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  1. JB loves Martin. The team will extend him as long as the price isn't too high.
  2. Miami is doing what they want to the Heels
  3. Young team that bought their own hype and didn't take Orlando seriously. They played a clip during the preshow where JB said as much. Of course, he also said Orlando played very well too.
  4. And Jones if he's blocking and altering shots. The defense is needed.
  5. One of these or these will solve those problems.
  6. The thing about positional value is that it changes. If what Fitt said during the season was true about teams not wanting to trade any OL talent, then that means the thinking is changing and teams will value it more than in the past. That will lead to teams taking OL talent early and often in the draft which will change those pay scales. Also, if a center, guard, or tackle is opening holes for the RB and protecting the QB, they are contributing to the team's success.
  7. Maybe Growl is one of those that cares more about positional value on some made up chart than taking elite prospects.
  8. I think he'll do well in the NFL and isn't a one year wonder.
  9. We're just going to have to agree to disagree. Linderbaum is supposed to be the best center prospect in years and the best O-lineman in the draft. Some team will take a chance, especially with two teams having two top ten picks.
  10. LaMelo admits the Hornets didn't have the right mental game last night.
  11. I'm no Tepper fan, but his last statement in the second tweet is dumb. Hasn't Ellis heard of the telephone, skype, zoom, or facetime?
  12. People said the same thing about TE, yet the Falcons took one top 5 last draft. If a guy is supposed to be a once in a decade or longer prospect at his position, some team will pull the trigger. Heck, the Raiders took a kicker once upon a time in round one when everyone said nobody does that.
  13. Me either. That said, if he wants out of Texas bad enough he might agree to it. Then, pull the same thing here to force his way somewhere else.
  14. You know this is happening if they don't trade for Watson or draft a QB.
  15. Yikes. I'm watching the Creighton/Xavier game and they just said Creighton has only played 2 games in the last month due to COVID.
  16. Maybe a little too much partying with the two days off they had.
  17. Hornets are still too streaky. Shooting 29% in the second half won't win any games.
  18. The bench unit has only added 16 points. Tonight would have been a good night to try Bouknight and Thor since Oubre is out.
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