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  1. Oh, he's a Mo Brooks fanboy lol. Shouldn't have wasted that 2 minutes of my life scanning his feed.
  2. Interesting to see if this delays any outcome in the disciplinary hearings starting tomorrow. The timing seems not coincidental
  3. They have triple the twitter followers, 4x the monthly page views, def money. But yeah, Jourdan, Jonathan Jones, Alaina Getzenberg, it's a problem. Can't get rid of Scott Fowler though
  4. At least from his pressers it seems like he's taking the mental part very seriously. There's been young QB's who got a little cocky in camps saying the game wasn't that much different than college and then got a rude awakening during their actual first seasons. Watching Sam only run like 6 plays last season it shouldn't be that hard for Corral to jump ahead of him on the playbook once things start to click
  5. Atlanta lucked out and they're probably more sensitive to the optics in the US in general. Rio had 20K homes evicted and they basically just let all the Olympic buildings rot after the events were over, Tokyo had thousands kicked out of neighborhoods, all to build new buildings for the Olympics that eventually they just try to sell as high end Condos and Office space.
  6. So once Melo and Bridges leave we're basically the Clifford era Orlando Magic.
  7. Everyone is planning on Seahawks being a bottom 3-5 team without Wilson. That's kinda more of a gamble in a way for Mayfield. Lower expectations here, in Seattle he'll constantly be compared to Russ. Both teams are a downgrade from the Browns roster of the last 2 years and might as well roll with what they have instead of toss away $19M to knock themselves back 1 or 2 draft spots
  8. Makes more sense. Mayfield knows he would definitely start there. If Watson is out for the whole season the Browns could get Geno or Lock in the trade as a cheap backup to Brissett. Seattle could either ask the Browns to cover half of the 5th year option or get at least a reasonable 1 year extension added to Baker to soften the cap hit. On our end the Browns don't want Darnold, we wouldn't give them Corral, and we don't need all three competing and distracting the whole team during training camp.
  9. Could of had both guys we picked plus AJ Griffin with the other 1st, let em play in summer league and then work on a trade. I know it's different than the NFL 1st round but still seemed like they should have just taken Duren or Griffin and then held out for decent compensation. Kemba to the Pistons didn't do us any favors and was the only real desperation move involved in that whole trade, basically did 2 teams some favors for nothing.
  10. I thought we fired JB because we wanted to get past the play-in series? Now we got no coach and 500 2nd round picks? I guess I'll be watching all NC sports for comedic value the next couple years
  11. Wow so we didn't even get the 2025 pick? Just the OKC 2023 1st and a bunch of crap 2nd's? But our 2023 is actually the Denver pick which will be in the 20's? OKC's actual pick would at least be in the teens
  12. We drafted Duren at 13 and traded him for 100 2nd round picks
  13. Yeah he got fleeced, if there was a chance to dump a bad contract it on this trade. Now stuck with Hayward on IR and probably Miles and Melo leaving, no HC besides Clifford wanting the job.
  14. Is Rhule the interim Hornets head coach for the draft process or something?
  15. So we traded Duren because keeping 2 rookies wasn't "prudent" according to Mitch, but traded him for 6 future Greensboro Swarm members? Got fleeced for marbles. No harm in keeping both guys on the roster through summer league before accepting this poo trade, coulda gotten a way more "prudent" deal.
  16. Add in Charlotte FC, 3 different sports teams with no real head coaches lol.
  17. Even if that's with the 2025 1st rounder that's still just a bunch of late 20's-50's picks. Couldn't dump a contract or pick up a youngish vet starter? I really don't understand the urgency to let go of whoever you pick immediately. We traded down like a team wanting to trade up lol.
  18. I mean we desperately needed Defense and rebounding. Plumlee/Zeller pick and rolls haven't really done poo for us over the last 5 years if they are useless in the paint
  19. Kupchak already belittling whoever the future HC is. Can't wait for his other answers.
  20. Imagine being desperate to hire a head coach and deciding this trade was a good idea. They probably just turned off any decent available candidate. At least keep both picks on your roster til you hire a guy and get through Summer League, then make a trade
  21. Yeah especially not trading up to make whatever deal. Just keep both guys and wait for better value if you really don't want both on the roster. A trade for a young vet, someone desperate after injuy, something...Zero reason to immediately send him away if we're not dumping a contract
  22. Who else would trade Duren for the 2025 25th pick and 4 Greensboro Swarm members?
  23. If they didn't want both bigs at least take AJ and whichever big you prefer...
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