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  1. Even though I watched several of his games this year, I decided to review his play. Since I challenged you, it was only fair that I challenge myself as well. Below is a video of every play Jones made this year...not just the highlights (someone posted it earlier, not sure who). So far I have looked at every play of his through the first four games, and so far it only reinforced my perspective. Was every pass perfect? No! Did he always make the right decision? Certainly not! However, I made a point to look at every one of his deep balls in those games (30+ air yards). The vast majority were perfectly thrown, either leading the receiver, or thrown where only the receiver had a chance to catch it. A couple of throws were underthrown, but the ball had zip and got there quick, Jones just didn't put the ball in the best spot. On only a couple of balls did the receiver have to slow down at all, but even then it was only slightly. Several were contested and on multiple occasions he was under duress. Some key time stamps you might want to look at (that show him using the arm strength you say he doesn't possess) are 2:36, 7:46, 9:33, and 34:58. For good measure, look at 27:09 to see a play that disproves your assertion that he cannot throw on the run (even though he doesn't do it very often, it is something he can do). Now, to be fair, here are some time stamps where he didn't throw a perfect deep ball: 10:30, 18:45, and 41:00. Yes, these were slightly underthrown, but they are clearly imperfect throws and not due to an inability to get the ball there. To be clear, my argument is not that he has a powerful arm and the deep ball will be his bread and butter in the NFL. It's that while not possessing a cannon, he is capable of making deep, accurate NFL throws, and those throws do not flutter or float. He will not be the liability deep that Bridgewater has been. I have no argument for anyone that prefers someone with a cannon and/or is more athletic and is more of a threat to run. For the record, I think his bread and butter will be the short to mid range game, but he'll keep defenses honest because he can hit the deep ball. His style will be similar to the way prime Brees played (not saying he'll be as good as Brees, but that's the style he fits).
  2. Ok, so the one play you can come up with is a pass with 43 air yards where he wasn't able to step into the throw and was underthrown by maybe 1-2 yards causing only a slight adjustment by the WR. Ok then. I'll give you that you are technically correct, the receiver did have to slow up...although he didn't have to stop and wait, just make a slight adjustment. But where are the others? Every single QB in the history of the game has had the occasional pass that was underthrown...even those with a cannon have been known to make their receivers slow up from time to time. But for the truly weak armed QB's, there are multiple examples of them not being able to consistently throw deep accurately. So where are the multiple of other plays that should be easily found if he truly does have a weak arm. Where are the throws that show he just can't get the ball to the receiver deep without making the receiver slow up and wait. You like to compare him to Bridgewater as an insult to him and a slight to anyone that thinks he can be a decent QB, but Bridgewater couldn't make that throw if his life depended on it.
  3. This is an extremely fair take. There is a lot to like about him, but he's definitely not a sure thing as a franchise QB.
  4. Really? Go find me some examples. Show a pattern, then I will acknowledge you are right. The thing is, I watched most of Alabama's games this year, and no, receivers typically didn't have to wait on the ball. Jones' ball placement, even on deep balls, was stellar.
  5. Of course not...who needs to be objective. LOL.
  6. I love how triggered people pre-emptively warn someone against becoming triggered. Go look at whatever video you can get your hands on and show examples of where Jones consistently shows he doesn't have decent arm strength. I seriously doubt you'll find much (which is why I expect you'll deflect and try to turn this on me). I'll be perfectly honest, I went into this college season thinking Jones was nothing but a game manager. But the more Alabama games I watched, the more I began to realize that he was much more than I expected. My advise for you is to not dig your heels in and stubbornly stick yo your preconceived ideas, instead go watch him with some objectivity. If you do this, I believe you will be surprised that he's more than you expected.
  7. If you think that Burrow's arm strength is absolutely better than Jones', then you clearly didn't watch one or both actually play. Neither has a cannon, but both can make all of the throws. Jones has never had a problem making whatever throw was required of him...even on deep balls. I find it funny that you try to use that elite target myth to prove your point. Jones played with one guaranteed first rounder for most of the year (Waddle got injured early), while Burrow was throwing to three likely first round targets, with one that battled for rookie of the year, and the other being talked about as a top five pick. And both had elite RB that could catch out of the backfield, so that is a wash. And while it didn't happen a lot, plays did break down for Jones, and he usually handled those situations very well. He's not a great athlete, but he is very good moving around in the pocket, and he was able to make some plays with his legs as well on occasion. And yes, he can throw on the run, but like most QB's he was not as good as when he was able to set his feet. So again, you have provided nothing to support the idea that other than his athleticism, there really isn't anything Burrow did better than Jones.
  8. His arm strength is actually decent. he doesn't have a cannon, but it is strong enough to make all of the throws. His deep ball accuracy is among the best, if not THE best, of any QB in this draft. And while some like to say it was because of the talent and scheme he played with, look at his ball placement on these deep passes. Very rarely does his receiver have to even slow a step for the ball...it usually gets there fast, and is placed perfectly where the ball drops right in front of them, allowing for YAC. If he was throwing to wide open receivers that had to wait on the ball to get to them, then I would agree that arm strength is an issue. But that's not the case at all. His receivers rarely have to wait on the ball, no matter what level he is throwing to. His balls also don't float, which is why his interception numbers are so low.
  9. Other than his running, What? His arm is every bit as strong as Burrows', he is every bit as accurate as Burrow, he is able to put plenty of zip on the ball when he needs to, he throws with incredible anticipation and his ball placement is outstanding - often hitting his receivers perfectly in stride, allowing them to maximize RAC, he processes information extremely fast, he is able to identify defenses and understands who his hot reads are, he has shown he can manipulate the defense with both his eyes and body movements, he has a quick release, he maneuvers inside the pocket extremely well, and he rarely makes a wrong decision. To be honest, his only legitimate negative is his athleticism and running ability. So, other than that, there's really nothing Burrow has over Jones. Everyone is all enamored with the Patrick Mahomes' of the world, the QB's that are good passers, but also exceptional runners. But as we just learned this past year, that is not necessary in todays NFL to win a Super Bowl. A high level pocket QB can still win now, despite the myth that you need a QB that excels in off script playmaking.
  10. This is where being a good talent evaluator is so important. It's easy to see the struggles a player has on the field, but what is tougher is looking past that to the actual reasons for those struggles, and determining if you can either correct or work around them.
  11. Oh, I know. I just used your post to respond in general about the idea that he is looking like a meddling owner. Generally speaking again, the truth is that every owner is involved with team decisions to some degree. The problem is when the owner takes on a lead voice, but doesn't have the expertise to make intelligent and knowledgeable decisions...basically, Jerry Jones. The thing I like about Tepper, is that he has that aggressiveness and willingness to do whatever it takes to build a Super bowl contender. However, he also seems to recognize his lack of expertise and lets those that are actually qualified make the actual decisions...and when he sees those individuals are not up to the task, he is not shy about moving on from them.
  12. I don't see it that way. I think that while he clearly wants an upgrade at QB (and is correct in wanting it), he is letting the professionals do their jobs. Other than the idea of him being obsessed with getting a franchise QB and willing to pay, I haven't heard one word about him actually being involved with any negotiations or decisions. Everything seems to be funneling through Rhule and Fitterer. The thing is, he's not saying anything any knucklehead fan doesn't already know...we need a legitimate franchise QB. I believe he just realizes that we may not have another opportunity like we have this offseason. You rarely have a young top 5 QB who wants out, and may become available, nor do you typically see this number of high-level QB's in the draft. My impression is that he recognizes this at a rare opportunity, and just like he does in his business life, he is ready to take advantage of the situation. And based on what I know of Rhule, I think he right there with him.
  13. I think Wanda is being manipulated through her grief to create this "Shangri-La" in order for whomever the bad guy is to steal her power. I believe Vision beginning to question what is going on is affecting Wanda and making her realize that things don't make sense. So the bad guy either sends an underling, or goes himself in disguise, as Pietro to regain control of her and re-establish his manipulation. However, because either the real Pietro is truly dead so couldn't be re-animated, or they could only use the visage of actual townspeople, they had to try and make her believe this Pietro was actually her brother. (side note, I think it being the X-men's Quicksilver is just a fun wink and nod for the fans, I don't believe he is meant to actually be him) First of all, Pietro works to separate Vision from Wanda, Then, he makes a point of telling her several times that everything happening is her doing, even saying that she handled the ethical considerations of "this scenario" the best she could, that most personalities aren't far from what's underneath. When she asked if it was wrong, he told her he was impressed. Then he asked how she did everything. To me, he was definitely reinforcing the illusion that this was all Wanda's doing, but he also wanted something from her. There is definitely something sinister about him and the reason he showed up.
  14. I actually think it is Mephisto who is behind everything. I believe he is doing this to steal Wanda's magic. The commercial may have laid this out. It was for a yogurt called Yo-Magic, and the shark says he "snacked on Yo-Magic" which sounds an awful lot like "your magic." Sounds pretty spot on to me. However, if it's not him, I suspect that it may be Nightmare, who has the ability to draw power from the psychic energies of the subconscious minds of dreaming beings. The one thing I have no doubt about is that Wanda is not doing this on her own.
  15. This will actually lead into the next Spiderman movie (which has Dr. Strange in it), then the story line will conclude with Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. It's going to be crazy!!
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