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  1. Probably going to get some hate for this, but Howell is what they hyped trubisky up as, and whomever gets the Maye is getting a dawg too. Knew trubisky would flame out and was surprised those WRs that bailed him out in college didn't do much in the NFL.
  2. Right there with you. Really hoping we don't suck against the run or it's going to be a long season.
  3. Mine is Ian Thomas, not a surprise by play but rather by contract.
  4. Moose and Pep all day, get Luke his next season with TD or Greg if they go one O and one D.
  5. This is my thinking as well, so refreshing yet it feels like it's been soo long most have forgotten what that is like.
  6. Stoked to see what we do at WR now
  7. Seems appropriate that since we have so much going on there should be a thread dedicated to the fact that today is one specifically made to sing praise upon the wonderment that is pie. Celebrated for it's amazing ways to end a meal or simply provide a snack and or meal in it's entirety, let us as the Huddle come together on one of the few things we agree on to give and receive pie.
  8. Best day one in a long time, would've been with just the Bozeman resign, but adding quality at S and NT. Bout to actually be engaged during the off-season, what are we even doing. Is this what non-mediocrity feels like?
  9. Playoff mentality, just keep winning and let the pieces fall into place.
  10. Nice to see the team playing tough again. We were way too soft with Rhule. Great win.
  11. Firmly on the Wilks train. Going beyond just what the record is right now, the team has done a 180 in terms of how they play. We were looking as soft as the Saints of old on D and it's very worrisome during Rhules time. Now the players play like they care again and that alone has been refreshing. Gimme a good to great OC to pair and watch this team get something they have always lacked, a bit of consistency.
  12. Honestly I feel this will just further cement Wilks being given a shot. He's legitimately working with a hand behind his back in terms of coaching staff and personnel that were handed to him, give me a legit OC and his leadership and watch this team flourish.
  13. Hartsfield got burned almost every play on that drive
  14. Pretty wild what a difference in coaching can make. People will say well TB was down to third string on D and so were we. Just came out more hungry and showed some things that haven't been seen in at least 4 years with this team.
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