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  1. Yep Goodell is the lightning Rod to catch all the heat and is rewarded handsomely for it. He is a stooge and a puppet but gets a ton of money to be the leagues piñata
  2. Actually, I do get my news from SNL.
  3. Man the panthers dodged a huge bullet with this guy but for some reason I think they are too stupid to realize it
  4. I would want a brand new stadium too if I expected to not have to pay a dime of my own money
  5. Yeah this Borrego thing back fired. They should have just kept JB. What a complete joke.
  6. Cell phone cameras are going to be one of the most important inventions in history. Think about how much info is shared (good and bad) because of them.
  7. Yep. Like what is the worst thing that’s gonna happen to Snyder? A 5 billion dollar paycheck to sell the team? That will teach him.
  8. Good pick here but would have rather had Duren. also, Williams WAS NOT ACC d player of year. Everyone knows Leaky Black was the guy.
  9. I’m not saying this to get clicks but pound for pound, Charlotte has to be too 3 worst sports towns in the USA. The franchises are terrible. Horribly run. fan support sucks.
  10. Time will tell, but this really seems like a bad trade. Duren could have come in and helped us right off the bat. I don’t get it. Taking Mark Williams next would soften the blow but damn.
  11. I mean this really seemed like realistically the best possible situation here and I can’t wait to see what crap they got in return
  12. WTF. Watch Cleveland take Mark Williams now and the Hornets pick some uncircumcised euro with #15
  13. They couldn’t wait to run Mack out of town. Maybe it was time for a change but Texas football is well below average the past decade. Will be interested to see what type of Zion/Manziel level coverage he gets …prob will be on a different level
  14. Burns is a stud. YGM has potential. Derrick Brown is a bust. DT is def In the conversation for biggest need.
  15. That group of tight ends is easily the worst in the NFL and the worst in franchise history. My God. Linebacking corp ain’t much better. Shaq is a stud but the rest is garbage.
  16. Gambling lobbyists and gambling industry need to step their game up with the cash flow. The people who can change this can 100% be bought.
  17. Lobbyists must not be writing a big enough check to Phil Berger and his friends
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