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  1. Our fan base is already pissed off dude.
  2. No way Tepper picks a QB in any round. He’s all in on Bryce.
  3. Bryce will get us the top pick in 2025 and we’ll draft a better QB hopefully.
  4. Filter it for wins or national championships and Brady would’ve looked pretty good.
  5. I couldn’t agree more. If he’s head coach and GM is see things getting worse.
  6. Unless we bring in Bill and the Patriots staff. Then our offense will never recover and we’ll continue to pick sucky receivers. Evero would be gone in that scenario but at least the Pats are competent on defense. It’s pretty clear at this point that Brady carried Bill.
  7. Competence would be an improvement.
  8. Who cares? Everyone now knows that Bryce sucks and we are the unlucky team that is stuck with him. My biggest fear is our idiot owner will take this franchise even lower by forcing the new staff to build around a guy who should be holding a clipboard.
  9. Is the next coach expected to be committed to Bryce Young as our franchise QB?
  10. 431 out of 431 is worse than I would’ve expected from a 1-10 team.
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