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  1. Yep. Exactly right No more excuses Big boy pants time I don’t know what Darnold is…I don’t think Darnold knows what he is and that worries me. NFL QBs have to have a tough mentality and the ability to produce under extreme expectation and duress. Has he shown that? Can he show that? Guess we will see soon enough
  2. Newton was a Heisman winner and a NFL MVP and a generational running and passing QB until his injury he put a no name offense on his back and got them to the Superbowk if and when, Darnold comes close to that, he will get the same treatment.
  3. my opinion isn’t going to be popular As said by John Madden ‘big time players make big time plays in big games’ …that is what a NfL QB is paid to do Darnold made precious few of those plays in college and even fewer in the NFl Can he, I don’t know. It felt like, and still feels like, he is a Kmart ‘blue light’ special to me The nfl is littered with QBs no longer in the league with tremendous physical skills who could not get it done https://www.ganggreennation.com/platform/amp/2018/7/31/17634804/what-do-sam-darnolds-college-turnover-issues-tell-us-about-his-future-new-york-jets Who knows, maybe the QB coach can turn him around. All I know, from decades of watching pro football, the QB has to believe in his own ability to execute so others will follow. I just don’t see it in Darnold I do not see the Panthers going to the playoffs with Darnold unless there is a gargantuan leap in mental processing and execution and if that doesn’t happen, Rhule and Fitterer have a lot to explain They have put a turnover machine in a ‘game manager’ role
  4. Exactly if Darnold fails and Rhule who believes in ‘second chances’ when it suits him, it would not surprise me. should Fields light it up and if Darnold is an example of ‘past is prologue’ plus what could be perceived as mishandling the Qb position, Watson could be Rhule’s out Given the Carruth saga, it wouldn’t be a good look but the nfl is about winning. If it wasn’t, Ray Lewis wouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame and Big Ben wouldn’t still be in Pittsburgh
  5. ..and yet…he is on Rhule’s team and Rhule wanted him, yes
  6. Could be worse..,could be taking your SO to the Jets opener in a freaking Wilson Jets Jersey
  7. Stats prove the Jets and Gase were what everyone knew they were …and that’s all good but it doesn’t matter now unless we are trying to convince ourselves Darnold won’t be a bust here For the good of the franchise, I hope he isn’t but he needs to do something positive as a leader on the field Should Fields light it up, and I understand from various articles Tepper wanted Fields, the Panthers will be right back where they where in 2019 and Rhule’s judgement on the QB evaluation process would be highly suspect and should be Darnold needs to do it on the field now this year. The Panthers OLine Is not loaded with all pros but they aren’t all tragic either Offensive players calling and alignments can help with that too. We know this IMO Enough excuses for a pro athlete Do it, or take a seat with Teddy
  8. Yep he wasn’t great with Luke and Thomas playing beside him bad contract and a second RD pick picked in late first.
  9. I agree with you …but I have Sunday Ticket and if I don’t want to watch the Panthers on the local station, I don’t have to right now so what is the difference if go to fox and pay, oh I don’t know, $10 pay per view to see the Washington Redskins or the Hew York Giants many fans of the nfl do not have the means, and some older can’t navigate, the streaming and smart tv conundrum
  10. Not trying to be a contrarian. But Streaming is a pain in the ass to me. I pay for the service then I pay to stream the show or event It adds up quickly it has almost reached absurdity. Hulu. Peacock. Netflix, ad nauseum And on and on and on and on And then streaming on your iPhone and praying it will mirror properly to your tv or spending money on an hdmi Attachment even golf events, can’t watch it on tv but pay $64 a year to the golf channel plus streaming fees. Enough already Every single nfl game on Sunday is on either fox cbs or nbc. Just let people choose what broadcast they want to see and do away with the damned ‘in network’ territory areas It’s not hard
  11. Not sure why it is so difficult to just do the right thing, no matter the situation, no matter the person
  12. Yep. Att ruined dtv...from support to pricing etc had dtv for many years and other than the outages due to t storms. No technical gripes I’m a golfer and tennis player so being able to get the extra rds of coverage in the big tournaments other than the same four players over and over again is great I’ve loved Sunday ticket as I have to be in CA frequently
  13. Darnold is the QB to Dec 2022 No one on this board wants him to fail and no one in this board knows he will succeed we hope for the best , period however the facts are, he is plan D and we may very well be looking at another QB. Should that happen. Rhule needs to answer and will answer to Tepper. 1. Failure with Newton’s handling. 2. Failure with Teddy (who he and Brady just had to have) 3. Failure with Stafford trade 4. Failure with Watson (not their fault). 5. Obtaining in Darnold the worst rated qb in the NFL 6.Passing on Fields for Darnold 7 getting flanked by the 49ers and being far to vocal about their own QBs needs that’s a whole lot of churn with the most important position on the field. if it works out, genius. If it doesn’t, I hope Rhule’s contract is solid The owner will certainly remember he wanted Fields that will be the end of the bromance with Rhule CBs are nice players QBs are what make the NFL go Ps yes I know kC lost the SB and I also know both starting tackles were out and Mahomes still made plays to win that game I want Darnold to succeed and I’ll just fine if he is an average NfL QB what he can’t be is bottom third
  14. Exactly refreshing to have a GM that keeps it a business
  15. ...aaahhh, and yet your login name is what again?
  16. Cam has done a great deal for the panthers and the community and much more than we probably even know about Great athletes have a hard time retiring He is not a stupid individual. He is well aware of his limitations...so are the Patriots i will hope he has one last good season and I get to see him on a football field one last time I’ll also say his last game in Charlotte, there were a lot of boos mostly for Ron not taking him out and continuing to play him when he was clearly hurt, so it will be a good thing to give him a better reception
  17. Yep both the Panthers and the soccer team
  18. Whether Cam starts are not, I’ll be wearing my black #1 jersey and glad to see him I suspect many others will happily do the same
  19. I wonder if Teddy shared said criticism when he was, you know, actually in coaches’ meetings and such...he could have opened his mouth, if he really gave a damn. Rhule had quite a few coaches leave at the end of the year...I’m sure it’s mere coincidence
  20. Cam gave me great memories I. The stadium I’m forever grateful for that and having the chance to tell him thanks in person i look forward to cheering his arrival at the bank. i hope he plays great. I hope the panthers win but to be totally honest, nit a fan of Tepper and his treatment of him.
  21. That’s the only thing we have disagreed on in this post
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