason or another but most seem to require him being able to physically see them over the lineman. That or he's scared to throw in/across the middle after those picks
  11. Interested to check this out in a bit. JT can be a little biased and cherry picks his clips so It’ll take a few different breakdowns to get a general consensus
  12. I mean imagine if they didn’t pick it up. 3 draft picks for a one year rental project? He either sucks and you wasted picks or he plays well and you have to pay him 30+M a year. It was a lose lose lose situation from day one
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