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  1. Firmly on the Wilks train. Going beyond just what the record is right now, the team has done a 180 in terms of how they play. We were looking as soft as the Saints of old on D and it's very worrisome during Rhules time. Now the players play like they care again and that alone has been refreshing. Gimme a good to great OC to pair and watch this team get something they have always lacked, a bit of consistency.
  2. Honestly I feel this will just further cement Wilks being given a shot. He's legitimately working with a hand behind his back in terms of coaching staff and personnel that were handed to him, give me a legit OC and his leadership and watch this team flourish.
  3. Hartsfield got burned almost every play on that drive
  4. Pretty wild what a difference in coaching can make. People will say well TB was down to third string on D and so were we. Just came out more hungry and showed some things that haven't been seen in at least 4 years with this team.
  5. Steve Wilkes turning this thing around in 2 weeks. Gimme Pie!
  6. This one is tough because this season seems so awful, but that Siefert Weinke combo is the only time I actively disliked the team. I think Rhule and Baker were trending that way but since we cut ties early it won't get to that point. As others have pointed out we were at least competitive at times during Seifert but he was so unlikeable as a person it makes this a tough one.
  7. Late to the party, but here's to some real hope for the future. Haven't felt so much apathy for this team in such a long time.
  8. Some move of desperation will be done to try to appease fans, would not be surprised to see some coordinator being the lamb tomorrow. Will be interesting to see what happens next week.
  9. If the team looks like it did last week, we will most likely get shutout and there will be some sort of desperation changes, unfortunately I feel we will see much of the same product until Rhule is shown the door. Would be hilarious if after he gets canned the team goes on a run. Would suck for our draft purposes but would show just how much he was holding the team back.
  10. It's about time this no good waste of a roster space........just kidding don't know who this is honestly.
  11. This 10000x. I was extremely optimistic with our off-season pick ups on Offense then we came out and looked like we do, mind-blowing honestly.
  12. Depending on what Cards team we get we may get to move into the mid 20s, lol.
  13. Maybe we can work him into the plan before the 4th qtr next game.
  14. Glad we picked up Foreman to have him keep that bench warm this year. Loved seeing CMC run into a brick wall toward the end and almost forgot we have a power back but refuse to use him. Also love the predictable play calling, when CMC is not in the backfield it's a pass 93.77777% of the time.
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