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  1. Basically just said no specifics into personnel
  2. Serious question, is Baalke the only GM worse than Hurndog?
  3. Enjoy the cellar Taints for years to come.
  4. This chart is really promising to his future. Can't wait to see his jump next year after a full offseason to train.
  5. Packers got this one and the next, Aaron Rodgers leaves them on a high note and brings the Panthers to the SB next year.
  6. I will take Anti-Hurney every day of the week and twice on Sunday please
  7. Heres to him not doing anything egregious enough for me to seethe an unhealthy hatred like I had to abstain for the dark years of Hurney.
  8. Excellent post Mr. Scot. Very informative, stoked we have someone in the seat ahead of the craziness of the off-season. Feels like we really messed up when Gettlemen was let go in a number of areas, but mostly the timing really didn't jive for the season.
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