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  1. Time for the Huddle GM's to give their official input. This thread will serve as a time capsule for the end of the year.
  2. The POINT is that the threads "Rhule has no excuses" are ridiculous. This roster is not made for the playoffs at all.
  3. You are mistaking. Last year we had some really great free agent pick-ups. Reddick, Jones, Fox etc. Year one Robby Anderson 1200 yards How about some substance in your posts - instead of insults - makes you look intellectually lacking.
  4. Prove me wrong I keep seeing these redundant threads about "Rhule has no excuses". Listen, Rhule's issue was never team building. He showed through the past two years he can build an elite defense (#2 in yards allowed despite his defense having to be on the field a tremendous amount), through the draft and free agency. This has never been his issue looking good on paper. His issue is that the CAROLINA PANTHERS cannot seem to get the QB position down. In this league you need an elite QB that can win you games despite the inconsistencies that constantly happen in football. Our offensive line looks great, defense looks okay, but without a game-defining QB, we will not win games. Our best chance is to pray for a miracle that Cam can turn his poo around the past two years or that Kenny Pickett is more developed then the haters are saying (which I think he is). All I'm saying is that the most important position for a team is NOT head coach, it's Quarterback. That's the sole reasons that Green Bay, Indianapolis, New England, Pittsburgh etc all had their DECADES of relevance. Point being: These moves don't mean poo if we don't have someone to run the show. Our defense was great last year. Darnold didn't hit a passing touchdown his last 8 or 9 games.
  5. 1) This isn't a one year investment 2) Any team with a QB will have to pay them 12.6% with the QB market price going up. Dee - da - dee
  6. 1) He grew up here and played college ball here - winning a championship - he is adored. 2) His QB mentor is Cam Newton - they spent a lot of time together in Carolina during the off-season 3) He doesn't have many choices 4) CAROLINA HAS A GOOD ROSTER! the last point is overlooked. Carolina has a roster that IF HEALTHY - can make moves - especially offensively. Defensively, we will see who we re-sign, but between Carolina and New Orleans, we have more capital and more cap space and quite frankly better weapons.
  7. Probably should add some context in there. Like the fact that QB market has changed multiple times in the past few years. Cam Newton was the highest paid QB in history when he got his 20m/year deal from us 8ish years ago. Aaron Rodgers just set the market at 50m/year which isn't that bad. DeShaun's contract looks like a steal for a legitimate top three QB. Also you should consider the fact that the cap went up 30m & is projected to keep increasing. Would you really rather keep Burns an extra year for him to flip to Atlanta next year? Or have Chinn become an All-Pro for a three win team having Darnold or Carson Strong at the helm? At some point we have to put the chips forward and go all-in. We are a franchise that has had some highs but ultimately have never had the consistency to win back to back winning seasons --- EVER. Our team has no culture or identity or even sustained success. We have an owner with money to play with and doesn't mind spending it because he wants to WIN. I support Rhule and Tepper and Fitterer 100% in changing the dynamic of this franchise. And you should too. No other examples from this franchise should be valid - because we do not have a Super Bowl
  8. Bozeman is an above average C/OG from the run-happy Baltimore Ravens. He only allowed 3 sacks (tied for 5th), 1 penalty and 171 snaps (7th most). He should be a considerable upgrade of Paradis. Would be a huge pick-up, especially if all indications are true that we are going after DeShaun. Can never knock Rhule on his free agency pick ups.
  9. Pickett doesnt look like Joe Burrow 4corners of the Carolina Huddle to all the NFL scouts
  10. Lmao all these guys hating on Pickett… why? Hes by far the best QB in the draft and actually looks a lot like Joe Burrow
  11. Lol, I pull for the team to succeed instead of the coach to fail. This guy has been spamming thread after thread to talk trash.
  12. Im not really sure Mr. Scot what you’re looking for. This literally happens every year with every team I predictably didn’t see much of yoy from the Wilkes hire
  13. Lmao bitches about our coaching staff then bitches when they leave
  14. Kinda funny all the crybabies here might have to deal with intern coach Ben McAdoo now
  15. https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2022/02/02/panthers-hc-matt-rhule-michigan-jim-harbaugh/
  16. Lmfao!!! Winston was one of the best QB’s in the league before his injury. People comparing to Darnold? Idiots Im sorry
  17. Academic standards . They aren’t paying their players because they want to be known fro academics. Do your research.
  18. Baylor just won the big 12 title lol Rhule will he fine. Hes a great head coach. Sometimes it just doesnt work out. Hes proven himself in the college ranks if thats what he wants
  19. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/if-jim-harbaugh-leaves-for-nfl-panthers-matt-rhule-would-be-very-interested-in-michigan-job/
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