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  1. Because at the end of the day, it's all circumstantial. CMC absolutely did nothing wrong, but in this league there's very few QB's you can call elite or 'franchise', and those are the ones that get you a championship. Julio Jones can't carry the Falcons, Ezekiel Elliot can't carry the Cowboys, it just is what it is. It all starts at quarterback. I would love to keep him and hate to see him ever leave, but if that's the price for a guaranteed franchise quarterback just coming into his prime, it's about bringing a Lombardi to the Carolina's.
  2. Yeah, but it's kind of a tough pill to swallow when both the Lions Bob Quinn and Broncos GM George Paton got hired a few days after Fitterer, and yet they both had press conferences today. Quinn flies from Los Angeles to Detroit, and Paton from Minneapolis to Denver. I've been trying not to read anything into this, but there's barely anything on him besides what we already know from his bio, and no one's really reporting it or talking about it in the media, so I'm hoping that it's not a snag or some other issue happening in Carolina. I've had to get tertiary vibes from the other team
  3. Because Black Monday for scouts and personnel is the day after the Draft. Thats the end of the 'season' for them. Right now they're knee deep in their teams scouting so it'd be a hard ask to have one jump to another team while they're so busy getting ready for the draft. Only reason why GM's are the exception is because they set the standard, and they're needed to make decisions and plan for free agency as well.
  4. Right? It's like if the Spiderverse was the Pantherverse! I hadn't considered it either because I thought Directors and Assistant GM's were kinda along the same level, so it wouldn't be a bump up for him. But if it does, then come on down!
  5. Will our two (out of 3) greatest middle linebackers join forces in the front office?? I'm all for it!
  6. Don't know if anyone's posted this yet, but thought I'd share: https://twitter.com/JimNagy_SB/status/1350061270033199104?s=20
  7. I dunno, I think @CarolinaSunday chart showed that, despite all the late picks and/or trade downs, the Seahawks were able to consistently have winning seasons and won a Superbowl. I think it really comes down to bad ownership and management. It all trickles down from the top. If the structure is terrible and unstable, like the Texans or Jets for example, I'd agree that Rodgers or Mahomes wouldn't shine there. But I feel like the Panthers have had a good foundation brewing since Tepper took over. It's been slow, but he's been methodical in his moves and shows his commitment by signing Rhul
  8. Okay thanks, this didn't come up in my searches for some reason.
  9. I keep checking the site and twitter for any announcement, but it's weird that they haven't yet, especially since it's more convenient on Zoom. Nick Caserio was the next day, so not sure why this hasn't happened yet? Are they maybe postponing it til next week since all these other teams are announcing hires and spamming the news feed? *shrug* it's possible. The first press conference sets the tone for the team and fanbase. Rhule's was amazing, so he's got a lot to live up to
  10. I think Brady and Belichick did pretty well for themselves with that dynamic for almost 20 years and 9 Superbowl appearances. Most, if not all successful teams have/need this.
  11. Sounds exactly like the type of GM Tepper was looking for. I'm sure the trifecta will work well. I'm excited for the hire, or maybe it's because it's over lol. Either way, fingers crossed.
  12. Under Draft Return: "This is necessary, because not very much CarAV has been generated by players from the last couple of years yet, and we don't want to think that drafts from years ago were better just because the players have been around longer."
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