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  1. You don’t have to pay 150$ unless you lose. If you take the bet you either win $100 or lose $150.
  2. What other choice does Bacot have?
  3. Let’s face it, UNC was a marginal team last year who went on an incredible run and got hot at the end of the year. This year they played like they did for the first 20 games last year. But bringing back a veteran team should have been enough to win a weak Acc this year and there is no excuse for not making the ncaa tournament. Spin it any way you want but UNC sh*t the bed this year big time. Is it coaching or continuity? Who knows but they were a ncaa team at the beginning of the season regardless and this is unacceptable.
  4. All the more reason a team bringing back four starters from a national championship game team should have ran away with it in the acc this year. Yet, they barely finished .500 in that sucky conference and are now looking at an NIT bid.
  5. Yet UNC has a record of 13-10 and NCSU has a record of 16-6 during that time. With all that talent disparity you speak of you would think it would’ve translated to better results on the field.
  6. Verge, your child and your family are in my prayers tonight. Thank you for all you do for us panther fans.
  7. I agree with that totally and would be very happy if we did, however my gut just tells me that our staff will reach for a quarterback out of desperation instead of doing the smart thing and taking KT.
  8. Verge, in the event that Hutch, Walker, and the top 3 tackles go too 5, and we are unable to trade down, who do you feel we would select at 6?
  9. Who do you think is the better fit? Doesn't sound like McAdoo is too high on Mayfield according to the reports that surfaced before the draft that year. Do you think they prefer JG? Also I would be interested on how you think the top 6 picks go this year based on the info you have gathered. Thanks Verge
  10. Sounds good. Any truth to Laremy Tunsil being part of the trade package?
  11. You still feel like the Panthers pull this one out?
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