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  1. Actually you're the one with the strange notion that if QB moves on, he must suck. I listed a bunch examples. You then clung to team evaulation, and I pointed out how the 9ers have fncked up eval before. JimmyG is a good QB. Right now we have Sam, possibly the worst in the league, and 3rd round rookie. JimmyG would be a much better mentor for Corral. We will win more games with JimmyG.
  2. According to you, this is the same team that passed on Brady. Now you think they're smart. Make up your mind.
  3. No you do. The 9ers overpaid for Lance and are now committed to him as their starting QB. Jimmy wants to start so they're going to let him go. Jimmy was 9th in PR (ahead of Mahomes) and 13th in QBR (one spot behind Burrow) last year. Hes a good QB. Sam is not. We win more games with Jimmy.
  4. I'm confused. I thought teams didn't make mistakes and if we can get JimmyG its because he sucks. JimmyG>>>>Sam. We will win more games with Jimmy.
  5. From your article: While it was never totally clear who he referenced, you can't rule out that he was talking about Garoppolo and the 49ers since they were ones Brady was looking to sign at. This is an opinion piece written by 9ers beat reporter addressing the rumors that Brady is considering coming out of retirement for the 9ers. He has no sources with Brady, and no evidence and admits that he doesn't know. In fact he went on to write: Ultimately, I believe Brady is done.
  6. So we have an opportunity to get a QB that the 9ers considered better than Brady?
  7. Found it. A deadspin clickbait ranking list of QB's Tom could have been referring to which include Trubisky and Tannehill. From your own gd article: https://deadspin.com/who-was-tom-brady-referring-to-on-lebron-s-the-shop-1847159630/slides/2 The only problem is... Brady doesn’t tell us which team/quarterback he was referring to.....So, with that said, let’s throw out some wild theories and take a look at whom Brady might have been (probably) referring to in that brief clip. Your own article calls it a wild theory.
  8. You made a statement that good QB's don't get traded or released. I listed ones that did. Now you say that you can't keep a player after they have requested to be traded. You can. No one is saying JimmyG is as good as Stafford or Brady. Just because he gets released or traded, doesn't mean he's not a good QB. He is.
  9. We don't know which team it was. He never said. Tom Brady: I think what you realize is, there's not as many smart people as you think. That's just the reality. I think it'd be a no-brainer if you said, 'Hey, you've got a chance to get Wayne Gretzky on your team, or you got a chance to have Michael Jordan on your team.' … 'Oh, we don't need him, no thanks. We're good.'
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