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  1. I want at least 3 OL in this draft, don't care what rounds as long as we start before rd3. Don't watch enough college to make a bold choice, but stoked to look up our picks immediately after to get hyped.
  2. Great post OP. This new regime seems to be at least making effort, and I will applaud that always. Not every signing will work out, just like not every draft pick will, but I am ecstatic about the hustle and attempt to get better. Like every year around this time I am cautiously optimistic, don't see how you can be a fan and not be.
  3. If I was GM for a day, I would've snagged up Duke Johnson when the Browns were trying to trade him, would've been the perfect backup to CMC, but we had Hurn at that time and I knew he was not an expensive enough rb for him to sniff out.
  4. The best replay review system was what they did in the AAF where it was extremely transparent as what was being looked at. I know the NFL will never be that good but at least meeting halfway would be a huge boost to the current wtf calls that come out at times.
  5. If we get a stud ot in this draft we will officially have all the Hurney stank off this team.
  6. This is the moment we start snagging these head scratchers. The more I read about just how crazy things were last offseason the more hope I have in guys I never heard of. You got guys doing prodays now that went undrafted. Wild times.
  7. Hopeful that more final jeopardy answers are like this, it would make it very entertaining. Also hope he is the answer to a clue no-one answers, because that would be gold.
  8. This 1000% I can't wait until the draft due to how much different the last one was and this could turn into something beautiful. The defense could be nasty, and depending on the line the offense can get some points.
  9. Curious move at best. Excited for the draft still to see how things shake out. Wonder at what point they do straight up cut teddy, do we get any relief this year if that's the route? Highly doubt we can even move him unless they do some voodoo with his contract beforehand.
  10. So half the huddle is giddy and half is broiling hatred, am I right?
  11. I would be fine with Minshew or Darnold only if it was for a late round pick. We got some big holes still and I am hopeful we can have a great draft and have a better foundation going forward.
  12. Its gonna make playoff time a little different. Wonder how many teams sit their starters that last week.
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