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  1. Some rando called into Kyle Bailey’s show and said the Panthers didn’t offer Burns $27m, but instead it was ~$20M with “unattainable” incentives to get him to $27m take that fwiw
  2. Non-exclusive tag him. Tell him the old offer is the absolute best he’ll get from Carolina and let him go find a team to sign him to better deal. If he does, let him go and get those 2 firsts
  3. BPA is a myth. Teams are gonna scout and rank players based on their needs, so even if they take “BPA” it’s still gonna be based on their needs
  4. I think if you asked Cam, he would agree, but part of what made Cam who he was on Sundays was going up against the defense in practice. TD and JNo talking poo to him and Cam pushing back, even getting into the fight with JNo. Who on our defense now is pushing Bruce like that? Talking poo to him? Probably no one and I imagine Bryce wouldn’t handle it as well as Cam, but it would make Bryce better in the long run if he got that kind of competitive edge to him
  5. Devil’s advocate, but what were we even accomplishing when we had DJ and CMC?
  6. I just don’t see Melo ever being a leader or taking accountability in any way, but I’m totally basing that on who his dbag pops is
  7. This was probably a move made by Tillis who is gonna bring in his own people since analytics will fall under him. But that article has to be total satire and very well done at that
  8. My only gripe with this is he’s already positing and pondering internal strife amongst the staff and players thinking the defensive players won’t listen to Canales bc they wanted Evero as HC. it’s one thing to ask the question, but the way he’s presenting his point it’s like he’s wanting it or expecting it
  9. Maybe Chinn doesn’t wanna gain 10-15 lbs to play LB. Anyone ever considered that?
  10. I couldn’t help but think Morgan’s “dawgs” comment wasn’t a calling out of Burns, Horn, etc. Guys always hurt or, in Burns’ own words, playing scared of being hurt. Morgan can easily point to TD as someone who never let thought of playing hurt or getting injured change how he played.
  11. Listening to Canales talk about Evero, he WANTS him to be here and said he would be a big part of what they’re gonna do. I think that was Canales putting it out there publicly to get Evero to stay
  12. He was in Italy for a medical to make it official. He and Joz both and they’re probably gone
  13. Yeah, I think that general color scheme will always be the Home kit but I love this design, but I’m biased being from the western part of state and growing up in the blue ridge
  14. That’s if Evero wants to stay. He might want out of that contract to go elsewhere
  15. I think Morgan and Tillis report to Tepper separately and will work together. Because they’re over different things Edit: nvm, read the article. Morgan is leading the executive management team
  16. Yeah that makes no sense. Tepper hired Sportsology to do their CLT FC HC hire and FO restructure and then retained them for football. Plus, we interviewed Johnson while Sportsology had already been retained
  17. I actually think that they’ll be done at Senior Bowl by tomorrow. I don’t think coaches and scouts stay down there the whole week. They take in the first couple of practices and then head back. May leave a scout or 2
  18. This. I don’t even think about 3-4 vs 4-3 any more. At best you just think of it as what base front do you run? 3 DL vs 4 DL. Everything else in the back 7-8 varies after that
  19. I’ll totally be getting one if this is it. Blue Ridge mountains are my home and if that’s their inspo for this kit, I’m smitten
  20. Crazy to think how similar the scenarios are as far as initial QB investment. Niners were going all in on Trey Lance and are now at Brock Purdy pretty much through ill fated luck on Lance’s part. It’ll be interesting to see how things go as far as Bryce’s development and if he can stay healthy. Lance shows that all it can take is one injury and a backup coming in kicking you to the curb
  21. Really hope this is it. Blue Ridge mountains vibes https://x.com/topbin90/status/1751272491966722517?s=46&t=HoZu76JI7hpaEuF1TXeJDA Edit: someone embed if they can. Can’t figure it out
  22. Since it would be a new position they would have to interview 1 outside minority or female candidate before making the supposed move for Tillis
  23. 3 of the 4 HCs left in the playoffs were never an OC or DC before becoming a HC. So begs to wonder, why do we put so much stock in being one as a prerequisite?
  24. According to Joe Person’s latest article, Vrabel’s interview with the Panthers was just a “dog and pony show” so Vrabel could try and get leverage on ATL and so we would look like we’re doing due diligence. Canales news broke 90ish minutes after that “interview” finished this morning
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