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  1. After watching the practices and Senior Bowl game I really wanted us to draft him. The draft sites I use had him projected as a 3rd or 4th rounder.
  2. I knew Zack from my college days in Greensboro. It’s pretty cool seeing how successful RR is and Zack in the middle of everything Panthers.
  3. Daley is always hurt as well as Little. From past statements I don’t think Coach Rhule has much use for always injured players.
  4. He gets cut. There aren’t many Gettleman or Hurney picks that need to be on our roster. It’s time to get rid of players that accept mediocrity.
  5. Thanks for posting this. I hadn’t spent much time looking at this signing but I’m pretty excited about it. I wonder what that guy who always posts on here about two TE sets thinks.
  6. As a Liberty grad I hope he has a great year. I’m worried we’ll lose both Malik and Coach Freeze after next season. It’s been fun to watch up to this point but I don’t want the music to stop.
  7. Rhule strikes me as an old school coach that has no use for players that are chronically injured. I assume Little is gone but if UDFA David Moore looks good in training camp, I assume Dennis Daley is a goner too.
  8. Moore the UDFA could end up cracking our lineup somewhere down the road as well. Someone accused me of being Keith Taylor’s cousin so I’ll hold back from saying he could end starting as well.
  9. One of the best posts I’ve ever read on this forum. I wanted to pie, beer and give it some flames but the poo would’ve worked as well.
  10. Nope, all the appropriate names are listed.
  11. Taylor is a corner according to our coaching staff.
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