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  1. 3800 yards 30 TDs 15 INTs 68% completion 99 passer rating 10-7 record That is my prediction
  2. If they could move the team to Raleigh and make them the Raleigh Hornets, I bet they become a winning franchise. One city is not the other.
  3. Hornets will never be successful in Charlotte. Why not try and move the team to Raleigh. Many winners in that city. I am biased though. Trollololol
  4. Parity in the NBA is non-existent and it is made even harder by refs who clearly favor a few teams each time they play.
  5. We need to trade our 1st and 2nd round picks, so we can stack up on 3rd round picks before other teams get wise.
  6. They plan on putting Horn there, I thought you heard
  7. We are going to rely on a good running game with Sam as QB. Having two great options in CMC and Williams would ease the pressure on Sam. Just my opinion. We seem to like the old school hard nose football approach. A good ground game compliments that. Plus, no guarantee CMC stays healthy. An injury to him could put copious amounts of pressure on Sam.
  8. I like the RB from UNC, Javonte Williams, with our 2nd round pick. Him with CMC could become a new double trouble. So, with that said, the likely pick will be a kicker or punter who plays more like a dog. Go Panthers!
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