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  1. If he can’t beat up Gretzky’s golf playing son then we’re in trouble.
  2. For a 6th rounder that sounds pretty damn good.
  3. Yeah, I’m talking about Hugh Freeze. I talked to him the day before the draft and he told me he was flying out for the draft and hoped Malik would go first round. Told me our guys liked Willis but he had no idea where he was getting picked. Everyone up here likes Hugh and he’s been a model citizen.
  4. Malik Willis’ college coach plays golf at the same club as me. I saw him yesterday and he looked like a kicked puppy. Watching these guys slide was a surprise but I’m glad we picked Corral. He seems like a nice fit for McAdoo’s offense.
  5. I can’t believe you remembered me making that post. Hell, I didn’t remember writing it myself. It’s cringeworthy for sure and at least I know I’m memorable.
  6. They eventually brought him in. It was after everyone else including Zappe had visited. When Fitterer was working with the Seahawks they intentionally didn’t bring Russell Wilson in for a visit so teams would think they weren’t interested.
  7. Muma isn’t making it to the 4th.
  8. I bet all black quarterbacks are the same to you.
  9. I thought Hoskins looked pretty good last year. We do need another DT however.
  10. I don’t disagree with you but this coaching staff is more likely to pick Penning over Cross.
  11. If we’re moving to a downhill running offense we’re probably not looking a Cross. He is known for his pass protection but wasn’t asked to do much run blocking in college.
  12. If they only wanted Shi in the deal then fine. Ship him but Shi has upside. Give them Chuba or Fletch. I’ll call it now, they trade BC. He doesn’t fit into McAdoo’s scheme and another team would want him.
  13. I’d rather keep Shi. They can have Chuba or Fletch.
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