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  1. For the life of me I don't understand why Marty didn't extend him a year ago.
  2. Have we heard anything about the probability of a deal getting done? We’re in a tricky spot with our draft position as far as getting a QB and a LT in the first two rounds. I’d imagine a LG, outside corner and 3 technique defensive end are next on the list after that. Unless we can sign a LT like Trent Williams I don’t see how we fill these holes. We’ve got a little bit of cap room but a lot of uncertainty about the QB position.
  3. He’s a free agent so it wouldn’t cost us any picks.
  4. I thought I might know you from a different message board but my buddy is a different Dave.
  5. The draft simulator I use moved him up 100 spots after the senior bowl. Out of curiosity, are you a PSU fan? Just a shot in the dark.
  6. Russell Wilson didn’t sit at all behind Flynn. Other then that I agree with your post and thanks for putting the time into this.
  7. I’d happily take any of them, especially Quinn.
  8. He had a really good week at the Senior Bowl. It sounds like he needs to add a little weight but that’s the only knock I’ve read about him after the senior bowl.
  9. I can’t help but notice the draft simulator I use moved him up 100 spots to number 91. He looked good this week in the practices.
  10. Am I the only one looking forward to Book? He looked solid in practice all week and we could take a late round flier on him.
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