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  1. Picked them 3 weeks in a row Graham Gano’s revenge game. giants 20. Panthers 17 nippleshorts celebrates and Tepper realizes he has been flummoxed by a Baylor used car salesman
  2. Maybe that is the real reason ole Matt broadcasted ‘running the football’
  3. Seems to me, Pj gets the ball out of his hands quickly sometimes, it goes to one of our players, sometimes to the opponent’s players But, it leaves his hands fast….he does like one read and gone ….for better or worse I often compare Darnold to Charlie Brown. He doesn’t try to be pitiful, he just is.
  4. I laughed out loud I see him on the sideline and think, Fred flintstone
  5. Rhule sure does a lot of ‘easing’ . He best find a way to ease into a win the next two Sundays
  6. In stadium Fans aren’t going to support the current product and that’s a fact Panthers best beat NY and NE if they hope to salvage any fan interest of course the savior should be back for NE gam but who knows …
  7. Well, I doubt any other team was going to offer him $30 million to play he has never been the kind of receiver to command that kind of extension I don’t know about you but I could overlook a lot of incompetence for $30 million
  8. You know the truth is, I remember seeing an interview with Robbie when Sam was acquired, and he seemed shocked and said ‘no one talked to him about it’ prior to the trade.
  9. I believe you to be right followed this team, in person, for a very long time and the only time I can recall so many PSL owners selling were thE 1. Siefert Chris Wienke era and of course 2. Fox Clausen era many are just not buying the product on sale by Tepper They aren’t buying Rhule and his assistants and Sam Darnold and they know when all that is marketed is a running back, well that doesn’t put butts in the seats they aren’t blind to 3, soon to be 4, losing seasons under Tepper when Darnold threw that opening interception, you could hear the deflation then the boos rained down on darnold’s head very quickly on the two time out debacles they are tired of other team’s throwaways at QB watching ineptitude year after year gets very tiring particularly when one is paying for it in person. watch on tv, you can turn it off watch in person and you’ve wasted a day to day and a half plus money ill say this too, the stadium atmosphere is missing a great deal it used to have a bit of class about it. No more it’s hard to explain but looking at those expensive on field seats put in for soccer at the cost of football PSL owners that also used to be full of kids looking for footballs, it’s just not special anymore in anyway and seeing the football team store being 33% soccer, 66% CMC and 1% everyone else also tells a story personally, Sam Darnold is like Charlie Brown, so pitiably inept that you want him to do well as no one can be that bad It’s a shame really All the physical talent in the world winning cures all
  10. Understand that but the implication that Matt Rhule is in this category is very far fetched no offense intended to you at all . We all hate losing. We all want a winning team we all want to think that Rhine is something he probably isn’t I mean temple and Baylor are not Stanford and I dont remember them beating major programs while there but I’m beginning to believe that the Baylor boys, Anderson and Rhule, fleeced ole Tepper out of $30million and $65 million respectively my biggest issue with him, you have got to haVe e a QB…it’s ok to have a mercenary while the drafted QB learns but in today’s nfl, you have got to have a QB He had multiple chances and in year one Bridgewater and year two Darnold Come on i want Darnold to do well it benefits everyone but that boy can’t get out of his own way Fans know it and if Tepper wants that new stadium he best start winning
  11. Yep. Moving from college to the NFL is not easy.
  12. Lol I’ve seen Bill Walsh ive seen Matt Rhule Matt Rhule is no Bill Walsh not even on the college level. Not close.
  13. different perspective fuzz Bottom line in the NFL 1 you draft a QB. Best you can get. You get a LT. that is how it’s done ~this team could have had the number 3 pick in all rds that didn’t happen 2. you don’t acquire a million CBs, several of whom won’t see the field until it’s too late 3 If you have little nfl experience, you need to staff around you who does 4. if there are two QBs who are not going to put butts in the seats or win games or hope in the stands, it was Teddy and Sam all this from a $65 million head coach Give me a damned break he looks lost most of the time on game day….you know…when it counts..,not practice
  14. Incredibly stupid $65 million Tepper paid for this guy $65 million
  15. They are pretty good at getting QBs ‘out’ are they ? Along with creating the dead money and lost seasons
  16. Yes because they never would have brought a bottom 5 QB here they know better. They know QB is the most important position on the field this HC thinks he can being in a jag and ‘coach them up…,how has that worked ?
  17. This is the truest statement on Rhule’s tome at the Panthers…and his coordinators Tape don’t lie …,and they aren’t good enough to overcome the tape either..,meaning ‘this is what we do and you can’t stop it’
  18. Rhule is very very concerning I honestly do not believe he has a clue as to what he is doing …not in controlling his assistants with the game plan or in talking to them about in game adjustments or feeling the flow of the game and positively altering it he will look exponentially better when Christian returns he really needed and still needs a couple of seasoned NFL coaching Vets around him I wondered about the large part of the offensive turn over last year to this one it was a turn for the worse unlike the Rams young head coach, Rhule wasn’t smart enough to know what he doesn’t know He thinks he and his ‘process’ is enough it takes a helluva lot more than that to win a game in the NFL one day, probably in year 4, he will wake up and go, ‘Damn, should have made QB and OT a priority over having 16 cornerbacks on the roster ‘
  19. Where you there ? I have seen home games since 1997 and been to 90% of the games since 2000 this is the worst coached team I’ve seen since the Chris Wienke,Jimmy Clausen led Panthers after each of those seasons, the coach was fired as the owner said ‘the joy had been taken out of the stadium’ what is trotted out there right now is close to this and the stadium reflects it The entire atmosphere in that stadium is poor. The highlight of yesterday was the young man doing a violin rendition of the National Anthem when a head coach does not get the nfl is tough, that the film the opposing teams have will force changes every week and many in game adjustments, that QB is the number one position and LT is the second, that’s serious trouble for the team coached …and that is where the Panthers are now. They have a HC that on one hand thinks he is smarter than his peers but in the other, the reality is he is in over his head Seriously over his head
  20. Yep and in 2024, the team is moving to X for a new stadium. Thank you fir your support
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