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  1. Academic standards . They aren’t paying their players because they want to be known fro academics. Do your research.
  2. Baylor just won the big 12 title lol Rhule will he fine. Hes a great head coach. Sometimes it just doesnt work out. Hes proven himself in the college ranks if thats what he wants
  3. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/if-jim-harbaugh-leaves-for-nfl-panthers-matt-rhule-would-be-very-interested-in-michigan-job/
  4. Wait but how does BurnsNChinn think about this? Thats the real question
  5. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/texas-sports-nation/john-mcclain/amp/McClain-If-Tim-Kelly-lands-in-Carolina-Deshaun-16788307.php we want deshaun
  6. Now imagine the meltdown Scot will have if we land DeShaun lmaooooo
  7. Are you forgetting that we have been getting torched the last decade against our pass happy division rival? We have arguably the best cornerback prospect since Jalen Ramsey. You need to have perspective & not short term memory.
  8. Such disrespect towards JC Horn. You guys will learn soon.
  9. To be honest Im more surprised that you were able to post a gif successfully. You impressed me today. Good for you.
  10. I root for the Carolina Panthers. I don’t root AGAINST the head coach of my team. I realize that we were the second youngest team in the league with the highest turnover since 2019-2020. I WANT Rhule to figure it out. These constant spam threads with the same rhetoric isn’t productive.
  11. There comes a limit. 30 threads in from moderators about the same topic, aren’t we supposed to cut down on the chet posting?
  12. Philly game was a slow death and it somehow got progressively worse the next 3-4 weeks. didnt think we could lose any worse than philly - minny happened didnt think we could lose any worse than minny - nyg happened
  13. Waldo, Zod and Mr Scot might have to go AWOL for a couple years if so. Ive been keeping track
  14. Or just keep posting thread after thread of the same poo just to tune in next year
  15. This message board this offseason is gonna be worst than watching the Panthers play.
  16. Same fairweather fans crying will be the ones saying they knew all along
  17. Lmao guys go outside and get some air. Rhule will be here next year
  18. https://youtu.be/iWn4YZ-KSKo tepper said it was not a 2 year fix… it takes time https://youtu.be/ku5srUwBgko does this sound familiar to you?
  19. Mr Scot seeming more and more fair weather these days. You didnt want a real QB. You constantly moaned about not wanting DeShaun, not needing him. You were okay with Darnold. if bringing back a coach in year three of a rebuild bothers you, theres some mainstream teams and big market teams I suggest you follow
  20. Bill O Brien was a damn good coach Bill O Brien was a damn bad GM
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