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  1. Emory is solid, used to post the Game Plan back in…?? I liked his PoV, gave a different side to what I saw as a fan… now, time to go see if I still agree with him, mostly…….
  2. I mean… I get your point, can’t agree with teh pessimism…. ’yet’ is the only answer any of us need….
  3. Can he play LT? I hope a deal gets done, Moton seems worth it.. if not, I cross my fingers for similar situation as to the White Buffalo. Dude played angry for us, not so much for Jacksonville, but got paid….
  4. Was goi g to be the 1st post but procrastinated…. I got Carne Asada, measurements are as you feel… 3 bunches of cilantro, finely chopped 3-7 cloves garlic ground salt & black pepper cumin brown sugar soy sauce zest & juice of lime olive oil to cover & then some… I use top sirloin but use the cut you like… marinate for at least 4hrs… grill on high heat, just keep flipping…. serve with pico de gallo, I add avacodo, diced & not mashed to the mix, on tortillas….
  5. I need this in my life… next level concoction that is there…. Is there such a place that serves this before I make my own? also need to know what ‘hwy fries’ are… there’s a spot outside Orlando that served ‘urban style’ fries. Fresh cut fries with garlic aioli & this Parmesan/garlic topping, fuggin awesome, you’re welcome & I’ll trade you… … good to see new qb & vet rb hanging out, getting to know each other, getting aquainted, off field chemistry is a good thing… wonder what kind of shots they had? Interested in what beverages them dudes indulge in not rehashing the jackassery already discussed…..
  6. Iirc, Luke signed 4yrs/$12M/ all guaranteed… 9/8, how the times have changed…
  7. Good insight into Robby’s mindset, liked the relaxed atmosphere, but yeah, fug Aquib…
  8. I doubt that, Jameis gonna Jameis, that man eats Ws, that’s why he can’t get ‘em…. Ain’t enough JuicyFruit in the world to polish that turd…
  9. Been paying for Dtv’s SundayTicket since ‘04, worth it to me to pay the $! & not have to worry about issues with streaming …. And I installed a dish at Mom’s house so she had full access & gave legit online access to other family & friends too, money well spent… but that’s good news, was willing to pay for 1 more year, don’t like paying for it all year for them 20 weeks now…
  10. Is James Carville the 1st person Paul Revere woke up?
  11. Did you feel the same in ‘02 or ‘14? Let him enjoy it, his glass of half full, he’s getting another… we won’t mention the 6-10 empties, but the one in front of him is half full……..
  12. To quote Maynard, “seems like we’ve been here before, seems so familiar…”
  13. Riddle me this: if, on dat 1 of the draft, an AFC team offered a 4th & 2022 2nd for Robbie, would you be mad at that trade? and if Fitt turned it down? i like Robbie, especially with DJ & CMC & Co, the whole is greater than & all that, just asking…..
  14. Games I see as winnable: NYJ, @HOU, PHI, MIN, @NYG, @ARI, WFT, @MIA. Don’t see the division completely sweeping us, so toss another W in for 9-8, should happen IMO… could take 1-2 more from the division, could surprise DAL & NE, who knows? dont think we’ll really win all the games I think we ‘should’ but if we can win most & steal a few from the other side of my list, then I’ll take the over, appreciate the improvement, and eagerly anticipate 2022….
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