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  1. Lets see the offense calm down a bit and the d get their bearings to start this second half. Snag this W and regroup.
  2. One game at a time, as cliche as it sounds you gotta have that mentality. This way the losses don't rack up quickly and you don't overlook any teams.
  3. Dont care for any excuses 2-0 is 2-0. Lets get a W on Thursday.
  4. Everyone saying guard and tackle, I say future fullback and kick returner. Would probably be PS for a couple years and when hes developed.....
  5. Skye, Butker, and Geno are all dead to me. If/when we get another kicker in here we can talk, but this what if game with previous players ain't it. Lets go mustache for now, and hope we get some competency or competition at that position.
  6. You are probably right there. I didnt take that into consideration at all, and if thats the reasoning I can live with it. I would rather have some closer scores than injuries any day. We could have a special D this year.
  7. BPF

    Phil Snow

    This defense is going to be special this year, imo. If we can lock down with the DBs and give just a few more seconds we may break the record for most sacks by a team this year.
  8. In all reality, it looked like a preseason game. The good is there were more positives in my eyes than negatives, we gotta W and didn't get a ton of injuries. No need to add on to the negatives. Excited to see what we do on D the rest of the way The only thing I would say let me down yesterday was it seemed like we went into a prevent D way too early. We can't do that at all this year. The D is way too talented to let up, and will keep us close in games if we keep getting after it.
  9. Ugly win, should've been a shutout. Love free pie and victory!
  10. So the starting lineup on the line will definitely not be the same one we saw struggle against the steelers second string. Looks like the plan to fix the line is starting to take shape.
  11. Wish I could pie more than once as this was my mantra for quite a few years.
  12. Went back and reread it, you're right.... imma take the L on that. My bad. Bouncing around and trying to watch the game at the same time.
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