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  1. In Indy, hmmm....gonna have to take a look at the ticket situation
  2. Was just about to say back-to-back winning seasons. We get that checked off and we will have some serious improvement as a whole.
  3. This D should be quite something to watch. They got better with every game last year, and only got better personnel wise this offseason. Stoked to see them feast this year.
  4. My secondary chant is the always obvious; Suck it Saints. Doesn't matter who we're playing it just feels right.
  5. I basically take what David Newton says and flip it around to find out the truth about pretty much anything Panthers related. Also enjoy the game of who is he trying to report on.
  6. I would say kyle love for defense and dawson for offense and the kicker we had to mainly kick-off for a couple of seasons.
  7. Yes, yes, yes. We are really building something here, and I can't wait to see it all fall into place. Finally have some hope for the future of this team.
  8. Joe, how does it feel to have David Newton absolve you from being the worst beat writer to ever cover the Panthers?
  9. I think the contracts and such make this more difficult to process. Can't compare a professional athletic portion to a regular 9 to 5, part of their job description involves working out and if they come into camp overweight depending on the contract they get fined and/or cut depending. Really murky situation with alot of ? And not alot of answers. Also seriously doubt he went out and intentionally blew out an Achilles, because that is how this convo is trending.
  10. After the year we all just endured, it was an amazing gift finally getting rid of Marty Meatballs and now we have the return of the man myth and legend. Buckle up you beautiful sons a bitchs and get ready for this season. Win or lose we finally have something I haven't felt in a long time as a fan, hope. No more putting all your eggs in one basket and expecting to coast off your once in a lifetime QB as you run him into the ground, no more converting failed DTs to OL. How far we have come, and I can't wait to see what the future brings.
  11. Excited for what we are building. No more shifty finesse type of play and some more smash mouth football, hopefully.
  12. I'm excited for this wr group we have, but if I ever see another bubble screen it will be too soon and too many. Possibly one of the worst offensive plays ever.
  13. Is this the most trades in our history?!?
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