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  1. Being honest, think it’s more on the O.. if they did their job better then it wouldn’t be so much “the D needs to make a stop”.. if the O held the ball longer, put up more points then there’s less times the D needs to & more opportunities for them to just do what they do without having to… don’t have to rely on them just know you can… it starts with coaching….
  2. I like Sam, but my also a bdjs… think SD can be good with the proper help around him… proper practice makes perfect z, bad practice makes bad habits… I could be wrong, but I like what I see…
  3. How long have each been playing?I’ll take the 3:4 in 1/2 the time it took to get that 4:6….. im just saying, TB never had that fire, that feeling like he could do it when it neededto be done.. Jake had it, Cam had it, although not always delivered, there was always a shot.. Teddy never gave that off, Sam does, as witnessed this past weekend. Played like ass all game, but drive down to tie it/OT.. Teddy wouldn’t/couldn’t have done that.. With SD, a big fix to a few things & we’ll be good, much more fixing was needed last go round… it’s coming, don’t be so focused on what’s missing & not see what’s there….
  4. Relevance being that I see similarities to their situations. Otah, iirc, couldn’t stay on the field because his body couldn’t handle the work. I don’t remember the lazy aspect, just that he couldn’t stay healthy.. I inferred that Brown was same kind of thing, except that this staff is choosing to sit him until they feel he’s good to go instead of playing a player that ain’t ready… not about the hypothetical, they see shtuff we don’t, they know more than I do…
  5. Remember Otah? Brown could be a beast for like 6 games, and then…..,, it’s a process, let it play out…
  6. 26 is a want, not a need… do you keep him if you can? Yes? Do you let him go for the right price? Oh hell yeah… talk them up when you’re selling, talk ‘em down when you’re buying.. “your room is loaded, here’s your fair market value contract offer, considering the upward trend of the team..” ”have you not seen his play elevate year to year? The kid is ballin’…. Need a ‘22 2nd & ‘23 3rd & you can have him….”
  7. I kind of see that, he’s either trying to figure it out or trying to set it up.. you have to change gears both during a game & during the season but the setup is essential… I remember Houshmanzadah a few years back in a SEA/MIA game. TJ had the walkoff TD, then talked about setting the db up all game, ran the route & turned inside all game. Game on the line, ran the route & turned outside for teh score… while I don’t know exactly what Brady’s doing, setting it up or working it out, I just don’t get why doesn’t it change when the game is in the line? Why don’t we have some staple plays that work for other teams, that have worked for years? I’ve seen Sam bootleg successfully, screens & play action work too. Hell, Smitty’s smoke route was a regular occurrence way back, DJ should kill it nowadays… seems like there a lot that could be done but isn’t, lot more of they playbook could be opened up but isn’t… That’s a lot of words to say I agree with you…
  8. Even with 2 TOs & 1 seriously questionable call , we were within 1 score ,.. good game, they balled out, see yous in January… hope history continues….
  9. I’ll take you up on that, got $20 that says Dak is sacked more than Darnold will be… I love a prop bet… I’ll PayPal you if need be, let me know….. or! A hat!! I prefer the ‘47 brand kind, curved bill, comfy fit… have yours shipped to you if need be…. but I doubt it…..
  10. Dallas fan came into the store today, not surprisingly, looking to get a glock.. he fortunately happened to catch me for help, and i commented on his hat/tshirt/mask/dangly key strap thingy hanging from his neck.. “Gonna be a tough week wearing that gear after tomorrow…” we went back & forth a few, good natured & all.. so I told him “because you’re you & I’m really ready to see what happens tomorrow, I will give you half-off double price on anything in the store…” he got all excited & started grabbing accessories, didn’t even hear all the chuckles from the other customers…
  11. Fug that, them are the all time greatest jerseys.. Adam Schein did a poll a few years back, had only worn that uni combo once at the time, still took them votes in a landslide, no shenanigans involved… look it up, facts… not a big fan of the all blue uniforms… jersey & pants, tops & bottoms or uniforms, for brevity…
  12. Dallas will get 3 FGs & a TD.. I’ll take the under & the Panthers straight up…..
  13. Still early in the season.. #1 defense- yes but still room to improve.. Chinn hadn’t made his name early but he improved, expect the same, he’ll get better regardless of position.. I have faith that staff & 21 can find the fit that fits him best… wasnt TD58 drafted as a safety then moved to teh Will? Wasn’t overnight… Let them do what they do, a dog will hunt…..
  14. Wishing Dan success, hope he thrives despite the Jags gonna Jags.. he only had 3 games here but I was excited about his potential, cheers to him…. Is DanArnold the first player in history to play back to back Thursday night games… Why isn’t that a thing?
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