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  1. He basically just dropped it out of his hand while knowing he was getting sacked
  2. Luckily the O had 20 minutes time of posession, D got lots of rest
  3. Thomas and Tremble make Ricci expendable, the run up the middle thing just not working til they bring up Freeman
  4. Brady getting a head coaching job is laughable but I hope he does
  5. I think they probably like Christensen as swing tackle at least today
  6. How long until they realize Chuba isn't the guy for those runs and they bring up Royce Freeman?
  7. Watching Jets fans eat pancakes in field level suites instead of fans watching, no black endzones, 100 degrees on turf, no keep pounding, they were better off leaving everything alone
  8. There's a reason why Sam was getting the ball out in 1.5 seconds. Sad that they developed the play scheme knowing that's how long the qb has to get the ball out. And that whole Trey Smith was available in the draft but we took a long snapper thing
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