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  1. Also I would seriously doubt the guy found enjoyment in watching hours of 2023 Panthers offensive film lol. There's much easier things to watch and write about to get some clicks from NFL fan bases. Or maybe if it's not your team and you're getting paid to do it it's more of a frustrating study on why a football team failed from all angles
  2. Yeah comping BY to a 6'4" guy is a bit of a weird one. I get that he's saying the ceiling is a game manager but Bryce can't just stand in the shotgun and toss it around the field like Smith
  3. It will never be physically imposing, for clear reasons. Nothing he can do about that, nothing he should do about that. He needs better coaching, and the weapons need to be better than they were last year. We’ll see if it translates. (if it doesn’t, he won’t get better, and we know how those stories tend to go after 25-30 starts…nature of the biz) The noise doesn’t really matter. Young has the mental make up to work through this, and to me, the goal is LESS “prove he’s a franchise quarterback” in year 2, and MORE “work the plan, harmonize w/ the new WR/TE pieces, incrementally elevate his game.” That’s just how I’d be looking at it, but I understand it can be frustrating.
  4. Yeah this is Clowney's 6th NFL team, I'm pretty sure he can get a read on a starting qb's vibe pretty quickly.
  5. More of the same, but with actual statistics thrown in with the film review. It's a long one He puts blame on the offense and coaches as well, but doesn't sound too high on Bryce's ceiling. Lots of words but here's the basic summary Young’s lack of arm strength and size creates little room for error in his play. If he takes one extra hitch or is a hair late getting rid of the football, defenders often make plays on the ball or squeeze windows even tighter. The issue is that Young constantly needs to take an extra hitch to get enough zip on the ball when throwing to the outside and he often needs to work backward in the pocket to see that target. What does this all mean for Young going forward? Well, let’s just say it’s not exactly a rosy start to his professional career. It’s a rough statistical profile and his play wasn’t overwhelming when I studied him. Yes, former No. 1 picks like Goff and Trevor Lawrence have overcome their horrid rookie years to become viable quarterbacks, but those are the exceptions to the rule, and Lawrence showed more glimpses of high-end play during his rookie year during the Urban Meyer experience than Young did under Reich and the rest of the Panthers' funky bunch coaches. This is not to say that Young is a bust already, either. His accuracy and intelligence still translate to every offense and still give him a floor as a viable starter, and better teammates, like the newly acquired Diontae Johnson and explosive rookie wideout Xavier Legette, should help highlight those traits even more. But, you take a player No. 1 overall to move the needle, not to just get the job done. Young has a path to be a quarterback who can keep an offense on time with some ad-libbing ability to add creativity and spice to an offense (Alex Smith, another quarterback with a rough rookie season, is a play style and career comparison I keep coming back to for Young). But to justify that 1.1 selection, Young (and Canales) have to push it even more in 2024 and beyond. https://sports.yahoo.com/bryce-youngs-hopes-for-a-bounce-back-season-with-panthers-comes-down-to-more-than-just-his-supporting-cast-140010168.html
  6. I mean it's not like he was a knockout 1st round prospect before the injury, it's just an undervalued position and a week class on top of that. Texas O-line makes it easy for RB's and I concur with these negatives from the Bleacher Report draft profile On the flip side, Brooks is not a strong runner. He is on the lighter side at 207 pounds, and it shows. Brooks struggles to run through contact at the line of scrimmage, and he regularly goes down on first contact at the second level. He rarely pushes piles or finds extra yards. Brooks isn't a decisive or commanding runner, either. He often gets himself in trouble at the line of scrimmage. Brooks is not the type of runner who is okay with plunging ahead into a car wreck for three yards, even when that's the only option available. He leaves yards on the field as a result. Brooks can be a useful committee back in the NFL with a chance to develop into something more. He has enough quickness and speed to be a weapon. Brooks isn't built like a true lead back, though, and he does not yet have the strength or decisiveness as a runner for that role. GRADE: 7.0 (High-Level Backup/Potential Starter — 3rd Round)
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