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  1. You can't even remember what the bet was about. It was long after Brady was gone. smh
  2. Point of order. Is correcting everyone on a positive only thread being negative? Because it sure feels like it.
  3. Because he thought he'd be a #1 in CHI. Getting Sanders created that situation. 3 Mil, one year, no Sanders and we would have been better off.
  4. Been saying that. I wasn't expecting any better play calling and that is what I saw. The playbook looked the same. Chubba up the gut 2x at the goaline. WTAF.
  5. No that was the goat dude, and you know it.
  6. There it is. Like clockwork. How long did that take before you start calling people crazy? Maturity par excellence
  7. Condescension is soo mature. When I grow up, I hope to be just like you. Smug and butthurt. Thats an impressive combination. All after a Panthers win.
  8. Who spends the day desperately trying to defend the opposing team's QB after a Panthers win? Maturity. S2troud stans are sooo sensitive.
  9. Ahh the perfect example of maturity. You go from cheering all the losses last year. Week after to week hoping and arguing for losses last year. Now your bitching about our first win. Never change frankw. Are you going to start implying that people are crazy again? Its your go to.
  10. There it is. Didn't take long. Frankw bitching about the win. I wonder who he really roots for.
  11. LOL. Complaining about maturity. Here. You're funny. I'm sorry that I hurt your sensibilities by making fun of a QB OF ANOTHER TEAM. S2troud doesn't play for us. Let him go. It'll be ok.
  12. Most folks weren't the S2troud worshipers after the draft. Where are they now?
  13. Funny the tone change from earlier this week.
  14. How many passes did S2troud have knocked down today? How many passes did Bryce? How many times was S2troud hit today? How much time did S2troud have? How many times was Bryce hit today? How much time did Bryce have?
  15. Chubba up the gut 2x on the goaline is some pretty bad play calling. He's not a bruiser. Seriously WTF.
  16. S2troud stans can suck it. He did not look very good against a decimated defense missing their starters at every level. He lost to an 0-6 team today. Their O was NOT impressive. He's not a Panther and probably isn't ever going to be. Some seem to forget its a Panthers forum.
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