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  1. Fitt is a genius. Thank God we got rid of CMC for a bottom of the 2nd pick and change...just in time for us to get an offensive minded coach. The man is brilliant. Sheesh.
  2. Wussup with the poo emoji's?

  3. Has Wilks interviewed with any other teams for HC?
  4. Meh. Vegas had us at 6.5 wins before the season, and that is where we are. If Wilks beats a saints team that Rhule already beat, then we are .5 game over. If we lose, we're .5 game under. The Giants were better than anyone predicted and the Bucs were worse.
  5. I didn't say he was "injury prone". He's just played two years and had two broken bones. He missed most of his rookie year by breaking his foot backpedaling, a non contact injury.
  6. Lets see. 2 years, two breaks. Sat out almost his entire rookie season. If indeed it becomes three, then will you say its a problem?
  7. 2 years, 2 breaks. What bone you think it will be next year?
  8. Wilk's real NFL defense.
  9. We all know it. Some just will never admit it.
  10. Surprisingly Snow didn't leave with Rhule. He might have left on his own, but we'll never know. Wilks fired Snow. Wilks had disagreements before, saying Snow wasn't running an NFL defense. So far, Wilks' NFL D is worse than Snow's. He also fired a ST coach, cause you know, the problem early in the season was with the D and ST, obviously. /sarc After the Bengals humiliation Wilks fired cornerbacks coach Evan Cooper and defensive line coach Paul Pasqualoni, clearly scapegoating since the D looks worse since Wilks took over and his D in Arizona was absolute dogshlt. He left the nonperforming O staff in tact.
  11. If Wilks wins the job, who is your best guess Wilk's DC and OC will be next year?
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