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  1. Olsen was good, but if Darnold pans out to be a franchise QB here for years, that trumps a TE for a 3rd.
  2. And a fantastic play for the 2 point conversion.
  3. That was a heck of a catch even if the review overturns it.
  4. It's still early, but those early returns are showing it's the best trade in Panthers history.
  5. Nah. That was the best drive Carolina has had all game though. Simms vs Carolina's defense is giving me some Vick vs Panthers defense flashbacks.
  6. Howell hasn't looked good in this one either.
  7. Carolina looks like they've either given up or just don't care. This one appears to be all but over.
  8. I don't know. The Panthers haven't played much in the way of good competition yet. Also, if Howell and Carolina keeps playing like this, Howell's stock is going to drop.
  9. I don't know about the players being too cocky. It's entirely possible though. But yeah, they're getting their butts kicked. And that was a very nice catch off the tipped pass.
  10. Carolina looks almost as bad in this one as they did the first game of the season.
  11. Don't count your chickens before they hatch. It's only week 3 in the NFL and there is a long way to go. Injuries could keep adding up, the Oline could start playing worse, opposing teams could start taking advantage of the youth and aggression of the Panthers defense, and special teams can keep being...that Panthers brand of special they have been for years. The Panthers could easily be in the Howell sweepstakes if things go wrong. That said, Darnold has looked the part so far. Hopefully he keeps improving and shows he can be that franchise QB people thought he could be before the Jets drafted him. Like most people, I do like a good underdog or comeback story, so I'm pulling for the kid.
  12. GA Tech's defense just let Sam Howell literally run through them for a TD.
  13. Yeah. The only way the finish to the game would have been better if it was a walk off score during regulation.
  14. NC State just pulled off their biggest win in years by beating Clemson.
  15. What? More reclamation projects? They did that this year with the free agents that they brought in.
  16. He's alright. He could be better and thankfully, he's not worse.
  17. Even if he could return for the last couple of games, he probably wouldn't be in football shape at that point. As a few others have said, think long term and end Horn's season in hope that he will be 100% next season and beyond.
  18. Moton didn't look like a legit starter for a lot of the game either. That game was just an all around bad performance by the Oline.
  19. Dude got low and just seemed to squirt through defenders when he looked to be stopped at times.
  20. Houston has the screens covered so far. Brady needs to dig deeper into his bag of tricks.
  21. Those aren't whiffs, those are business decisions.
  22. I watched a little of PTI earlier and they said Darnold was proving that the Jets' QB issue is the Jets team/organization and not the QB.
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