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  1. Them nails don’t rival the hammer… it’s hate week regardless of which one of them it is, there no measuring stick here, its more of who & when…
  2. Shenault is entertaining, all down for getting him the ball however it works… is Byrd not a speedy deep guy?
  3. Is this not the same logic that got Chubba drafted? MrsRhule said get him cause he ran all over you? Fecesiality aside, I liked Byrd when he was here, showed lots of promise back then, hope he learned a few thing in NE & ATL… show up here, now…
  4. "Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration" "That we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively" "There is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves" "Here's Tom with the weather"
  5. Take it back, used to be them ‘big uglies’.. ‘hog mohlies’ was Gettlwmans vernacular… but yes, do miss that banner…….
  6. You might could be on to something here… maybe Finesser might not have but Reich definitely should have an idea how Irsay & Indy might play their hand…
  7. “Chicago is where receivers go to die.” -Mushin Muhammad stupid move by Fitterer & our FO…
  8. My knees are fugged from playing football in a backyard after school most days, at the time I wasnt down for 2-a-days, practice before and after high school… can only imagine the effects of real balm on a regular basis, let alone for years…. …and ‘dumbass’ is a compound word… completely different from a ‘dumb ass’ which isn’t…
  9. Would 2 yrs/$11M mostly guaranteed do it? Then do it… doesn’t break the bank, takes care of the player, elevates the team… hard to take an ‘L’ when dropping truth….
  10. I’m not sure either, but if our new OC says a buddy of his won’t stay on the staff of our old HC, because we all know why, I’m down… grasping at straws, perhaps, but I can usually appreciate a backhanded compliment….
  11. This Thomas Brown press conference has me nothing but impressed… from “run from comfort” to his preacher & teacher parents to his balance philosophy and to possibly throwing shade at Ratt Mhule, i fugging love this guy as our OC. Hopefully he’s can stay for a few years & earn a couplafew more rings… LOVED the “Growth and comfort do not exist in the same place.” That quote is beautiful brilliance… at about 8:30 somebody asks him about his influences, he speaks on Marcus Stratusfield(?) “won’t touch that too much longer” is what he say about staying on the Nebraska staff… yes? No? Was it a jab? Hard yes….
  12. It’s going all in to win a 3-called, not raised hand, the ROI just isn’t there… you’re willing to bet 3x firsts for not a guaranteed 2nd? Do you bet $100 to win $5? I get swinging for the fences, but timing is everything… absolutely, go get your guy, without question. .. this draft class doesn’t include that guy, in my opinion.. im down for bpa, hopefully best te or de available…
  13. Burns is a solid player, understandably kept as a cornerstone, somebody to build around… he is not a game changer, he’s not the guy getting through on 3rd & need-a-stop but he makes plays… More of a CJ, I ain’t knocking him. But Charles needed Pep & Hardy, as they did him…
  14. ..and you’re right, people feel the way they do. If the powers that be feel someway about any of the said draft picks then let’s fuggin go.. I just don’t feel that way about this years crop… I don’t know next years crop is any better, so yeah…. Not disagreeing, just hope them”folks who just want to get it right” aren’t wrong.. I just don’t see teh ROI on trading lots(future 1st) for any of these QBs … I could just be twice shy from Hurney in 08-09…
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