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  1. This honestly seems like a ploy to tell Fox, I have leverage if you're bringing Brady on. I do not want to be seperated from Burkhardt or be #2.
  2. The Process Oriented part vs Results oriented part has to be a hard adjustment. Give him credit, he's trying. It's just... man he's wasting a decade of our lives to get this right...
  3. If anything, I bet the Scouts and Fitt wanted Young. The coaches wanted Stroud but weren't opposed to young. Once they went to Tepp, told him they "like Stroud" but "Everyone" likes Young more. So he zeroed in on Young.
  4. Fitt is a good salesman if he convinced Tepp a midget with low physical skills is better than a prototypical passer.
  5. "Tepper, Will you use a search firm" "No. Screw you."
  6. they started it late on purpose I think to avoid the opening statement.
  7. @Mr. Scot It seems as though that link is from a year ago.
  8. https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2023/11/27/panthers-scott-fitterer-frank-reich-david-tepper-fire-nfl-insider/ From this article and the ESPN one, sounds like Fitt is pretty close with Tepp. He'll probably get one more year most likely... *sigh*
  9. 11/27/2023... the culimation of many things... and in my book... the darkest, coldest day in Panthers franchise history.
  10. I wonder if Nicole had something to do with this... She is a good people reader after all guys
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