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  1. We really need to go into Dallas and shut all of these idiots up. Would make a great ending to my Thanksgiving dinner!! Oh Also...
  2. there are no workarounds right now, it wont even open. Parking my car outside for now, but I am having someone come look at it. I have no more money left.
  3. Speaking of Garage doors the chains on mine completely broke.
  4. Taking the fam to the pool and then cooking out. It's also my dads birthday so need to take a trek over to his place, but I am happy I am off of work and able to be with my family.
  5. Good luck on finding something bro. I know how tough it is out there to find a job, the uncertainty can be scary and exciting at the same time.
  6. Does not having a spleen effect brain function?
  7. Yeah I need a babysitter saturday night. You down? I pay $6.00 an hour.
  8. I live here. Run far away. /thread
  9. Does this mean whoever wins will have to post nudes of them self in the mod forum? If so I vote for Arse err monst err jas err I mean...
  10. forget nursing and get an expensive degree in History. best decision ever.
  11. your avatar scares me

    1. Datawire


      I am so very sorry. How can you not like furry bunnies? :(

    2. The Saltman
  12. It would be nice if my son wouldn't keep me up all night so I can go workout in the mornings...ughhh
  13. If its free yes obviously. Planet Fitness is possibly the worst gym franchise in the history of the universe.
  14. Life fitness might be good for a family but its expensive as poo. I would just look for a no nonsense gym that has a lot of weights and doesn't care if you grunt. Gyms should'nt cost more than 30-40 bux a month unless you want a ton of perks and personal training.
  15. Use a barbell. If you mean Planet Fitness I would run far away from that garbage place and go to a golds gym or something.
  16. Squat/Deadlift/Leg Curls/Leg Press Add more weight Eat lots of food the end.
  17. I dont take a protein powder before I workout. Usually sometime after at work.
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