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  1. Last 2 games should be used to extensively evaluate the young guys. See what you have in terms of younger and inexperienced. Games won't be as important in terms of score as much as experience gained by the youth movement we should be trying to infuse.
  2. The biggest issue with this whole staff is the rigid way they operate. Offense is a disaster starting with the Oline and how they keep sending out Erving due to arm length. Defense is hit or miss, especially once teams make adjustments. I want the next coach to take every game as if it is make or break thats how we will get right.
  3. This is hella late but if I see one more bubble screen at any point in this game, it will be automatically a turn it off situation.
  4. This is so spot on....exactly what I came to say.
  5. Im on board with fire Rhule. Hes def lost the team, you got guys taking plays off on both sides of the ball. Looking like a lame duck season with a 2 year head coach. He looks lost way over his head, and now the team is just going through the motions to get paid. Only thing I wonder is who they fire after this? Hopefully OL coach. Probably end up being some poor ball boy.
  6. Vilma is as trash as an announcer as he was as a lb. Are they hurting this badly for announcers?
  7. That was a very rough season.
  8. This is the best of the bye. Dont care who the replacement for this season is, more stoked about after the season.
  9. To me, the defense is been built oddly. We have amazing on the outside but mediocre middle. Great CBs are worthless if the middle is a shell, and I truly believe that is more of what teams have figured us out on. Like Mr. Scot said, our biggest weakness this year on D is MLB and the Safety positions. In the beginning of the season it looked like the Safety spot might hold up, but then the reality was we played awful teams with terrible offenses. Also, it does not help matters when your interior DL seem to have just checked out completely. We have some young untapped potential for those spots, but as a group they seem to be mailing it in. The more I think about it, you all might be right, gut the entire coaching staff....Way too much talent to be this bad.
  10. Can stay in Miami after this game. He is legit turning Shula into a genius by comparison. Making me yearn for Dan Henning, just some semblance of competency and consistent play calling please. I know everyone wants to fire Rhule and I get that, but how does anyone give this schmuck a pass is beyond me. Cam can mask alot of ugly, but even he can't unass this offense. Time to move on.
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