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  1. Thanks for the vote, man!

  2. Nah man; the Rams gonna keep rollin'! (I hope.)

  3. I was pretty close on my prediction earlier this year. Jordan-Matthews and Reidsville was a darn good game. Reidsville loses this week to Cummings.

  4. Hohoho we'll see about that!

  5. Looks like Reidsville might be able to be had this year. Jordan Matthews down in Chatham County is looking pretty tough so far. Should at the very least be a good battle when those two meet up.

  6. Killer...rep for the avie!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. well lets see what we can do for you young man.

  8. hey tony...i miss your old sexy avie with the hurricanes and panther logos

  9. nice, shes hot thats for sure. like the young innocent amateur looking stuff better than the pro stuff as well. looks good.

  10. My new avatar thanks to you! :cheers2: avatar269_55.gif

  11. :lol: Sorry don't know her name... just an amateur chicka I found surfing teh intrawebz...
  12. whos the latest lady that you have as your avatar. its the cute young blonde with large knockers if you change it again before you read this.

  13. It really is cool to see other people from around this area. Reidsville might be good but they aren't invincible. I hope to see some great games next season! You should see every extra point try with the swinging gate formation thing, rofl.

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