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  1. Maybe Tepper is going to have some regional bands concerts in his 5k capacity venue
  2. It doesn't specify which Head Coach either...Wouldn't be surprised if it's players trolling Tepper for being an asshole while not jeopardizing the good staff members in general
  3. Sounds like he's planning on it being soley based on yac. I assume after watching film of Bryce trying to throw it more than 20 yards down the field he decided run plus dink and dunk is the best option. We'll still be facing the same problem of defenses squatting within 20 yards of the line of scrimmage til we get a new QB
  4. Plus Canales wants to call plays on top of learning on the job...His head is already spinning and he hasn't even had a practice yet. And he was pretty honest about it, and about the fact that he couldn't afford to turn the job down, "betting on himself" and whatever. Saw that money and said sure I can fix Bryce! lol
  5. Yeah he's not selling me on the whole working around the limitations of the QB. Like aside from the stupid ass trade Bryce shouldn't be locked in as the starter whatsoever. He should have to compete with Dalton and whatever late draft pick/udfa/fa guy they take on as a project. Sounds similar to how Rhule was coddling Darnold, how he didn't have to be the guy, just a part of the offense.
  6. Not a fan of building the whole offense around Bryce. He's basically taking the long way in saying that Bryce is going to be a dink and dunk game manager with hopefully a decent run game
  7. Didn't watch just going off tweets. Dunno if I can stomach a full Panthers press conference anymore
  8. So sounds like we're going to try and run a 10 year old Seahawks offense but without the scramble/deep throws that actually made it interesting. Every time Bryce rolled out Wilson style he just threw the ball out of bounds instead of launching one
  9. You can technically run play action from shotgun, it's just not as convincing. Almost more like an RPO with pass blocking instead of run blocking. Either way If he truly believes Bryce doesn't need a big fix we're screwed
  10. Tank Dell was just sitting there. Actually Dell, Jayden Reed, and Josh Downs were all sitting there and better picks so that was a F as well.
  11. I hope Morgan is trying to find his dawgs because we got nothing but Brown and Luvu currently, who both could leave sooner than later
  12. Bryce would be like, "ok guys lets just take it easy now please ok? No wedgies!"
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