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  1. The schedule for the Hornets has been brutally unfair.
  2. It was fun but stressful. Refs were clearly one sided but it happens all the time with Charlotte. It was a great win. They need to come out of this west coast trip at .500.
  3. Why not play the young bigs? What do they have to lose. We need size on the court. These small lineups and zone defenses suck.
  4. To be fair, hard to blame our over reactions seeing how bad the team was ran. Mediocre was also saved by lucking into Ball and the 3rd pick. Rozier is a baller, and definitely not a bad pickup in hindsight. However, at the time it looked like a keep things at mediocre move. Nice job though on the original call, you nailed it and then some.
  5. Coach will simply refuse to play one of the rookie bigs
  6. We just lack a legit starting center
  7. Rotations are screwing with him and the other players. Coach is losing my confidence.
  8. Waving Batum was absolutely dumb and no where near defensible.
  9. Neither is holding on to money for nothing other than hopes and dreams. I would rather watch them in the playoffs, with a young team than watch them pick 7th or 8th again this coming off season. Agree to disagree with you on this.
  10. Who knows, this is just a likely thing. Maybe Jordan has lost his mind and is okay with going into the luxury. My bet is on a trade to free up a little room.
  11. No, Jordan has mentioned that he will not go over the luxury tax unless he knows they have a shot at being contenders, which they likely will not be. Trade has to be in the works somewhere.
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