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  1. Still looking for a win. 0-6 is not out of the realm of possibility. O looked better and the D looked worse that the last 2 games. That fits since Seattle's D is worse than Saints or Atlanta's D. If the OL didn't implode with penalties, it could have been a good game. Terrible display of discipline. Hard to watch. With the called back yards, we had over 60 lost yards due to offsides.
  2. He finished the game, did his press conference, all without a limp, didn't report the injury until Monday and now they're talking TWO games?
  3. Atlanta and the Stains have 2 of the better D's in football. Seattle has one of the worst. We should run better and pass better against this team.
  4. Guess we'll see. My guess, Young will play, he'll better than the last two weeks, finally, and the D will struggle more than they have.
  5. Brady had a QBR of 4 and 24 against the Saints D? WTF. The Saints D is legit. Seahawks D is another story.
  6. Firefox has a free VPN plugin, zenmate that has a U.S. option
  7. The knives are out for Reich too. A few weeks ago the Huddle was completely in love with Reich and his dream-team of coaches. Yes, this fanbase sucks.
  8. Exactly. Was it because our O sucks or because they have excellent D's? Atlanta spent a fortune on D and the Saints D was 6th last year. We'll find out Sunday.
  9. We just played the #3 and #4 Ds in the league, by yards allowed. Seattle is 31. If the O sucks next week, Reich has some reflecting to do.
  10. Meh. The pendulum swung from inexperienced college coach to getting as much nfl experience we could muster. Reich is a SB champion OC and had HC experience with a winning record including post season appearances. The only way to get that is to get one who was fired and hope it was because the owner is a moron. Otherwise you're looking at an new HC by picking a DC or OC.
  11. Having your offense reliant on checkdowns to Hubbard is not a recipe for success. On one Bryce throw to Chubba in the Saints game, Chubba was so surprised he caught it, he tackled himself.
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