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  1. The only reason I could see us not resigning him next year is because DJs in a contract year too, and since he's home grown, younger, and balling, they might not be up to the prospect of paying 2 wide receivers 10+million contracts. I'd hate to see him go, so I hope it doesn't come to this.
  2. their 1st round pick in 2022 for Terrace Marshall Jr. Like, now before he ever hit training camp or the regular season because Jerry loved him so much and regretted missing out on him. I mean I like him, he might turn out great, but he has a long injury history and as of right now, untested in the NFL. So I think I'd be okay with this hypothetical to double up our 1st round picks next year and get more draft capital for Fittsmagic to work with. What would you guys think if this happened?
  3. All I'm saying is if he can move like that with a basketball at 415... imagine what he can do now at under 350?
  4. Came across this Alabama spotlight, and it shows clips of him playing basketball... at 400 lbs. That big boys got some moves, so I'm glad to see he's not just a sit and maul kinda guard, he can actually move and has some athleticism to probably get out there at the second level to block.
  5. Yeah could be. But it'd also be refreshing and different for people to just get interviewed and hired based on their merit and not based on friendship or association. Very refreshing, maybe almost 4D chess compared to the other 31 teams.
  6. THIS. We all took Beane for granted because he grew up under Marty's tutelage, so we didn't give him a second thought and we wanted the shiny new toys. Myself included. We lost out big on that one, but luckily it looks like we've got a real captain behind the wheel now. *fingers crossed*
  7. Seems like a cool dude that grew up on football. Not sure if there is any connection between him and Fitterer or someone else in that department, but wanted to dig up anything I could find and came up with this video when he was still with the WFT https://www.washingtonfootball.com/video/meet-the-scouts-cole-spencer-20363618
  8. I get it. Most people wanna see the highlights on the field, but some others like me just really like to see the inner workings as much as possible because it's just such a fascinating and unique world. But if it was the Panthers choice to not have more than what they showed in the draft room, then that's fine. But if it's a possibility, for me I'd be totally down to see it. 'til then, I guess I'll just get my kicks from the aforementioned teams.
  9. Meh, was mostly fluff. A compilation of most the videos they posted during the draft. The only thing unique was a Scott Fitterer interview in the middle so I'd recommend that. It's funny, you see the Colts, Bills and even the Browns putting out this videos with amazing production value and real behind the scenes stuff, and I wish we did that too. I know we started to last year, but it's been too long and infrequently.
  10. Just saw this on the site. I know their bot will probably post it soon but thought Id share anyway https://www.panthers.com/video/panthers-huddle-new-look-draft-process
  11. Goodbye ACL's and hello heat strokes I get the cost saving, but at what cost to the players? Found this Texas Rangers video on a new kinda turf called Synthetic Grass which is supposed to be way better and less impactful. Hopefully we go this route.
  12. I would agree with the 'absolutes' part, but there is precedence, now more than ever that college QB's are way more polished and have more snaps per capita than quarterbacks of yesteryear. Joe Burrow comes to mind. Kyler Murray Perhaps Zach Wilson will make that leap as well as Lance. Granted, it's still more of a gamble than someones who's done it consistently, but there's more coming that seem to be making the jump in the last few years, so I wouldn't completely discount it.
  13. Me personally, my initial reaction is I definitely don't like it, and that it makes it easier to see who's who on the field based on their numbers. But I get that eventually, with teams retiring numbers, that eventually they'll run out at certain positions, so maybe it's inevitable. Still don't like it, but that's how I feel. What about you?
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