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  1. Agreed. We've been desperately needing a Jordan Gross since he retired. It's just been a revolving door at LT and we all saw what happened to the Chiefs OL when both their starting tackles were out.
  2. Im kinda surprised they didn't ask Robby Anderson about what he's like as well, since he was in the lockerroom with him for a couple years.
  3. Thanks man. And it's the line between 2021 and 2022, it's an opt out year that they gotta decide before the 2022 NFL year starts.
  4. Aren't you guys tired of playing the same broken record over and again? Can some of you just take a step back and see the big picture, or is it just cuz you picked Bridgewater in the 1st round of your fantasy draft and he cost you money. It is what it is. It's over, we're all moving on. Catch up.
  5. And yet Bruce Arians literally threw Tom Brady under the bus multiple times during the season, and they won the Superbowl. https://www.radio.com/weei/sports/patriots/bruce-arians-seemingly-throws-tom-brady-under-bus-again We're all human, we make mistakes. It was one time. If it were multiple times then I'd be concerned, but I'm sure they all handled it internally. Sometimes it spills. It doesn't mean he's a bad person. I'm sure you're not a bad person when you forget to say 'youre beautiful' when you slipped and said 'that's what you're wearing?' and you slept on the couch.
  6. That's the pot calling the kettle black. Some of you really should learn how to use Google an check your facts first. The floor price for a starting quarterback is around $20m according to Spotrac https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/rankings/average/quarterback/ Teddy ranks only 16th in average salary, and the only ones below him are Rothlisburger(after a huge restructuring), backups and qb's still under their rookie deal. $20m might have been top 5 money 10 years ago, but thats just the floor these days. It's called inflation. We took a calculated gamble because he was familiar wi
  7. Agreed. It may be our best sack duo since Greene and Lathon.
  8. Just doing a quick google search, i found this article with this quote: “It’s just a throw that I’ve got to make,” Bridgewater said after reviewing film. “When DJ pops open behind those linebackers, I’ve just got to make that throw. “When I play well, and my energy is there, this team plays well. I’ve just got to continue to be consistent with the energy I bring on Sunday.” https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article247523595.html This has been his attitude from the get, team first. At least from what I've seen and read. But hey, I may have missed
  9. I don't get why most of you poo on Teddy so much. You act like he's DeMarcus Russell or Manziel. You act like he's worse than Jimmy Clausen. His numbers aside, he's a human being that's a good person, smart and good role model that could mentor a rookie, like qb like Alex Smith did for Mahomes. But hey, you do you.
  10. We already have him. His names Christian McCaffery.
  11. Whoops, you are correct. I missed that part.
  12. Josh Allen = the exception to the rule Which also led to the Chiefs trading up for Mahomes https://fox4kc.com/sports/chiefs/the-trade-remembering-the-chiefs-bills-draft-swap-that-brought-mahomes-to-kansas-city/
  13. Same. I'm hoping maybe it's a strategy Rhule is using to get some team to trade ahead of them for Mac Jones instead of taking a qb we want. At least, that's what my tin foil hat says.
  14. True, I just meant as an example that they all were meant to sit and learn behind these other quarterbacks. They signed Matt Flynn for a huge contract because they thought he was gonna be the starter, who knew Russell would be who he was?
  15. That's fair, I meant more in terms of showing signs of leadership and confidence was what I was focusing on. Definitely not character. And to be fair, I did say in the beginning that I had no horse in this race and would be happy with any of the top 4. Only saying that after watching their press conferences, I'm now leaning more towards Trey Lance. Who's to say Fields isn't the guy, but it's just my impression right now. Even watching Fields on the sidelines, in the "huddle", I just thought he was more stoic or introverted. But now idk, there is something to be said about charisma an
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