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  1. Sam Darnold easily. CMAC went down and he responded by throwing for over 300 yards and making some clutch throws (ie Erikson catch).
  2. This. Some RB get better with more touches. Remember, that 2000 yard year in college he had to get touches. Just work on his hands and he'll be fine.
  3. Last I heard he was carted off. Couldn't put nothing on the foot at I knew it. Just looking at it I though dug, that looks like an Achilles.
  4. We'll still find a way to make it close, I guarantee that.
  5. We'll still find a way to make this game close, I guarantee that.
  6. I don't think they we're ever married, at least from what I try to find out about it.
  7. Wait, I didn't know she was from Charlotte. I though she just hung around PJ all those years.
  8. Whatever you got going on with PJ Washington it needs to stay with the Hornets. I do not what this woman fraternizing with any of the players on this team.
  9. This should be the name of our defense. Shout out to Phil Snow.
  10. Yeah what ever happened to him. He showed up his rookie year, and was a ghost after that.
  11. And there's your problem. He's like north of 40 mil dead cap hit. Didn't they already take a huge cap hit from Julio? Can't do it twice in the same offseason.
  12. Dude the starting QB is Ryan Fitzpatrick. He is going to struggle sooner rather than later. If Cam is healthy, he's the best QB on that roster. He already knows the offense, give him a few weeks and he could lead the WFT to a better record than last year.
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