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  1. Where does this season rank as the least amount of excitement before any Panthers season? To me, its dead last. i just dont see any hope unless Canales pulls 2002 john fox moves. Speaking of, that season I have zero hope going into it but ended giving me some after 1-15 to 7-9. Same with 2010 but we at least knew we had Cam. What say everyone?
  2. He was the number 1 over all pick that we traded a ton to get. Marginal for this level of trade wont cut it. He either shows why he was the pick or move on. You dont trade what we did for Kirk Cousins or a Carr caliber player.
  3. Staal house been our best player this series. The captain is giving it his all like its his last run.
  4. Local media AND national media shredding our special teams. Literally said everything we had. some of the best at both in regular season, worst in both categories in the playoffs.
  5. Rod has absolutely been my favorite coach of all time, but its not working in the playoffs. Its just not. Hindsight, we should have went with the goalie rotation we did the regular season. It was working. Freddie is coincidently getting worse in the playoffs. You see the correlation there. However, missing Pesce and Fast is not helping. Benching Noesen in Ot last night when net from goals was working is mind numbing. Rod needs to be held accountable. We also need our shutdown line back. I know fast is out but Staal Maartnook and "insert" need to play. But like you said, nothing matters if your special teams are poo. and boy are they poo. 7 power play goals allowed in 6 games is how bad the PK was to start the year. Yall remeber how awful we were to start the year. Power play is atroicus. Its 0-11 is insane how bad that it is. You cant and wont win against the presidents club winner playing like that. Lastly, goalie play is average to bad. You arent going to win allowing 8 goals in 2 games. We need our goalies to make saves. Discipline. We don't have it. We know the Rags are going to flop. We know the refs are going to fug us. Its what it is. How do you fix it? Mindful of your stick. Forecheck...hit it and see it. Dont give them the chance to flop or call penalties. Rod needs to be held accountable. Its not working. Playoff Rod is playoff rod for a reason. not because we made it up. Lastly, no its not over. These are correctable things. We could easily win the next two at home and boom, GAME ON! But for that to happen, Discipline, PK, PP, and goalie must be better. Its alot more than just winning 5v5. They all tie together. If I had to pick 1 to be good. PK. Stopping that like we did all year, would solve most problems.
  6. Lastly, get tony D off the fuging team. This guy stinks. Go with Morrow over the guy.
  7. Can we really talk about Freddie? He had some nice saves last night but he is letting in 3-4 goals a game over the last 3-4 games. His save % is .809ish. We we need the timely save, we aren't getting it. It's firmly time to move to the kid. Koochie needs to inject some life in this team.
  8. Il be there Thursday and Friday but my hopes are all but tempered. ill cheer and all that good stuff, but yeah, not looking forward to seeing cary come out in full force.
  9. The power play was elite when we would cycle around. Cycle cycle cycle. In this series, no one is moving, its pass pass pass pass above the blue line. No one is moving. We were watching the game last night with one of the parents that has a kids that plays in the canes program and he we talked about this example. No one is trying to get beside the net or cycle. Its turning the power play into power pass...
  10. Sanders has zero trade value. If you can get a few defalted footballs in the deal then so be it.
  11. Flushing the game from the memory and moving on. Here is the game thread for tmrw. Hoping Koochie get the net. Freddie is getting worse each game. I have a good feeling about this one......
  12. ehhh not a fan of the KK kuzy line. Gross Also not a fan of separating Staal and Marty but what do I know.
  13. Oh yeah forgot about grocery bag guy..inside joke. Brown is great. But our drafts have been soooooooo bad. No one sticks
  14. We are back!! Heavyweight matchup! Let’s dominate at home!
  15. Heard it. Nothing special but it was fun to hear Aho talk about the team.
  16. Bump! Sanko is a cancer and has made florida worse!
  17. oi I said this last month. I new it would happen. sanko is a cancer...
  18. History isn't on the side of the presidents club winner, however, we just seem different. our arrow is going up minus a stinker here and there.
  19. Well folks…we are rolling! Offense looks good, D is great, PP is starting to come back around and PK is just absurdly good. also, with a win tonight and a rangers loss, canes are officially tied in points. Unbelievable compared to where the season started. Let’s go canes!
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