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  1. Glad I placed my bet when it was +225 before all this Stroud stuff started coming out.
  2. Ahh gotcha, such a weird bungle to happen on a players uniform.
  3. He was so close to the end zone he should've ran it in. Oh well.
  4. I keep looking that maybe the 8 got the middle ripped off on his back, but no it looks like he has a zero back, 8 front. Am I seeing things??
  5. Nah, it'll more likely be Wilks right hand man: Al Holcomb.
  6. I've been trying to keep some minuet flicker of hope for this season, but our guys look like they're over it. There's just no fight in them, and that shows a lack of faith in the direction Rhule is driving them. You can see it between plays, they just look defeated in the 1st quarter. The team leaders that are still trying are fighting an uphill battle right now trying to rally the team, and it just sucks. We had such a good window of opportunity to take the division back when Brees/Brady did/about to retire, Sean Payton gone and now Matt Ryan too. 3 years to build, but it's hard to keep the torch lit. I bet Beane and McDermott are eating steaks right now and enjoying how much we messed up letting them walk. "Sometimes the answer is on your roster" was right with them. It's a damn shame.
  7. I'm saying with so many options, they choice maybe taken away from us because there are so few actually good candidates, that 'sometimes the answer is on your roster'(for this year) And now, we'd be the 10th team looking, if we joined the mosh pit of this huge HC carousel
  8. There are 8 other teams we'd have to compete with to find a new HC, when the average is 5-7 per year at best. Big picture? Not a good time to compete for 2nd or 3rd best. Next year, if we still need to, then there'll probably be less competition.
  9. I noticed rewatching that they shifted Erving to guard and Scott to LT by the 4th quarter. 2 quarters too lat imho
  10. Same. I hope Wonder Boy goes back to Gotham, im so tired if all these “offensive geniuses” coming in on a red carpet when they havent earned poo yet. This is definitely NOT a Saints offense. No rhythm, no adjustments, i spotted 5 plays that we did last week - and their defense did too. Cant get our quarterback on rhythm, keeps making all these deep routes instead of letting Darnold get a few short quick ones to give him some confidence and takes pressure off the offensive line. Put the defense on the back of their heels instead of doing the exact same poo over and again. and i give some of the offensive blame to Rhule too since he didnt hire a former offensive coordinator to help mentor and guide Brady as a position coach, instead of Blunder Boy all alone with only ONE season as a college passing coordinator.
  11. Bradys playcalling and terrible 3rd down efficiency killed our defense cuz it kept them out there way longer then they should’ve. The left hand needs to help the right, and our offense is killing probably our best defense since 2015.
  12. I mean who that leader that rallys the offense and holds people accountable? Cuz it definitely isnt Darnold. Maybe the Jets damage is done and he cant be un-broken. I would say Robby, but Robby needs to catch to be able to backup his passion for people to listen. I WISH DJ would become that person. we just cant wait for CMC to keep bailing is out, offense needs to step the F!?* up, and its starts with the “boy wonder” hiding in the booth.
  13. So many opportunities, and once again the defense and special teams is having to work overtime to make up for this lackluster offense. This is some mickey mouse BS
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