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  1. Critical Gase Theory strikes again! dude is a complete moron.
  2. Wow imagine wanting to watch ESPN programming during the middle of a work day
  3. Facts don’t matter in this day and age. I did my own research.
  4. After that hit to Mills he just went from a Stanford graduate to a ECU graduate in a matter of seconds.
  5. David Chao on Twitter said injury is consistent with ruptured achillies.
  6. David Chao on Twitter all but verifies it’s an achillies rupture for Horn. Brutal.
  7. Who is the best panther to wear #82 because it could already be Tremble.
  8. If you think officiating is bad now wait until ACC basketball conference play kicks up and the refs can’t wait to give the road team a big shitsandwich of home cookin. Got to make up for the past year of no fans.
  9. There is like some stupid ass rule that went all the way to SCOTUS about nfl games being played when college games are on. I’m not joking about this.
  10. I like the games as long as the panthers aren’t playing
  11. Oh yeah it’s a serious injury you can tell right off the bat. These guys know when something is wrong. Man, an achillies injury is serious. Hope it’s not that. Would really mess him up.
  12. I’m not gonna say an achillies but it was a non contact injury and he knew right off the bat something was wrong. Wouldn’t surprise me if he is OFS.
  13. Officiating influences games. If it’s a close game in football somebody is gonna get jammed. College basketball officiating is god awful as well.
  14. This is getting hard to watch. I refuse to believe these guys are offsides like this.
  15. This is a really bad game for the officials. That PI was an awful call.
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