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  1. That guy kept reporting my "Dave Dameshek getting blown by Alice" gif. Had to keep uploading it to new hosting sites.
  2. I wonder what this is like for Watson. Imagine being him and if none of the leaks came from your camp, hopping on Twitter and seeing media saying your leaning this way or that way.
  3. Im ok with the current OT rules but wouldn't be mad if they were changed. Last night's game was amazing. I wouldn't mind the game being longer last night. I don't necessarily agree with the Bills would have won if they won the coin flip argument. That 13 second drive easily could of lit a fire under the KC defense ass. I would not have been shocked if that first OT drive would have ended in Bills punt or FG. Watching the Chiefs march down the field in 13 seconds and tying the game had to be demoralizing for the whole Bills sideline. The Bills were celebrating that last TD like they just advanced to the title game only for KC to kill all their momentum in 13 seconds. If they make a change to OT, cool. If they don't, ok. I don't think that coin flip cost the Bills the game. I don't think people who feel it did are silly and I don't think people that feel it didn't are silly. We all got to witness an amazing game which was a hell of a win for us fans.
  4. I think what Shotgun is saying is is that their is no difference between choosing any other play that contributed to the outcome and saying that is the reason the Bills lost or saying the coin toss is the reason.
  5. I honestly don't mind the current OT rules.
  6. I guess if Watson is the one telling the truth, he wouldn't be able to piece together who the women are from dates and locations because it never happened.
  7. Seattle probably prefer to trade that Badger to AFC
  8. Reminds me of that stoner friend who becomes a philosopher when high. "If we stop testing right now, we'd have very few cases, if any," -
  9. Still waiting on my unemployment... These mythical $600 checks plus unemployment sounds amazing. March 20th was my last pay day before lock down. I'm back to work now but it would be nice to get those payments to help replenish my emergency funds.
  10. I applied for unemployment two months ago and have yet to receive a payment. I've been approved. Filed my biweekly reports. No payments issued yet. So my first trip with unemployment has been fun times.
  11. I'm grateful they are wearing masks.
  12. I'm sure it's just trying to be prepared for worst case scenario but I wouldn't get hopes up for schools opening for the remainder of this school year.
  13. I can tell you that at least one school district from where im from is privately preparing to start next school year with remote classes. Source being my wife is a teacher in that school district.
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