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  1. I am Raleigh biased but calling Charlotte small market is a flat out lie. You should be banned just for typing that. We are all now dumber for reading that junk.
  2. Greg Olsen as HC and Luke as a D Coord.
  3. I am down with Greg as head coach. Guy is sharp and knows how to delegate things properly. Greg knows enough to know what he doesn't know. He knows football and has a leadership personality.
  4. Put some legit, consistent players around Miller and Lamelo and you just may have something. There is hope here. New GM and coaches can help solve that.
  5. Charlotte is such a depressing sports city. Why must the rest of the Carolinas suffer their fate?
  6. People on here bashing Melo, who is likely going to average a triple double at some point. Lol wow. Guy does more than jack up shots. He rebounds and makes great passes. The guy is coming back from injury, cut him some slack.
  7. Tepper has been terrible but he will be worse if he doesn't fire Fitterer!
  8. Should have picked Stroud. Fire GM tomorrow.
  9. Miller is going to be special. Refs gave us the shaft, long and hard. They let Detroit play physical and blew the whistle on us for petty stuff. NBA hates the Charlotte market, so don't expect much. Always puzzles me how the Hornets are the only team in the NBA without the classic "home court" advantage. It is what it is.
  10. This Hornets team feels different. Dare I say, we have a core of great young players in Williams, Ball, and Miller. Wow, I was totally wrong about Miller and will eat crow for sure. He looks the part of a future all-star caliber player.
  11. Positive thought, Tepper may run the team out of Charlotte and we could snatch them up in Raleigh..........sigh
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