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  1. Classic Hornets. I expect them to find a way to finish in that 8th to 12th pick range again. Jordan is too scared to lose money as an owner, so he is constantly in win now mode which causes these meh sort of seasons which lead to the once in a while top 5 pick. You either suck for a few years to collect top talent or come out of pocket for top talent. Since top talent doesn't want to come here you have one choice here. Just tank it up this season. Sell all assets not named Lamelo to the highest bidder and start over.
  2. I will be watching. No Lamelo though seems to spell disaster for the team. Going to be hard to beat a good N.O team. That city is always "lucky" when it comes to getting great draft picks/players.
  3. So, does Rhule get fired after this game or not?
  4. At this point give me Sean Payton at coach. I will personally buy him Vicodin when he has the itch.
  5. Mayfield throwing it to Thomas like the guy has his family tied up in a basement somewhere.
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