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  1. Halfway expecting someone to go all Mick Mixon talkin ‘bout his ample chest…
  2. Burns dismissed his impact before any of us did.. all the talk of how good the players we let go do, and while I think Luvu & Chinn are gonna ball out in WAs, I’d put a paycheck on letting #0 walk was the correct move…
  3. Technically it is speculative enough to be considered Panther related in a hypothetical doomsday foreshadowing sitch.. I’ll allow it… im not a mod… you’re not a Panthers fan……
  4. Ratt Mhule’s wife picked Chubba, is it so far fetched that Nicole pulled the ‘she got a draft pick, why can’t I, David?’ card to select BY? truth is stranger than fiction, I might could be just throwing poo, but it might could stick too….
  5. I’ll be watching, absolutely… I too picked up Stroud & Tank for FF this week, I’m doing my part to disrupt the mojo…
  6. Can’t even say hindsight, most here knew the CMC, the trading up & the not trading Burns were real bad for football business.. Dude is 0-3 on decision for top-tier players/picks… Fitterer now reminds me of the kid from a story when I was a kid.. Kid has a dollar, another kid walks up & offer to trade his 1 dollar for 3 quarters, well, yes I’ll take 3 to 1.. another kid comes up & offers 5 dimes for the kid’s 3 quarters, he takes the deal. 4th kid approaches with “I’ll give you 6 nickels for your 5 dimes” and the last kid offers 10 shiny pennies for those 6 nickels, which he gladly took, thinking he was making out. He traded his 1 whole dollar for $.10… I love my Panthers fandom…..
  7. Burns ain’t getting traded, we screwed the pooch on that one… or were the pooch, I don’t know.. other than the poo filter, what others are there? Is the The Golden Calf of Bristol filter still on?
  8. The ball ain’t getting thrown Chark’s way & that’s on him? Nah.. if he was dropping lots then I’d understand but that’s not how it is. Other than Theilen, nobody is consistent, although Chuba stepping up… a 1st, a 2nd & 2025 3rd should get the trade papers signed for SpiderZero, or a 1st, a 3rd & a player makes it go now… Burns ain’t poo, shoulda shipped him to Chi.. bad business to franchise mediocrity… but masochism is sort of a requirement for being a Panthers fan…
  9. Because the scouting dept & coaches don’t value th position enough to find an upgrade? Or trade a seemingly solid option to JAX for DB that we need now? Besides Shockley in Olsen’s 1st year here, have the Panthers ever had 2 TEs that did anything? Walls never had a compliment, Mangum was solid/decent, Rosario Dawson was hot in ‘Sin City’, thought Jeff King might do something but it was just a thought, but zero attention/assistance for the TE1.. even that spot is back-burnered…
  10. That… that is ow.. yet speaks volumes.. on different levels…
  11. JJ Jansen.. boom.. your whole argument is null & void for being wrong on 1 certain point, a seemingly small overlook on your part decimated e’rything you’re trying to do here… Seriously, Cam had much more talent to work with on both sides of the ball & to be fair, seemingly coaching too…
  12. Too early to call, kid still hasn’t settled in, looks shook out there. Seems he’s playing scared instead of with the quiet confidence we were sold, er, told he had.. if he can settle down, step up into & not straight away from pressure then he could do something great.. Or, we really screwed the seemingly prodigal pooch…
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