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  1. He been outplayed the last 2 years by Reddick who he's currently making more than. Salary cap is essential to the long term stability of a franchise. I'm ready for a back to back winning season. Paying Burns TJ money isn't getting us any closer. Plus he's not there. He's misses so many should be sacks. All of scrimmage sacks against Jets means nothing until we see it when the games count.
  2. If we have to change our expectations for the season so be it. Still rebuilding with or without Burns. I'm intrigued by Barno
  3. We have Houston. Maybe it's time to look at what is still out there. There may no be a long term option, but maybe Dunlap is still serviceable.
  4. Burns had a running mate who outshined him the whole season. Reddick sacks that season where accomplished through grit and grind. A lot of Burns sacks that year was coming off the line untouched. A sack is a sack but to have 9 sacks and 3-4 come from assignment break downs isn't top-tier production.
  5. It's a lose-lose situation. He a 2nd-tier defensive end and we are forced to pay him as a top tier defensive end. He a good player but still far from great. He needs a partner which he had but we let Reddick walk. I'm looking at you Mr. Tepper.
  6. Due to Bryce Young's size that should be a non-issue. There should a plethora of tiny pictures to use.
  7. Just in from an inside source. Carolina Panthers are willing to part ways with the top pick only to pick no. 2 with Houston if the price is right.
  8. I'm hoping Carolina started this drama to force Houston to move up to 1. The farthest we go back is 2. Where we get our guy. Come on down Mr. Stroud. Houston is on the clock. COME GET YOUR MAN.
  9. It's not over yet. Houston could give us something for Bryce. We are playing this up until the last second. It's all a game. We want a pick. Then Stroud is ours.
  10. I'm trying to get my ducks in a row. With CJ leading the charge after next Thursday I'm putting it all on the line. Let's go CJ!!!
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