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  1. Baker absolutely lifted the Browns to the playoffs. You have lost what little credibility you might have had.
  2. Corral would get destroyed by Baker in a direct competition. Period. End of story.
  3. Yeah, he is good. You need to learn to actually watch game film and understand stats. You're embarrassing yourself here.
  4. To put it bluntly - you don't know what you're talking about. Baker was a top 10 QB before he got injured. That is statistical fact. Baker resurrected the Browns franchise and won a playoff game with 4+ head coaches and 4 OC's. That is also fact. He's a damn good QB and the stats support that.
  5. He's already proven to be better in every single way. Baker has broken NFL records, was top 10 in total QBR before getting injured last year and won a playoff game with the Browns. So, are you uneducated or just don't like Baker?
  6. Huh? He has played FAR better than Darnold and when you consider he got the playbook a few weeks ago and is running actual plays with these receivers for the first time he is dominating.
  7. As the actual stats prove, Mayfield is a top 10 QB when healthy and motivated. He is both in Carolina.
  8. No way in hell he doesn't start the guy who can save his job.
  9. And another day where Baker was cooking. Rhule needs to quit screwing around and name him the starter.
  10. Regardless, Baker is clearly already better.
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