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  1. Oh my God, cargo shorts over the age of 21....any adult man who wears them really needs to see a therapist. My beef with hats is they can cause baldness and look juvenile in most occasions but cargo shorts are just a whole different level of goofy.
  2. Scotty is gonna be pissed that you created this tasty thread before he could
  3. It’s not because people will make fun of you it’s because wearing a hat constantly can cause baldness
  4. There has always been a strong anti Scott movement going on in the depths of the huddle.
  5. Carolina Huddle the official blog of Mr Scott
  6. This like the 5th NFL news thread Scotty too Hotty has created this week
  7. LOL come on man. Bout spat out my Starbucks reading this. I have Scotty pegged as a Rolds Gold pretzels type of guy.
  8. Classes like this don’t exist. Come on bro.
  9. This thread has gone full on tin foil hat and Quddle.
  10. I’m not trying to be ugly but how in the hell would you know this
  11. That would be the worst, most donkey brained trade in NFL history.
  12. Mac would take his signing bonus in chick fil a nuggets and honey mustard.
  13. Apparently, Kawaan took the “cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye” expression too literally when he was a kid.
  14. Kawaan is the only person in panthers history with the ability to keep an eye on the quarterback and an eye on the wide receiver at the same time.
  15. Best of luck, crazy eyes. You were a force when healthy. I’m sure you’ll go to the bills or Giants or skins and not miss a snap next season.
  16. Mac Jones stopped by Burger King on his way home from the National Championship game. He pulled up to the drive thru and said “I’ll take it!!”
  17. You don’t hear his name called a lot in games. That is a great compliment for an O-lineman.
  18. I’d hate to see Mac go to the jets. New jersey is such a small state if he moved there he could tip it over.
  19. Mac Jones has signed an exclusive endorsement with nutrisystem. he is also considering an endorsement deal with Ecko Since they are the only brand that makes 6xl shirts
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