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  1. I hope you’re right. Smitty thought highly of him as a prospect and that means a lot.
  2. Trading up has been a disaster for this franchise. I’m with you, if he drops to us then pick him.
  3. We haven’t met with a single center prospect. I would feel better if we brought a couple in for draft evaluations.
  4. This is one of the best posts I’ve read on this board and I thank you for it.
  5. Graham Barton makes sense at 33. He can play both.
  6. In all fairness, you don’t have to do anything to replace Ian Thomas.
  7. I like the players he picked but there’s no way Malachi Corley falls that far.
  8. The same group of guys went 2-15 this past season.
  9. You mean he took one of the worst rosters in the league and made it look average.
  10. Sometimes you gotta tear off the bandaid.
  11. Here’s my best effort.
  12. Teams commonly allow coaches to interview for lateral moves. We apparently aren’t one of those teams. We’re paying Eviro $3 million and you’re right, he accepted the bag. I don’t want coaches that don’t want to be here. At least we’ll get a third round compensatory pick for him after next season assuming he gets hired as a HC elsewhere.
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