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  1. I seent him comin for me, yooknowutimsayin? I turnt my back so he cu’int hit all of me, yooknowutimsayin? He get a peenlty, den I gets yards, yooknowutimsayin? I don’t know why coach is harassing, yooknowutimsayin, Jer’my, yooknowutimsayin, we on’a same team, yooknowutimsayin, we ain’t tryin ta, yooknowutimsayin hurts nobody yooknowutimsayin… we at practice, this ain’t a game, this is practice, yooknowutimsayin?
  2. I tried to freshen it up in that other thread, rayzor, but can’t argue here… solid point…..
  3. Bruschetta is made with stale bread… have to add the tomatoes, olive oil & garlic, some provolone depending on where you go.. but damn! If bruschetta isn’t some tasty stale bread.. not on its own, but the right ingredients, that simple mixture is amazing.. at the same time, some places want to add some kind of olive, yafeelme, it ruins something so hard to fug up but yet does, ya feel?
  4. I feel like a pizza….. kind of greasy & a little salty….,..,…
  5. I ain’t sold on McAdoo… based on the slimited info I have & watching quite a few NYG games simultaneously with my Panthers, details are irrelevant… I hope he is more than what I think of him, pray he is more than I expect, which is little, very little, let me tell you.. he could be great, we all hope he is, that’s why we hired him, to be the next great thing, and he will be, better than the last few things ever, believe me… he will make the the Panthers great………………
  6. To be fair, I wouldn’t call McAdoo’s HC experience legit NFL HC experience, even though it was, technically…..…. and I’ll take the avvy bet.. I’ll put my 12yr avatar up to that of your choice saying the Panthers start 2-3 minimum…..
  7. Patience… he’ll be our Lynch/Polamalu/Reed… not saying he’s the 2nd coming of any of them, but he is gon’ be Our Guy, watch what I tell you…. when he gets to the point of having free reign, Chinn will have open season for a few seasons….
  8. Sam & Robbie for Baker & ‘23 3rd… not a fan of RA, it best behooves us to move on….
  9. I think the 4gms of crack were for personal use just sayin… don’t know much about most of the others, ‘cept for the >40lbs of weed… making a judgment call, based on personal experience…. But hot damn! Some of these dudes need to look a gift horse in teh mouth… trashing the American Dream for some dumb poo, such a pittance… handed life on a platter, gives it up for less then a saucer……..
  10. I ‘beer’d a post but then saw who it was from.. ye shall not receive any beer from me, there, Pats fan….. like the Wilkes hire, hope it translates to an absolute disgusting secondary… If we’re talking retreads, where’s Matsko for the o-line??
  11. I noticed it too, mentioned it after watching the intro pc, but don’t remember it ever being said, let alone a staple… I do love it, every more with the rumors it was going away. Might could be Cam heard the same rhetoric, knows what it means & took it upon himself to keep it around… who knows? dgaf, I dig it…
  12. I’d be lying if them last 15secs didn’t make me start clapping & let out a yell.. it just happened, no control…
  13. That man has grown… his demeanor, mannerisms, the way he speaks is almost completely different, he seems humbled & wiser. Looking forward to seeing QB1 in our jersey again…. Loved the last remark, “..been waiting to say this…” hopefully Tepper takes notice & realizes what it means to us….
  14. Drunken epiphany, we’ll see what sticks….
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