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  1. So verge do you agree if Slater/Sewell aren’t there that Surtain is the pick like has been reported today? Assuming chase and Pitts are gone of course. Or do we have Surtain above Slater on our board?
  2. I just happen to own a BBQ restaurant near Greensboro. Kristen if you bring Sam in dinner is on me
  3. Thank you Verge. Hope you are spot on with Sewell!
  4. So Verge you think both Pitts and Chase are higher on the panthers board than Sewell? I knew they were high on Pitts but didn't realize they had Chase ranked over Sewell. I personally would be happy with any of the 3 or Slater but just prefer Sewell.
  5. Awesome. Love both of those guys
  6. Verge, who do you think are the top 5 on our board?
  7. Verge is this your wall throw or what you are hearing? I love Waddle but really would like to sure up the left side of that line.
  8. Well if I’m Scott Fitterer I am on the phone with Marty Hurney and company. I would make that trade 10 out of 10 times if they want to give me there entire draft for #8.
  9. 1. Sewell 2. Pitts 3. Slater 4. Chase 5. Darrisaw
  10. Gotcha. What type of compensation do you expect? Also what would you think our top 5 board would be at #8 based on info you have heard from your source? As always, thanks Verge.
  11. Good to know. So you rank them Sewell, Darrisaw, Slater?
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