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  1. @Jeremy Igo Hate to be that guy and not trying to be a prick but in pic 18 its "knew" instead of new. Just want this place to get the most positive rep so it can continue to grow.
  2. LMAO does Allen have an elk as a frontal man tramp?? Hahahaha
  3. That release fuchess got was nice. Browner is getting abused out there.
  4. Hot damn, that game was intense. Proud of this fuging team!
  5. Branford leaves the game with a knee injury....
  6. Rivera big eff you to Lovie with that challenge.
  7. Bortles looks shaken. Props to jaguars though. They look much improved.
  8. like wise to you. Some of us actually know how to deal with reality without acting like little girls about it. Either way, NEXT MAN UP!
  9. Pretty clear it's an mcl and acl tear. You can see his knee buckle awkwardly.
  10. For those that have made it to camp, how has recent signed offensive lineman davonte Wallace looked? Just realised I played with this guy in high school (go irvin rockets!). Any chance of him making the team? Does he look like an NFL caliper lineman? Rooting for the guy.
  11. I think Kelvin ran the better route of the two. His experience shows with that hard inside plant before rounding the out route. Funchess does look the quicker of the two though (Giggidy ).
  12. ​What the odds. I was just there today for my sisters graduation from Andress. PS Parkland sucks :D
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