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  1. *NO INSIDER INFO ON THIS TOPIC* However I did want to clear up misconceptions like this one. City/County Governments have entertainment and tourism budgets earmarked specifically for projects like these. They CANNOT use that money for things such as schools or other infrastructures. It is a completely different pool of resources and does not impact in any way the other budgets
  2. This is just not true and based on the amount of content that I think can/will come out you all will see that soon
  3. I don’t think it’s news to say AR was/is liked by some people with the team. Same with Stroud. But from what I’ve heard is that Bryce has been unbelievably impressive and has won over pretty much the entire org, including those that leaned CJ or AR in the beginning. A lot of people have also been on Young from the beginning and that’s why they went to #1 to begin with. Finally, while I think the Teppers approve of Bryce, I don’t think they’ve forced the hand. The minds at be just seem to have come to a conviction and a consensus
  4. I had Josh McCown as new QB coach before there was any news on it. Same for Parks Frazier and Thomas Brown for their respective positions. But if you don’t want insider info, and just call it false statements that’s cool. I don’t need to post here anymore.
  5. Source (although a newer one for me): Young has not only canceled his remaining visits but is using that time looking for places to live in the area.
  6. The interest in Bryce Young is definitely legit although I wouldn’t say anything is set in stone. Especially with QB visits left to play out. From my understanding the trade to 1 was with both Stroud and Young in mind and proponents for each in the building. From the sounds of things the pendulum is moving towards Bryce. At this point the expectation is the Panthers will make the first pick in the draft so while not everything out there is legit, everything also isn’t all a smokescreen… As mentioned above, nothing is definitive and likely won’t be until next week after visits conclude
  7. This is something that’s been discussed for a while. Not sure on timeline but definitely something that’s been in the works. I know there’s an emphasis on regulating the blue and making sure it’s consistent throughout.
  8. Sorry everyone. Not sure what happened. Reliable source had it as Nixon, guess it was more fluid than I was told.
  9. While I guess things could change I have gotten zero sense that the Panthers are planning on seriously pursuing Carr or any other high priced vet QB. If anything they might kick the tires and do some due diligence but that’s the extent The plan since Reich’s hiring and all the staff brought in since have been about drafting and developing their own franchise quarterback. I don’t know where others are “hearing” things but at this point it’s much more likely to trade up in the draft than sign or trade for a current signal caller.
  10. It looks like many of y’all are getting your wish! Jeff Nixon is being retained as the TEs coach
  11. Some rumblings but nothing I can report or confirm yet.
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