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  1. As the saying goes, ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ …and there are a lot of teams ‘beholding’ QBs ahead if the Panthers as Coach watches tape with the Scouts and the pro days and combine play out, many things can change The moment comes for Carolina in Rd 1 whatever Coach R and Fitterer do defines the next 10 years for the franchise. let’s just hope the person on the Panthers staff with a rd 1 grade on Corrall isn’t the person of influence this time around.
  2. 1. Chicago Bears: Will Anderson Jr., Edge, Alabama 2 Houston Texans C J Stroud, QB, Ohio Stat: C.J. Stroud, QB, Ohio State 3. Carolina Panthers(via Arizona): Anthony Richardson, QB, Florida* With the first quarterback off the board and multiple teams ahead of them desperate to find their franchise guy, the Panthers open the Frank Reich era with a splash, trading up and taking a major swing on the biggest lottery ticket in the draft. Anthony Richardson’s tape doesn’t make him the cleanest QB prospect to evaluate, but he’s more polished than his reputation lets on. His footwork and feel in the pocket indicate comfort in chaos, which is impressive given how easy it would be for him to tuck and run at the first sign of trouble. He has some off-target throws but not as many awful decisions, and his dynamic ability to create offense would give Carolina the juice to establish a new offensive identity. 4. Indianapolis Colts: Will Levis, QB, Kentucky If I had to pick a team most likely to trade up to No. 1, it’d be the Colts. No matter what happens with Indianapolis’ coaching search, this team isn’t leaving the offseason with another veteran retread at quarterback. Here, they take Will Levis, who — when he has had the right supporting cast around him — has played just as well as any quarterback in this class. The Colts’ running backs and receiving corps are interesting, but for Levis to maximize those pieces and help out his offensive line, the Colts would have to allow him to do something Kentucky wouldn’t: use his legs. If we see more of Levis’ athletic potential, the tools are all there. 5. Seattle Seahawks (via Denver): Jalen Carter, DT, Georgia 6. New York Jets (via Detroit/L.A. Rams): Bryce Young, QB, Alabama* Another big trade, with the Jets ensuring that they’re not left out in the cold in the quarterback sweepstakes. After the Zach Wilson saga in 2022, Jets coach Robert Saleh needs an immediate answer to fix an offense that has yet to look promising during his tenure. Bryce Young is the quarterback the Jets were convinced Wilson was. He escapes pressure, keeps his eyes downfield and makes every throw. In spite of his size — which I expect to be a major talking point when the measurements are official — Young stands tall in the pocket and accepts that he will need to take hits. If the Jets’ offensive line were to stay upright and give Young time to throw, their passing game could take a leap in 2023.
  3. Given his size, intelligence, idiots don’t go to Stanford, and arm, he seems like a Reich type qb he isn’t mobile however
  4. Injured first time trying to tackle a defender running back an end zone interception throw to Benjamin I believe the thought was rotator cuff second one was a direct helmet hit from tj Wyatt in 2018 and that was it it’s arthritic and worn out.
  5. ‘Meaningless’ wins’ was the quote that lead to extrapolation of tanking …as opposed to ‘meaningful losses’? im not attacking you personally but just tired of the tank crowd. It’s the player and coaches livelihood and that tape lives forever.
  6. Do you really expect professional players, some with incentives, some needing to put things on film for the next team to roll over and fulfill yours, and other people’s dreams, of tanking? not happening No disrespect but this isn’t Madden
  7. The whole purpose of the cmc trade, it seems to me, was to get pICKS to make a move in the draft for playmakers and depth cmc made no sense here anymore Point being, if they believe stroud is the guy, or AR, or anyone else, they need to do whatever they need to do to get him it is also the reason why trading to the 49ers instead of the rams hacked me off. Trade with the descending team not stable or ascending Unfortunately I spend a great deal of time in CA now, so I see and hear about these CA teams every day The rams were having issues lots of them anyway. Get a QB. Period We don’t have one. We don’t need anymore expensive trash from other teams either with PTSD corral will get his chance to compete this year but no way is he better than CJ
  8. If they want Stroud, that’s going to be the price. is he worth it, in the eye of the beholder
  9. The more likely scenario is the Panthers follow the previous model of trading to position 3 first… then trade up from 3 to 1 more light will come to light during the combine I mean, did anyone see the 49ers moving up for Lance ? or KC moving up for Mahomes
  10. The author also notes the Panthers lack of offensive playmakers the lack of playmakers on this team, even with CMC, so very obvious the top four teams may have one bona fide 5 star but those teams also have multiple skill players just a shade below that 5 star as for qb, Reich, has stated what he is looking for…hope he finds it as unless a trade up is made, neither Levi’s or AR are particularly accurate.
  11. I was called down for posting full articles so I’ll just give the link and full write up on one of the four sections How Panthers can begin competing for championships under new coach Frank Reich https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article272022907.html Find a big and mobile quarterback Size plus escapability matter more than ever at quarterback. Arm talent aside, Philadelphia quarterback Jalen Hurts is as stocky a quarterback as there is. Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes has repeatedly proven that his escapability and off-script playmaking are his most valuable traits. Cincinnati’s 6-foot-4 Joe Burrow is used to being one of the most hit and sacked quarterbacks yet still makes plays. San Francisco rookie quarterback Brock Purdy is listed at 6-foot-1 and weighs 210 pounds. But his stature could not hold up against the Eagles’ defensive line. Edge rusher Haason Reddick injured Purdy’s throwing elbow just six minutes into the NFC Championship. Then backup Josh Johnson (6-foot-2, 200 pounds) was knocked out of the game with a concussion just 23 plays later. Championship weekend highlighted why size plus escapability is necessary for NFL quarterbacks. No matter how good an offensive line is, quarterbacks are going to take dangerous in-pocket hits. Smaller quarterbacks are more susceptible to injury. Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa sustained multiple concussions this season throwing from the pocket and missed five games including the Dolphins’ lone playoff contest, as an example. Smaller quarterbacks can succeed in the NFL but are they worth the risk? That’s what every team considering Bryce Young — the No. 1 prospect in the upcoming draft — should ask itself. Young can make every throw and is a proven leader. But he’s listed at 6-foot and weighs under 200 pounds. Meanwhile, the three other top quarterback prospects (Will Levis, C.J. Stroud and Anthony Richardson) are all 6-foot-3 or taller and weigh between 220 and 235 pounds. Pass rushers keep getting quicker, faster, bigger and stronger. It’s logical that quarterbacks who are doing the same will continue winning the war of attrition that is the NFL playoffs. Build on pass-rushing depth Pour resources into offensive weapons Hire a veteran coaching staff
  12. Yes and the first two are coming off surgery ankle for Brady and very serious knee surgery for Austin (as in probably not ready to play until mid-October at best, serious) the Panthers need quality depth and they don’t have it, at all positions
  13. Heard panthers wanted to interview him I've seen nothing that indicates he has accepted things change quickly however
  14. It’s kinda interesting that the bigger names are not seemingly interested…even with Reich …even with big money…..Evero ….Fangio Perhaps it will turn around
  15. Per reports,the Panthershave asked to reinterview him for DC for the Panthers
  16. Yep Levi’s = Blaine Gabbert 2.0 all prospects have faults. Most prospects at the ncaa level, and certainly the sec level will have faults there are winners and pretenders under the bright lights of the ncaa that only get brighter in the nfl, and by that measuring stick, Levis is a pretender.
  17. Appreciate the thought but honestly, I want our own qb vs. somebody else’s PTSD QB enough already Don’t forget before Newton, we went down that road before
  18. not sure pro players liking a coach matters. What matters is if that coach’s system results in winning I doubt coaches like Bellinchek. Parcells and of course, some of the older, winning codgers (Landry, Lombardi, Walsh, et Al). were universally loved…they just won. I know vermeil was a player’s coach, he had great wins but by and large, the great ones were all about business. I don’t know about Reid. Great offensive mind and that gets player buy in as it came with results Net pro players want to win Winning equals their livelihood and added contract incentives
  19. That was the absolute end for me I give Coach Wilks props but people forget when he was DC here, it wasn’t great I can’t say what went on at the Cardinals as they are a cluster I wish him every good thing but it’s time to move on for the franchise as I could no way see Wilks with a rookie qb and having an open offense. It would not happen
  20. As I recall, most pundits were not overly kind to cam Newton either Some things can be taught, some can’t I want someone who shines under the bright lights, not shrinks if ever there was a shrinker besides Blaine Gabbert, the player many wanted the Panthers to take over Newton, it’s Will Levi’s IMHO
  21. Once, in 26 years Once I would not exactly say a team was built for Newton I would say that Clausen was so freaking abysmal they had to take someone or the fans weren’t going to show up I know I was one of those paying fans so bad, they had the number one pick that year they went with someone that everyone thought would fail. They took a chance
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