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  1. This is where being a good talent evaluator is so important. It's easy to see the struggles a player has on the field, but what is tougher is looking past that to the actual reasons for those struggles, and determining if you can either correct or work around them.
  2. Oh, I know. I just used your post to respond in general about the idea that he is looking like a meddling owner. Generally speaking again, the truth is that every owner is involved with team decisions to some degree. The problem is when the owner takes on a lead voice, but doesn't have the expertise to make intelligent and knowledgeable decisions...basically, Jerry Jones. The thing I like about Tepper, is that he has that aggressiveness and willingness to do whatever it takes to build a Super bowl contender. However, he also seems to recognize his lack of expertise and lets those that
  3. I don't see it that way. I think that while he clearly wants an upgrade at QB (and is correct in wanting it), he is letting the professionals do their jobs. Other than the idea of him being obsessed with getting a franchise QB and willing to pay, I haven't heard one word about him actually being involved with any negotiations or decisions. Everything seems to be funneling through Rhule and Fitterer. The thing is, he's not saying anything any knucklehead fan doesn't already know...we need a legitimate franchise QB. I believe he just realizes that we may not have another opportunity l
  4. I think Wanda is being manipulated through her grief to create this "Shangri-La" in order for whomever the bad guy is to steal her power. I believe Vision beginning to question what is going on is affecting Wanda and making her realize that things don't make sense. So the bad guy either sends an underling, or goes himself in disguise, as Pietro to regain control of her and re-establish his manipulation. However, because either the real Pietro is truly dead so couldn't be re-animated, or they could only use the visage of actual townspeople, they had to try and make her believe this Pietro wa
  5. I actually think it is Mephisto who is behind everything. I believe he is doing this to steal Wanda's magic. The commercial may have laid this out. It was for a yogurt called Yo-Magic, and the shark says he "snacked on Yo-Magic" which sounds an awful lot like "your magic." Sounds pretty spot on to me. However, if it's not him, I suspect that it may be Nightmare, who has the ability to draw power from the psychic energies of the subconscious minds of dreaming beings. The one thing I have no doubt about is that Wanda is not doing this on her own.
  6. This will actually lead into the next Spiderman movie (which has Dr. Strange in it), then the story line will conclude with Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. It's going to be crazy!!
  7. Where do you get that he isn't a good passer? I've watched several of his games, and he is a great passer. The biggest issue is that since he came from a lower level of competition, he will likely need some time to adjust to the complexities of defenses he will face. Sure, he needs to tighten some things up technically, but so does every college QB, including Lawrence. But he's nowhere near as raw as many here seem to think.
  8. Basically, you can't really penalize him for the situation he is in. Just because he is throwing to wide open receivers doesn't mean he can't make the tight throws. In fact, the few times he has had to make those throws, he's been very good. And as I've said before, his ball placement is elite, putting the ball in the perfect spot for RAC, and usually where even the top CB's wouldn't be able to contest it. So, indications are he can do it, but just hasn't had to. You also have to look at other factors. He usually makes the correct reads, goes through his progressions, makes good dec
  9. Jones has plenty of arm strength. No, he doesn't have a cannon, but you don't need a cannon to be an elite QB. To me, his arm strength is comparable to Brady's. It's strong enough to make any throw, but not so strong that he'll break fingers. I get the general questioning of the fact that he is throwing to wide open receivers and is in a very QB friendly scheme. However, you have to look past that, and look at what he actually does. His passing is pinpoint. He may be the most accurate QB in this class. Yes, he's usually throwing to open receivers, but he almost always puts the b
  10. I haven't really seen anything negative about him. So, I am really hoping he's the pick.
  11. Yeah, but it also means that if we do hire Peters, he's basically already ran a draft. So, the learning curve would be smaller than for most 1st time GM's. It's just another positive if we hire him.
  12. The more I hear, the more I like about Peters. From a mailbag with Matt Barrows (the 49ers beat writer for the Athletic), it sounds like Peters is the guy that has been running their draft. In the same mailbag, he mentioned two potential Brady replacements if he gets one of the HC jobs. Mike LaFleur (the 49ers passing game coordinator) and Mike McDaniel (the 49ers run game coordinator) are both hot up and coming OC candidates, and would be well known to Peters if he is the GM hire and Brady does move on. Could be a logical fit.
  13. Yep. And we have to remember that there's more than just one guy that can be a great GM. Sometimes we get so caught up with who we want that we tend to downplay everyone else. But, as you said, we have to get this right, no matter who the choice is.
  14. The more we talk, the more it reinforces him as the guy I really want. I'll be ok if Ireland or Schoen is the pick, but I have to admit I'd be fairly disappointed too. I've kind of locked onto Peters as the guy.
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