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  1. Ah yes, my great uncle who was blasted in to smithereens and body never found in Belgium during battle of the bulge - looking down from the Heavens as you get plastered drinking a case of Pisswater in his honor one day out of the year.
  2. I mean if we had Reddick trading Burns for all those picks would have been a no brainer
  3. “Dummy” is not a strong enough insult to this person who has cost the panthers severely.
  4. Eagles OC is gonna be a superstar. Too bad Teppers wife didn’t like him.
  5. Because we certainly don’t need a player like that on this team. Fire this person immediately.
  6. Panthers are such a horrible franchise. They need to pull a costanza and do the exact opposite of whatever idea they have.
  7. Wow who was the idiot on the oanthers who thought it was a good idea to trade CMC for a couple late round picks
  8. That was a bad punt and the crybaby punter tried to whine and get bailed out
  9. Yes, it’s been established that it was a bad call and cost the game and probably a playoff spot.
  10. “We checked a lot of squares in the what’s possible bingo card” wow Nice call Olson. Which one of y’all said he was so good?
  11. James Bradberry Hassan Reddick McCaffrey man if the panthers could only get their hands on players of this caliber
  12. Niners gotta have a coach spot that and tell him to challenge. Refs ready for some home cookin.
  13. Wrong. They are one more Tua concussion from him retiring.
  14. I’ve never seen a team foul as much as NCSU
  15. That DE is solid even tho he been on like 4 teams in 4 years. Rest of those dudes trash.
  16. I liked Skip like 15 years ago when I first was introduced to him but he sucks now. He’s just a character. I always say this when a Skip Thread pops up but check out his brother Rick Bayless. Rick is a world famous chef who cooks Hispanic food and has a show on PBS. His food looks good AF.
  17. What is virtue signaling I keep seeing this word
  18. Probably right. People like these two bozos break journalism’s #1 rule: they make themselves a part of the story.
  19. White guy vs black guy arguing about race on TV or radio is proven formula to generate clicks and get people to tune and talk about your content.
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