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  1. I’m dying. That’s brilliant
  2. I wore my Cam jersey to work last Friday. Gonna wear my other Cam jersey tomorrow.
  3. Hell yea. This will be the best QB we’ve had since Cam Newton.
  4. Tepper knew who he wanted and he paid what it took to get him. How much he spent and how it compares to others is completely meaningless. You can say something about who he chose, sure. But not how much he pays him.
  5. Yea, can’t argue that. Both are trash. Would rather have trash and a 2nd rd pick than just trash
  6. You have quite a problem with reading comprehension.
  7. I don’t want either. But at least Darnold had an excuse. They’re both shitty QBs, and Bridgewater was about as responsible for moving up and down the field as the gd ball boy. Last year DJ and especially Robby knew how to catch and routinely bailed him out with great catches and lots of yac despite Bridgewater always throwing behind and/or otherwise barely catchable.
  8. That’s some Vontaze Burfict poo right there. He should be suspended at least two games, but you know the NFL won’t do anything.
  9. That’s about the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever read.
  10. Neither one of them is even close to good enough, so I’d rather watch the guy that is going to both get us the higher draft pick and also annoy me less. Darnold is shook and doesn’t have the mental fortitude to get over it. I can accept that better than he’s just a chicken poo style of player.
  11. Because even if Sam is playing worse now (and I’m not denying that he is) he still doesn’t play that infuriating chicken poo style of football that Bridgewater plays, with his wobbly floaters and passes anywhere but square and in stride.
  12. Teddy was trash. I’d still take Darnold over him. But he wasn’t the only problem.
  13. Brady, Rhule and Darnold have finally lost me. I’d still take them over Rivera, Shula and Bridgewater, but none of the three are the answer. I’m ready to blow it up already and trade what we can to get the QB we like best in the draft, then the rest of our picks and all our FA spent on OL
  14. Guess they’re not going to say anything about the OL hands to the face on Burns
  15. Yea, I’d say pretty easily. We’ve never really had two legit really good corners. We have three now, four when Horn gets back. We might have been better overall at safety before, but I think Chinn is the best second year safety we’ve ever had and will likely be the best by the time he’s done.
  16. I’m not saying it’s right. I’m saying it is the way it is.
  17. I like Chuba and he played well. He’s still got terrible balance though lol.
  18. Anger is a more passionate emotion than joy.
  19. Football move has to be made while in possession, so he can’t make one while catching the ball. General rule, if they never catch their balance after going airborne to catch the ball, then possession has to be maintained through the ground.
  20. If they lose the ball when they hit the ground they had to have “made a football move” in the end zone with possession. Jump, catch, hit the ground has required not losing the ball for over a decade.
  21. You are correct on all those example, but the refs were very one sided today even discounting those. The delay of game at the end of the game was one of the more ludicrous calls I’ve ever seen. Our defense should just grab the ball and play keep away from now on and force delays of game on our opponents every play.
  22. To be fair, until this year the criticism has been 100% legitimate. He’s balling out this year for sure, finally.
  23. Shaq is one of our best defenders this year when he’s on the field. Bout gd time, I’ve been very critical of him and ready to see him gone for a while now. Nice to see a return on that investment.
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