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  1. We should have first half and second half predictions because we let up on the gas. 21 -3 first half 31-17 final. Their first play will be an attempted bomb to Cooks. Donte be ready. We ran up the score on the Saints because that's what they do to other teams. We are going to RUN THE BALL well with holes on the line. 160 yards rushing. They will have more yards rushing than the Saints and Davis is going to roll out a lot. There will be a lot of quick slants.
  2. Yes. Players and coaching . As much as I liked Ron at the time, it appears Snow> RR.
  3. The saints ran for 48 yards, 2.8 ypc....with the longest run being by the QB for 12. That's right, their running backs amassed 36 yards on 14 attempts. PFF is supposed take into account level of competition as well, and Kamara is considered one of the best backs in the league. He got 5 yards on 8 carries. Jets, same thing, 45 yards on 17 att, 2.6 yards a carry. I think it would be hard to make the case that any of our DL were hurt my their rushing D performance. I'm beginning to wonder if PFF is even watching the games.
  4. Zack Wilson has been sacked 10 times in two games, yet PFF says they have the 10th best line in the league. The run grade is crap too, their ybc is 14th and they have fewer rushing yards than we do at 197, ranked 22. I am sorry their line grades are looking more and more like ass.
  5. Yeah. I've been saying Sam's int rate will go down. It has. Hopefully it will stay there. Early returns are good. We'll see. 11% of the season done. There's 15 games left.
  6. Hey we agree on something. Who is saying this? So if Sam has an 1.5% int% at the end of the regular season, you are going to still insist that you were right, because there were still SOME ints?
  7. Teddy is playing very well right now. Looks like he's better than last year for sure. The move lit a fire under his ass. Tyrod Taylor was looking good too. The wheels may come off at one point of Sam, Teddy, Murray, or Hurts like they did for Taylor, Winston and Tannehill. Sometimes they regress too the mean. Sometimes they don't We'll see. This notion that players are static and will always be what they have always been is just not supported by the data or our experience. If you think Sam's current play supports the notion that he is a turnover-prone QB, you must not watch much football, because then they nearly all are, including the greats. .5 ints a game is very good.
  8. Every QB turns the ball over. Seriously? That's what you're going with. Sam has 1.4 int% and you say that supports your conclusion. Whatever.
  9. As for running, I hope will have holes on Thursday, and all 3 RBs will feast. The remaining complaint about the OL will look like we addressed it, when in reality they suck at run D. As for blocking.... good blocking RBs are NOT a dime a dozen, they are a rare beautiful bird. We're lucky to have CMC. My guess? This thread will not age well come Thursday.
  10. Bitter clingers. They don't want to be wrong. I'm enjoying this while it lasts. It was the worst offensive performance for Payton EVER. I don't think people realize what happened last Sunday. They will, come Dallas, cause Rhule will unchain the dogs again.
  11. Maybe. You did NOT predict that after 2 games Sam's int% would be lower than Mahommes, Brady, Prescott, Stafford, Rodgers, and Herbert OR that he would have a higher completion percentage than Burrow, Rodgers, Brady, Tannehill, and Big Ben OR that he would have more yards than Josh Allen, Tannehill, Mayfield, Big Ben, Burrow, or Aaron Rodgers. You may be right in the end. The data so far does NOT support your conclusion. The data at this point is signaling a pretty good QB, top 13ish. Sam traditionally plays better later in the year (thus the 2 jets wins against playoff teams at the end of t last year) AND he's learning the offense. Teddy had 2 years in the offense before he played for us. Sam has had 5 months. Its early yet. We'll see.
  12. I agree. Against teams like the aints and Bucs, don't ever let up on the gas. I think we can let up on the Texans in the 2nd half and probably will. We'll see.
  13. lol When I think of our defense, it's more like this:
  14. You're right. It was. We couldn't play man last year because we didn't have the personnel. When you're outmanned, you don't play man.
  15. I really think we let up on the gas against the Jets, and we'll probably do the same tomorrow. If pattern holds, a 3 score lead then pump the brake. Maybe experiment a little. We are going to run a lot more. We have no excuse this time. They were the WORST team against the run last year. There should be holes to run. I expect a couple breakways, even for Chubba, maybe we'll see some Royce. I really think we ran up the score on the Saints because that is what they did to the Packers.
  16. True. In the clip though they pick up the blitz on the 2nd and 3rd times. The problem is you can't double team Burns and Reddick or anyone on the line if you're picking up the blitz. We didn't do it thinking they wouldn't see it. We wanted them to see it. We did it to force them to cover it. We didn't want to fool them, we wanted them to pick it up. Go ahead, keep your TE and RB in. Now every one is in 1-1s and we are going to win one of the matchups. Fox won something like 45% of is rushes. In Burns' presser he said he and Reddick are making each other better talking rushing everyday. Sharing technique and strategies to make each other better. This defense is a problem. You have to establish the run.
  17. " Snow now has the personnel to run everything he wants, a college-minded defensive coach who learned to defend modern offenses at an elevated level now has the same thing on lock in the pros. It was bound to happen eventually, and right now, nobody in the league seems to know what to do against it. "
  18. BTW the blitz we did 3 times in a row here, is the same one they used to cause our turnover.
  19. Here we are doing the exact same ordinary corner blitz 3 times in a row: Our formations can be odd, but that's not the secret sauce. Its the epic talent on the line and man coverage on the receivers taking away the quick throws. They have to go to total pass pro, removing at least one (TE) or two (TE and RB) pass options and they can't double team on the line leaving 1-1 match ups. With 1 on 1s, Brown, Daquan, and Nixon are eventually going to get thru. Really the only way out of this I can see is successfully running the ball. Titans could be a problem for us, good thing they aren't on the schedule. Fournette will need to have a good day when we play TB if they are going to beat us.
  20. " Chinn and Gross-Matos had Winston considering two uninspiring options: Take the sack, or throw a balloon off-base. Winston chose Option B into triple converging coverage, and that was that. "
  21. The guy is hilarious and a big Broncos fan so he loves Teddy Bridgwater. He calls him Teddy Throwsavelt. His best/worst from the Panthers Saints Game:
  22. " Rodgers didn't have time to diagnose it, because the protection was an absolute mess, and the Panthers went into Shark Week mode. "
  23. " and you have a defense that is suddenly the envy (and the headache) of the NFL. Nobody’s had a bigger headache than Winston so far. "
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