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  1. https://www.theilluminerdi.com/2022/11/29/neuromancer-eyes-miles-teller/
  2. Again, I don't care how tall or heavy he is. The dude makes plays and plays the position well. Oh, and he seems pretty durable with the only injury the last couple years being the shoulder sprain earlier this season that he seems fully recovered from. I'm not his doctor, so that's why I say seems. Only Young and the doctors really know as with all players.
  3. Before you argued 6 and under was short. Now you're not?
  4. The only thing you've shown for your size matters argument is one short clip of Murray and then want to claim small sample sizes. Here's a whole list of short guys that have played QB in the NFL going back decades. Now a few are boneheads that never amounted to much due to off the field issues and some are backups. Others were starters, probowlers, and such. As for Young: And there's a lot of other videos out there too.
  5. I provided the Webster's link for the sizeist definition. It surprised me, though it shouldn't had, that it was a real word too. Flutie was like 5'8" and played pro ball for over 20 years. Being tall isn't everything.
  6. Maybe he should have compared a short white QB and a short black one instead of going for the low hanging fruit. Now back to your regularly scheduled QB arguments.
  7. Every draft pick is high risk regardless of position. That said, I agree with you mostly. I don't believe in drafting QBs every year like some of said. I think you have to give a guy time to show he can learn and grow which can take a couple years before moving on. The exception to that would be when a new coach is hired and he wants his own guy.
  8. Don't have one. If he can play well, the QB could be 5 ft even and weigh 400 pounds for all I care.
  9. Murray does not equal Young. That's a lazy, sizeist, and possibly racist argument. Young hasn't shown any issues seeing the field. Watching him play, Young keeps his eyes up and scans the field even when scrambling. That's what you want a QB to do instead of taking off and running, isn't it?
  10. Young will not grow taller, but he can add muscle/weight through an NFL training regimen.
  11. I'd rather take the chance on Young than a guy that seems to fold at the slightest pressure(Stroud), a guy that can't make good decisions(Levis), a one year wonder in a weaker conference(Penix/Nix), or the raw, but physically talented guy(Richardson).
  12. I don't care how tall he is or how much he weighs. He plays with and against NFL size players every week. What matters is if he can play the position or not and take a hit. The answer to those questions is yes. Young has shown he's tough and plays QB better than any of the other guys in this class.
  13. After 3 straight losses, they might not be once the new rankings come out.
  14. Yeah, it does. I don't care who wins the CFP, but it would be nice to see the unexpected happen.
  15. Davis will probably get another year at least unless the Heels totally collapse and have a bad losing season. So, I suppose the diehards will have to hope he improves as a coach.
  16. It's starting to look like college basketball will be only slightly better than the football has been this year as far as the favorites go. But there is a lot of season to go, so who knows if that will hold true. Heels down 6, 35-29, at the half.
  17. Heels down 8 with less than 5 minutes to go in the first half. If they keep playing poorly, UNC might find itself out of the top 25 next week.
  18. Duke's 7 footer(#30) is pretty darn good. At least he has been in the early part of the season.
  19. Good. Let some other team(Texans if things stay like they are) make the mistake of drafting him.
  20. Duke is winning at the half. I wonder if UNC will be able to say that
  21. That's not happening. They're milking the Marvel properties for all they can. Odds are there will be a superhero crash at some point in a few years and then there won't be comic based movies/shows for a decade or so before they start with the old fan favs like Spiderman once more.
  22. Number 10 Indiana takes on number 18(haha. They fell twice in one week) UNC tonight at 9 on ESPN.
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