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  1. NFL banned fire during intros. I can’t remember which team was involved but they started a pretty big fire during their pre-game.
  2. Shoulder sore from taking Covid vaccine, second dose made it worse. Can’t be a long snapper with a sore shoulder.
  3. Richard Rogers - coach Jimmy Clausen - player
  4. Translation: I’m confident that Joey will be released as soon as a suitable replacement is secured! Very confident
  5. Joe Buck wants to have Troy’s baby!
  6. He did, but he knew I would!
  7. If you smell “Hope” it must be the residual scent from a left behind Ron Rivera T-shirt. If you’re smelling what Rhule and his group are cooking it’s a nice blend of: Strategy, Clear Organizational Expectations and Accountability.
  8. Easy. There has never been a more Exciting game in BOA than the 2015 NFC Championship. The stadium was rocking: literally and figuratively.
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