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  1. If we can get fully healthy, we’re gonna be dangerous. Corujo being in the bench is a good sign. Hopefully Joz isn’t out for too long
  2. Reich is such a breath of fresh air. Rhule would’ve never green lit this
  3. A poo show last night too. Should’ve subbed Malanda at half. Just knew after he got that early yellow it was gonna come back to bite us. And just terrible attempts at finishing our chances we did have. Deserved to lose to a USL team
  4. Glad we got a dub. I didn’t watch, instead choosing to watch racing return to my hometown at North Wilkesboro Speedway
  5. Here’s what Latty said postgame. Still pretty vague
  6. Same. That was some weird poo. Why even sub him on in the first place?
  7. LMAO why you mad Gutman? That’s pretty blatant denial of a goal scoring opportunity
  8. Luck of the draw can matter sometimes. Hope it’s on our side
  9. Open Cup dub! Gaines shouldn’t see the field again until he’s learned how to use his left foot. He’s an insanely predictable, one-trick pony only looking to use his right foot Joz is earning that DP title this season
  10. Yeah, I watched his whole career at App. Always thought he had a lot of promise but he was super inconsistent. Games you would think he would dominate, he didn’t
  11. Cam also runs very high and gets easily stopped at times. He was very boom or bust. You’d get 10 carries at 2 yards a piece before he would eventually get a hole big enough to run through and get in open space for a big gain
  12. Good dub. Still hate going to a back 5
  13. I just had a random thought, but I can’t help feeling like what we’re seeing with Lattanzio is what we would’ve seen had the Panthers hired Wilks. Both made commendable runs as interims, improving upon broken cultures from the previous leader. But we’re seeing with Lattanzio that it may just not be sustainable. Kind of wish now that Tepper had treated the FC hire the same way he did with Reich/Panthers and I would be he does going forward
  14. Seems like they haven’t been successful at either this season
  15. Nah, you dunk on a guy who eats bananas with the peel still on and looks/acts like the 2nd coming of Todd Marinovich
  16. Always thought Armour could’ve been a decent young option at LB. Shiny hasn’t looked like anything in his few appearances this season. He seems to thrive when he can kind of be a ball hog and take shots but not in a role/system where he needs to balance that with passing and finding others
  17. Seemed to kind of shift between a 4-2-3-1 and 4-4-2, but yeah not the 4-3-3 the team puts out in lineups. Either way, Bronico and Jones in a double pivot should be the move, which is what it looked like
  18. Back 5 almost struck again, but feels like we stole victory from the jaws of draw
  19. Anyone else catch Newton’s first question kind of matter of factly asking Dalton about the Panthers drafting Bryce and working with him and Dalton didn’t give a company line “well I don’t know who they’re drafting but I’ll work with anyone” answer? Kinda sly of Newton tbh
  20. Had a win and Lattanzio fuged it up by bunkering with a back 5,taking any kind of attack away. I actually don’t blame Marks for this. Lattanzio’s decisions put them in that scenario
  21. He was fired a few years ago. Not really recent. Always rumored b/c of some kind of workplace misconduct, but he hasn’t popped up anywhere since. Completely dark on Twitter where he used to be VERY active
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