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  1. I could potentially see a free agent RB added to fill the place of Wegher. I think that'll be the most interesting position to watch during training camp.
  2. The concept is the same, though. A coach, who honestly had no right to be on the field (brown is a WR, Porter is the LB coach), got into the middle of a scrum in a rivalry game that he used to play in, grabbed a player. That's a dick move.
  3. So, hypothetically, you would've been okay with Coughlin grabbing Norman and not OBJ?
  4. Why was Joey Porter out there? Why was a position coach allowed to slap Burfict away from Brown while he was patting brown on the back?
  5. Burfict should be suspended at the beginning of next season. As should Joey Porter and Mike Munchack. Marvin Lewis probably needs to be let go. That team will never have any discipline under his reign. That officiating crew should not be allowed to ref any more games this postseason.
  6. Boger is the same ref that Cam got into it with during the Raiders game a couple of years back.
  7. Refs. Boger wouldn't allow the snap, because I assume he was expecting the challenge.
  8. God damnit, Philly. Learn to catch with your hands.
  9. Panthers' last 9 drives: 4 punts 2 FGs 2 fumbles 1 ends on downs.
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