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  1. You were wrong then and you are still wrong now. There has been nothing from Bryce’s play this year that shows me he can’t throw the ball, make the reads, or survive the hits. When your overall team is dog poo the tape is going to look bad on everyone. This year, week in week out we saw the oline giving up huge pressure almost every play, receivers failing to get separation/giving up on routes, and the scheme failing to address protection issues/develop a good gameplan with the pieces we had. Not to mention 9 starting guards this year. That is an unfair situation to evaluate a rookie QB but you have folks like you ready to spike the football and “stop the count! I was right all along” Thats brain dead, negative IQ, don’t know ball takes. It’s a shame this website would rather poo on this kid than do the extra brain power it’s takes to rationally see this situation was awful. Your takes are devoid of any context about this year and it shows plainly. You’d rather be “right”
  2. Seems like this board is group think. It’s cope this cope that. it’s not cope to understand that the situation plays the majority in how these kids look. Our situation was all time bad. That plays such a big factor it cannot be dismissed. This kid still has all the talent that was that was evaluated when he was in college.
  3. This is a brain dead take. The tape on his arm strength and the professionals that spent months to years evaluating the tape aren’t irrelevant. Bryce’s arm strength didn’t deteriorate in less than a year when he left college . Use your head. Did Bryce suddenly get worse and all the draft evaluation about his arm become wrong? OR did the surrounding situation he was placed in no highlight the skill and talent that is still there? I’m sorry but I’m going to trust the pros evaluations vs some guy on the internet who “watches the games” apparently you don’t watch a lot because you seem to disregard the poo show that was the oline, receivers, run game, and scheme last year.
  4. I always saw it like this . the right side - 30 - the wrong side Anything under 30 is the right side of 30. Anything over is the wrong side. It generally means you are older and your best years are behind you. But to the point I still don’t agree with Linvilles assessment of Diggs. Mike Evans is 30 and still produces at a high level. We let go of a 30+ year old Steve Smith and he had a 1000 yard plus season in Baltimore. I think Diggs still has solid years ahead of him. I just don’t think the team pairing makes the most sense.
  5. It isn’t. You have a misunderstanding of what average vs subpar is. Subpar means he wouldn’t have been able to make it to the NFL let alone be drafted number 1.
  6. Are you being obtuse? 35-36 yard line. wtf are you looking at?
  7. get glasses kid. He throws it from the 35 yard line and hits his receiver at the 5. Only haters can watch this throw and find some bullshit to spew its crazy. I’ve been a fan of this team since 03, unlike you I actually root for my teams players instead of baselessly trashing them.
  8. Why do you think Bryce couldn’t hit a wide open receiver? Tf
  9. Cool so we agree Bryce has an NFL caliber arm and can make the deep throws a NFL qb should make? thank you for agreeing. That’s the point of this thread. You have folks like this CRA fella and this LinvilleGorge guy that are saying it’s “subpar” “can’t make all the throws” etc. simply not true.
  10. He threw that ball from the 35 yard line and dropped it into a bucket at the 5. How can you look at that throw and talk poo? Do you understand what you are watching?
  11. Alright lil bro I’m adding you to ignore along with that clown guy. Not every one who believes in Bryce is another user on a new account. You can choose to believe that or not idc. But you just derail any real discussion at this point.
  12. I mean we have NFL tape of him sitting in the pocket to deliver a throw. We know he can do it. That isn’t even a question. You don’t need a rocket arm to play in the NFL. It’s a perk but it isn’t the end all be all. You have a fundamental misunderstanding of the phrase “has enough arm to make all the NFL throws” You think like means the crazy rifle it into a tight window. Thats not what it means. It means being able to throw all the routes a WR is going to run with enough strength and velocity to make sure it gets there on time. It’s unquestionable Bryce has the arm strength required to be a QB in the league. He doesn’t have the rocket arm but neither did manning, Bree’s, or Brady. Their arm strength wasn’t what made them good. And after watching cam play for years we should all know Cam rifling in every pass as a fast ball wasn’t good. It led to ALOT of tip drill int’s and him missing on short throws.
  13. Show me any quotes of saying he’s a BOTTOM 20 receiver? I said he is TOP 20 at best which is accurate. Hes in the Mclaurin tier of receiver. A quality to high end starter but not a true top 5 guy in the league.
  14. For him to move into top 5 you’d have to say he’s better than one of Jefferson, Hill, Chase, Cupp, And Adams. He isn’t anywhere close to them.
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