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  1. That's also about the time I started posting this so much, and saying he is who the size bros should truly want
  2. Young was the number 1 QB on most boards/mocks/Vegas/etc during the college season and all the way up to OSU's pro day despite Young not throwing at the combine. Him not throwing at the combine caused a lot of discussion for those that can't remember that far back. Vegas and most boards/mocks changed to Stroud after the pictures of McCown and Reich being happy surfaced for a few days. Then Vegas and the mocks/boards went back to Young.
  3. This one ain't going to be pretty even compared to the previous games. If you can't turn away from car wrecks, this might be the game for you. Seems the Bucs are another walking wounded team(tanking?) and the Panthers still have a shot at winning the division as hard as that is to believe.
  4. That's why I said it would be the GM after Fitt that adds talent. Where Hurney couldn't do contracts, Fitt can't judge talent. The boss also loves them for some odd reason.
  5. Fitt is Tepper's Hurney. Hell be safe until Tepper has no choice but to fire him. He'll then get brought back after the next GM adds actual talent to the roster.
  6. Injury prone you say? That's one of the qualities Fitt seems to like in players. What's his RAS score? If it's high, he'll be re-signed.
  7. I'm surprised you didn't mention not having Love on the team was a big plus too
  8. Yeah, they haven't played this good in a long while. Has Davis found the key or is this just a one off?
  9. UNC and Tennessee are playing with UNC up 3 at the moment.
  10. I don't blame the kids especially seeing what happened to his own son. I remember you posting about the QB son taking shots for the pain a couple of weeks ago. And dear old prime dad kept trotting him out there instead of shutting him down. I'd go elsewhere too
  11. This is all the proof you need that the PFF grades are poo
  12. Not surprised by the McCown firing. I always felt he was an overrated and odd choice since he had only ever coached some high school football prior to this gig. Staley being let go is a bit of a surprise though.
  13. They just want to see it so they can feel better about themselves and have more "ammo" that Young is a bust.
  14. The point is that others have done the same thing instead of it being something the shorter QB has to do
  15. It's not like the Panthers' have never had a QB that jumped when he threw passes. Here is one example, That said, the same guy used to do a one footed hop all the time on short passes.
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