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  1. Haha funny but you would travel to the state capital to watch nonetheless.
  2. 1 loss or 25 plus years of pain as a fan and nothing to show for it?
  3. And 13 college basketball championships, hockey championship, women's soccer championship. 15 more championships than Charlotte has right there. The rest of Carolina is tired of this poor sports effort. Matter of fact every pro and major college team we have has at least one championship. I rest my case. Good night everyone.
  4. Move the Hornets and Panthers to Raleigh and get rid of any ties to Charlotte. It is a loser city as far as sports goes.
  5. Of course they snub a Carolina player. Par for the course.
  6. They will lose money by keeping Rhule. Over time it could cost more money than firing him.
  7. Well, I did my weekly check in to see how bad things are. Glad I haven't watched the team in 5 weeks. My Sundays are spent with family and enjoying life. The Panthers under Rhule will continue to bring fans depression and little hope.
  8. Most of us of course had high hopes. You try to ignore your team signing a guy for 7 years with no NFL HC exp. You try to be positive. I think that is the right route to go. Hope for the best.
  9. I refuse to watch them until Rhule is gone. I just come here each week to reaffirm I made the right decision.
  10. Y.....M....C......A.....IT'S FUN TO STAY AT THE Y....M.....C......A
  11. Embid shooting more FTs than our team. However, I am sure that type of stuff is common for other teams playing at home in the NBA. No way would this be happening to only a few small market teams. Smh.
  12. They gave us a franchise, after letting the old one walk without stopping it, which they could have done or at least attempted to. The NBA despises this area and only reluctantly put a team here after NBA legends and figureheads complained nationally about it for a few years. How can the mecca of college basketball be without a pro team they shouted. You have your opinion and many have mine. It is why many people in the area tune the team out even in the good years, since their return to Charlotte (whatever few good years they have had). They know the NBA will only let them be a certain amount successful. Tonight's game against Philly is a prime example. A team comes into our home and shoots 10 more free throws than we do. Care to guess how often that happens at our home? I wonder if it happens as frequently to Philly? What about the Lakers? Miami? Preferential treatment is a common thing in the NBA. I have said what I am going to say on the topic though.
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