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  1. your avatar scares me

    1. Datawire


      I am so very sorry. How can you not like furry bunnies? :(

    2. The Saltman
  2. My Chest Hair > You.

  3. I hate you.

    1. Panthro
    2. IamSoClutch


      can someone please tell me when i will be able to post. its killing my excitement ive been checking back the entire day

  4. sorry buddy never on much anymore

  5. school man...hows it going?

  6. They are man thanks for asking. U?

  7. Lol sorry buddy im in nc. And yes I hate u.

  8. dont take it personal but I dont like you Celebrities-Actresses-Gemma-Atkinson-beauty-face-tits-girls-babes-boobs-bra-Hot-Girl-cuerpazo-woman-side-boob-Boobies.jpg

  9. Ya I thought you were serious for a min. Haven't really talked to you in a bit. But yeah no biggie.

  10. U neg repped me? Wtf?

  11. happy birthday u fugface

  12. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha

  13. oh and it's time to change your ugly avatar.

  14. Stay away from me duck.

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