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  1. I forgot about that song. I had the TMNT soundtrack cassette tape so, I know about horrible songs.
  2. Well, look who's getting their teaching degree today. Did not know that. I honestly could not tell you the first time I heard it at a Panther game. I didn't hear it when they played at Clemson, which was 95 and you say it started in 96
  3. No doubt, extra 5 yard rush vs 80 yd bomb
  4. It is. It is a little rape-y feeling vibe to the song too. If you read the lyrics and know it's about a 11 or 12 year old it's not a good sound. If it were up to Rhule it would be some Dave Matthews band song. Any options there? Maybe at the end of the game - Where are you going? or a blowout
  5. I think you are right. This team, this DB crew, I think he is a day one starter and possibly the 2nd best DB on the team, that's scary.
  6. High: DJ Moore - I think DJ will have a lot to prove this year. May earn himself a contract extension or build himself up for a large contract elsewhere. He will be working with a new QB but, with Brady in year two and some other new weapons at WR, he could shine. Also he is not rated very high among experts, chip on the shoulder? Not sure: Sam Darnold. It's a risk worth taking for a former top 5 pick that is below 25. If he can stay healthy and develop some accuracy, he can do well. I believe if the offensive line gives him time to throw, he can be great. Low: Offensive Line....Did they do enough in the draft and FA to build the line? There were a few top notch FA's out there that we could have went after. I hope they do a great job getting these guys ready to block for Darnold.
  7. It's PR 101. You are not likely to slam your new QB unless you are the Old QB and he may be taking your job. Hopefully this works with Darnold. It's odd that he is a 3 year working on 4 year guy and he is still very young. If this works(hope it does) it just further proves that the system or team is to blame for a lot of these rookie QB's downfalls.
  8. Exactly. Could they have done any worse playing some of the rookies? Once Bridges went out, it was pretty much downhill. Should have gone big with the rookies to see what happens.
  9. Yes, agreed. We had two centers on our team that we did not play (Carey, Richards). Are they good? We don't know, didn't see them much. Zeller can be a good power forward not center but, I think his time is over in Charlotte. Biyombo, he can come back at league minimum salary if he wants. Not sure about Monk, he was a flash in the pan before he hurt his ankle. I love Rozier, he is a fighter and plays hard all the time, that being said...we probably could have traded him for a center which we desperately need. We were looking at Montrezl from the Lakers, that would have been a trade that helped both teams. We have way too many guards on the team, need to get bigger.
  10. Who needs rebounding and shot blocking? Let's just have 5 guys shooting threes with no rebounding. The defense bothers me. They are very spotty with the defense. At times they would have PJ, a Martin twin, Rozier, Graham and Hayward on the floor. He never got Carey or Richards involved even though Carey did well in the G league. At the end of the year when they were skidding, he should have tried something else. Zeller is a power forward at best, not a center. Biyombo- plays hard, just not an NBA starter.
  11. No doubt. Gordon Hayward should not have made that much of a difference. Either they meant to lose so they can get a better pick -(I mean what heck else was that?),Coaches did not have them prepared or the players just didn't care - back to coaching.
  12. I couldn't remember, Marty must have taken over at the end of 2017. Oh well even worse then
  13. Everyone talked about Temple and Baylor, he was not good the first year, got better the 2nd and was winning in the 3rd year. Tepper should know the first year would not be good. Add covid and completely new staff, new players, I think 2-14 would have been acceptable if it got us Trevor.
  14. We were always at the top because we were bad. I'd rather be drafting in the 25-32 picks in 1st round. Luke, Cam, McCaffrey, Burns were good picks.
  15. We knew the defense was in rebuild mode, and we all know that defense wins championships. Well, a defense full of rookies, we should have cut our losses. Get the roster younger and cheaper. a rookie defense against Brady, Brees and Ryan. Should have drafted all CB's in the draft or instead of Teddy get a good FA CB
  16. I know but, he did not have them in a position to win a lot of games with his roster moves.
  17. Lavar Ball? My Fav Panthers are Smitty, Luke, Delhomme, Pep and Olsen. JAG - Hooooooover, Ricky Proehl, Josh Norman - bring him back!
  18. I think you still do it, tank. Trevor or Zach Wilson, whatever QB that emerges would have been better than paying Teddy a ton of money and still stink. If Will Grier was drafted to be a QB, try it.
  19. I was thinking Hurney was "just bad" but after reading all this it's really got my anger fires burning. Hurney was a dumpster fire. Looking at previous drafts and how many misses he had, wow. Suckfest. Gettleman, while he had a plan was not far behind Hurney. I hope Fitterer is better. Seemed like some of the picks this year were Rhule's picks and not Scott's
  20. Still got let go. I am sure he wanted to win, I guess he wanted us to win enough so we wouldn't get Trevor Lawrence? That's all they did. PJ Walker wins a game? Huh? If we had lost to Washington, I think we would have had the number 3 pick? trade it or get Trey Lance/Justin Fields or whatever. Last year was just a weird year. I would have rather lost 14 or 15 games than lose 11.
  21. Why didn't they just roll with Will last year? We would have won 1 maybe 2 games in my opinion and been in the Trevor sweepstakes. Or...you find out Grier is good. I am thinking he is not but, you drafted him, find out.
  22. Usually Hurney's best pick is the first round pick. Most teams do well with that pick. It's 2nd round and later we need our scouts and GM to be great. We were always picking high because we miss the playoffs a lot.
  23. Stephen A called out Hayward.. I don't always agree with him but, he said Lamelo came back broke wrist and all and here's Hayward nursing a ankle sprain. Was he available? Did the team keep him sidelined? It would be nice if journalists would find out these details before calling him out. If he was healthy enough and chose not to play....hmmm.
  24. The Hornets talked at one time about having Brdiges and Washington, one would have to go. Send PJ packing and keep Miles. We need a true power forward.
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