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  1. Nope. Just being a pain in the ass.
  2. My number is 54 and that's only if you include Ha Ha Clinton-dix which is premature....so really I listed 53. Yeah, I checked, I blanked on some ones I shouldn't have I forgot to list: Greg Little, Mike Horton, Gross-Matos, Haynes, Roy, Luvu, Melvin, Stanly Thomas Oliver Even if I didn't blank I only had 61. The rest I know very little about including Ibe.
  3. Yeah I went back and rewatched that part. He talks earlier about how nothing is given and you have to earn but then says he will play left tackle. "Do you feel like you go to camp as the front runner at left tackle?" "Yes sir." Game on. If Cam wins this spot for the whole season, great for him, and we will have cut an incredible deal for a servicable LT. He also talked about Darnold and fresh starts and I think he views this as his fresh start.
  4. Yeah I caught that in the interview. Not sure what to make of it. He didn't say ONLY left tackle or the left tackle spot was his. Just that he would play LT. He also called himself a jack of all trades and they discussed his experience at other positions. Just another data point I guess.
  5. Hate that guy. He's a bad reporter and a douche. I was disappointed, he didn't ask about Darnold's couch. Has anybody heard? Does Darnold have a place to sit?
  6. Into the opponents hands. ha ha ha ha Its his decision making dammit. Nobody reads my posts. Why doesn't anybody pie my posts? /sarcasm
  7. Yes. Yes he did...and probably will continue to.
  8. I told you he was going to suck. Been saying it since the trade. You guys wouldn't listen. I'm smart you're wrong. I'm right you're dumb. (But I still hope he plays good for us...cause I'm a fan.)
  9. I knew it! (I really didn't, but I really did want him to come back.)
  10. 1. Can the pass rush build on their 2020 momentum? Yes. Yes it will. 2. Are they really ready for more man defense? Yes. Yes we are. 3. What's the right combination at cornerback? Bouye to slot? Seems Djax should be there, but I know he wants to get paid. Bouye to slot should work. 4. Who takes Tre Boston's former spot? Burris had 53 tackles, 4 pass deflections and an interception in 13 games last year. His pff is 55 fwiw. Clinton-Dix had 65 tackles, and two ints in 2019. He was out last year. 74 pff fwiw XFL prospect Kenny Robinson was drafted in
  11. "Talking to him, as I said, he is somebody that is extremely serious about not just being an NFL player but being a great NFL player,"-- Panthers head coach Matt Rhule Horn said of his father: "He gave me a lot of advice, but the two main things were first, never feeling like I know it all, keeping that empty cup and being willing to learn from any and everybody in the building. Learn from the vets, learn from the coaches, everybody. "And two, just recently he was telling me that it's a business. You've been picked high, you've got a job to do out there, and it comes with a lot
  12. Notes: Safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, 2014 first-rounder of the Packers, Pro Bowl in 2016. Then with Bears & WFT Last year didn't play, released by the Cowboys before season RB TJ Yeldon 2015 2nd for Jags, last with Bills Kicker Zane Gonzalez Cardinals last 3 years, with the Browns in 2017 Safety Tenny Adewusi XFL 2020 went to Giants camp 2019 WR Rashard Davis Titans 1 game, various practice squads
  13. If you win 2nd fiddle at LT, it seems we'd want you benched more because we need you healthy. I'm sure there's some advanced calculus in this because the line always seems to be riddled with injuries, except in 2015.
  14. I can see this too. I really think its a dogfight, with the coaching staff trying to decide the best way to groom the rookies and still keep a serviceable line.
  15. That's my gut reaction. It would be a surprise if he stays imo. But I've been surprised before soo. I think Erving was always meant to swing. I honestly don't know how this is going to shake out. I don't think our line is as bad as pff said, and I'm not convinced its any worse than last year. Probably the same, and maybe better. It certainly seems a bit deeper.
  16. I agree. I don't think Moore will be C or guard....just depth. I believe BC will win LT, hopefully day 1. I agree there. I also agree with not moving Moton. At guard, Miller, Scott, Eflein Erving, Brown, Moore can play it....and could do a serviceable job. I really have no idea.
  17. Ok, I'll bite. Looking at your line...its pretty bold. We might bring somebody in, people have said that. Moton might win LT...I know we've tried it before but maybe it will stick this time. Gross started at RT I think. I agree with the attitude that Erving and Eiflin are depth pieces. That's bold with 3 rookies in the middle though. ....an UDFA rookie at center...I just don't see that happening this season.
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