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  1. Shaq? Nay. We need Boban Marjanovic. He's 7'4"
  2. That could happen even with Horn on the field. He can't cover the whole thing by himself.
  3. Haven't seen a post of his since draft night. Did he go into hiding?
  4. I chalk it up to what I saw an old wrestler from the 80s said in an interview once. Everybody has something the wrestler called a bump card, which means everyone can take only so many hits before the body fails and it's different for everyone.
  5. To be fair, Corral wasn't that heavy for his size when he got injured. It was just bad luck.
  6. You're a little late with that comment. Young has been getting national sponsorships/endorsement deals for over a year now.
  7. Speaking of corporate shills, this is awesome
  8. I think Goodell would say that regardless since the TNF games have huge TV and streaming deals behind them.
  9. Just finished watching Corral's and Young's videos. Corral came across as very likable and content with his spot even though the press tried to trap or press him a time or two. I don't think Young was scripted. He seems a little more business oriented and not as natural up there as Corral. And honestly, as long as Young leads the Panthers to be a winning franchise, I don't care if he's ever comfortable with the press or not.
  10. I'm sure the owners would be happy with doing away with the kicking game entirely. That would mean less players and coaches to pay, so more money for them.
  11. Thomas Davis was the exception to that injury prone rule. But yeah, usually once the injuries start piling up, they keep piling up. Hayward made sense the first time the team tried to acquire him when he was a restricted free agent during the Kemba and Big Al days. Hayward was still young and not injury prone at that point but signing him to a max or near max contract like they did years later, was dumb.
  12. I don't. I watched some college ball but never really paid close attention to the individual players.
  13. I barely watched any games this past season. If Bridges is brought back, I might not watch any next season. That guy should not be rewarded with tens of millions of dollars.
  14. If they draft Miller, let Bridges walk. Honestly, let Bridges go anyway
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