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  1. I really doubt Gruden wants Baylor guys as his position coaches, and i don't think Rhule is going to convince him or anyone to take the job if thats a stipulation
  2. Yeah the fact that Rhule is doing the OC search on his own is interesting. It can go either way though, Tepper giving him one last chance with no one else to blame and if it doesn't work out he's gone. Or Tepper just being patient/too stubborn to admit he picked the wrong HC and they're both going to try to force it into success so they can brag about how "the long, hard process" paid off
  3. Yup he got his turf so he's thinking about MLS and post covid concerts, Panthers games will be like 1/5 of his interest
  4. Yeah that's pretty much my point. Unless something magical happens whoever goes to the games is gonna boo until Rhule is gone. Or the stadium will be 60% opposing fans. If we had kept Teddy and taken Fields I think fans would have a little bit of patience but this "process" has been ridiculous from the get-go. Don't see Rhule ever living down his Slater evaluation either
  5. The guy that got booed all year long in Chicago? Panthers fans will boo Dalton off the field and also boo when Darnold takes the field lol.
  6. Yup, if Gruden hadn't gone 1-15 w the Jags he'd be taking a better offer somewhere else but he also has no other options. Either way it seems like it would be horrible chemistry between Gruden and Rhule.
  7. So if this happens what does Rhule bring of value to the team? This isn't a "program building" move. It's not like Mcvay getting Wade Philips at DC so he could focus on the new offensive ideas he was trying to develop. Rhules just like a micro mini GM/sideline hype man/time out waster?
  8. So 3 wildcard losses with the Bengals/Andy Dalton. One wildcard loss with Cousins in DC. Wonder if he'll try to get Cousins down here
  9. Rhule is only good at the snakeoil sales, not the returns. Dude stutters like the dog ate his homework
  10. That or paying his neighbors kids $20 to start accounts. Too cold out to mow lawns
  11. Not even bothering playing a Center lol (Mcdaniels is barely a C). Won't work every game but tonight just score more points than the other team
  12. Exactly how much coaching do you think Jonathan Taylor requires? Pretty sure his QB coach just makes sure he drinks some gatorade once in a while
  13. We seem to have gained quite a few rookie Rhule defenders out of nowhere this week
  14. At this rate the stadiums gonna have one of those passive aggressive Covid signs up "Sorry, we're closed this season due to STAFF SHORTAGE! Nobody wants to work!"
  15. Not even getting Pep on a Zoom call makes me think we're in desperation recruiting mode more than interview mode
  16. Even Kubiak is probably realizing he'd be better off going back to QB coach or assistant under some legit NFL guys. If he takes this job he potentially ruins his career and also learns zero about the NFL from Rhule. It's not really attractive to anyone besides Mcadoo who would take the paycheck for a year
  17. No one here would like Rhule as their boss in any field of work
  18. I would take Rivera over Rhule as my manager if I worked at McDonalds
  19. All we can hope for is the silence is him waiting this situation out, giving Rhule one last chance to convince someone competent to build or rebuild or whatever Rhule is trying to do. I would have fired him after that WFNZ interview but this OC stuff is glaring
  20. So the options are Mcadoo, Kubiak nepotism kid, or the guy that somehow made ECU a worse team?
  21. If you're the owner and it's obvious no one wants to OC for Rhule besides the football equivalent of the My Pillow guy, how do you not blow it up?
  22. Yup clean house and you could have Pep as HC and some decent coordinators would sign on, and still have a couple years of cheap rookie contracts while you fix the problem areas on the roster. It's becoming super obvious no one of merit is gonna do a favor for Matt Rhule after his scapegoating and general lack of real time game management
  23. Oof if we'd just fire Matt Rhule Pep would probably take the HC job. Tepper has to be seeing this trend unfolding in real time, maybe that rumor of him telling Rhule to find a legit OC is real. Not looking good so far
  24. Ugh we should have kept Ron and got a new GM first. At the very least Ron got his coordinators HC opportunities, Rhule is scapegoating his guys and interviewing proven busts. I was surprised Ron was so pissed in his last Panthes press conference but he deserved to be for the most part
  25. Yeah Matt Rhule is the last option. Mcadoo who I'm pretty sure is the My Pillow guy without a mustache, or Kubiak who's last name is why he's in the NFL are just some guys that will take the money for one year. Waste of time since Tepper will blow it up 10 weeks into next season. Maybe Tepper will grow some balls and demand someone competent or he'll blow it up now, but who knows
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