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  1. Providing cringe, weird details about a shithead coach’s wife and sex life is the cutting edge analysis that only Scott can provide.
  2. McDaniels sucks. I’m sure he will be on the candidate list here next season
  3. I’m sure Chip was cheating like crazy at Oregon but he shouldn’t have ever left that program. I know he is rich AF now but he basically ruined his career.
  4. Tepper still trying to trade 3 first round picks for Watson
  5. Carter will give you more than Sandwrs will. Guarantee it. Inches Sanders one of the worst FA signings in team history.
  6. Low risk, logical move to bring him here. which is why the panthers won’t do it. They probably don’t even know who he is.
  7. Like 3 years ago. Some people got butthurt and “offended” by having male cheerleaders, but then ya know 90% of the fans moved on because nobody gives a rats ass about the cheerleaders.
  8. I’ve said it before - but it’s too expensive to go to a game, with the current product they’re putting out..no thanks. parking, beers, concessions for the fam…just to be ready to leave at half time because the game is unwatchable, lol
  9. Calvin - I hope you see this. I don’t think the NFL is going to be your route in life.
  10. Frank Wrong and his band of traveling fugtards playing their hit single “I am a bitch coach and stealing paychecks”
  11. Panthers better call McDermott if he is fired after the season.
  12. I’m about to the point where the only change I’ll be excited to see is a change in the address of Tepper and the Panthers
  13. Dang you’re telling me he is going to be worse?
  14. Is she trying to say Bill OBrien next head coach here? no thanks! If we are really lucky maybe she thinks we can trade BY to NE
  15. That AI nailed the images of the cops though LOFL
  16. Dude are you freaking kidding me as much time as you spend on here you can’t tell those are AI my god
  17. Sure, there are a couple here and there. But a vast majority are Duke BB, Notre Dame/FSU/Bama FB fans, cowboys fans etc also probably live in a trailer
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