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  1. Yeah when I think of winning and a “rockstar” O-Coordinator I think of a guy who was fired from the Texans
  2. I don’t get it. 2015 Panthers with Cam dancing and dabbing was the most fun I’ve ever had watching the team, ended on a sour note.
  3. West coast folks aren’t consumed with preconceived racist notions unfortunately like a lot of southern people are.
  4. Hey Dave. Can you chew on a turd and tell me what it tastes like? I’m pretty curious signed, Catsfan69
  5. Yeah I’m surprised Mister McMaster approved of this. Old man McMaster is going to be furious when he wakes up today.
  6. Did you know that Cam got a SAG credit as a wardrobe consultant (hats) for the smash hit series Yellowstone?
  7. I can already think of at least three huddlers that this has triggered well done Cam!
  8. Would not surprise me if Old mr brass balls Is killing off the social media team like he tried to do with the keep pounding mantra
  9. Social media can be pretty toxic but the Panthers SM team does a good job. One of the best in the biz. the person who does the panthers Instagram is prob a better coach than Rhule
  10. Browns fans are delusional. Every year is “the year” Lions fans I can’t hate on because they kknow their place in the universe.
  11. Ben McAdooDoo and his doo doo mustache and haircut Strong Hawaiian shirt tucked into cargo shorts vibes
  12. Weird how this thread has turned into a Covid vax truther thread. Perryman wasn’t vaxed. Ok. Regardless of your opinion on it - you are 110% at a competitive disadvantage this season if you had unvaxed players. That is indisputable. That could have played a part in his departure. He is a solid player but it’s not like if he were here it would have a made a difference.
  13. I’ve done some regrettable things that were directly caused by the panthers. It also involved alcohol. And I was about 10-20 years younger. But I’ve seen some stuff online, Barstool has a thread of it, that if this stuff was filmed in real time and isn’t staged ….holy poo. An adult destroying a TV, firing a weapon in to a television, raging and causing your family to leave. Man get a grip!
  14. UNC football will be expected to compete for the ACC next season - as long as QB play is solid; we should be in the conversation in the coastal. Big time move to fire Bateman. Had to do it.
  15. What a tough week for the Bama /Cowboys/Lakers/Duke fan nation. You just hate to see it.
  16. If you are a team like Pitt or Philly - I mean what the hell is the point of getting lucky and backdooring your way into a playoff spot just get your brains beat in and curb stomped on national TV and end the season that way? Personally I would rather have the higher draft pick.
  17. Dude I said the same thing watching the game. I saw him once towards the end and he looked like a frail, deteriorating old man. I’m not making light of that because it will eventually happen to us all. Looked like he had trouble lifting his arm.
  18. Cowboys fans are like duke basketball and Kentucky basketball fans that’s did not attend those universities. Low class and low IQ. Complete embarrassments.
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