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  1. I believe you with that Ja Rhule profile pic. Panthers can kiss their 3-0 record goodbye like Ja Rhule did. "MOOOOOONICA!!!"
  2. According to the Huddle, the best Panthers coach is the next coach lol. Speaks volume of how sucky our previous coaches have been. I will admit that our coaches (Fox/Rivera) have at least taken us to the Super Bowl, consistency was the problem. If Rhule doesn't take us to a Super Bowl, he sucks more than Fox and Rivera.
  3. The run is only good if you play with a lead, when you have to play from behind you have to pass. The Giants have had trouble putting up points and just as dysfunctional so running may be a good game plan. If we lose to the Giants, someone needs to be fired or cut!
  4. LOL, 2 mins and 20 seconds and not a single security officer to intervene. I guess the security guys couldn't make a stop much like the Panther's D.
  5. Agreed that Sam didn't get any help today, but he also didn't help this team win. Fist play was a pick and his fumble too. He has consistently turned the ball over at USC and Jets. This is who he is. With the 3 losses, Sam has shown that he is an above average QB, but he can't carry the team ala Wilson, Rodgers, Mahomes, Brady. You know what those QBs have in common? They have all won Superbowls. Defense don't win championships anymore, superstar QBs do and I don't think Sam will be that guy.
  6. We're supposed to give Rhule at least 3 years to contend right? That's the trend where ever he has worked at. However without an answer at the QB position, Rhule's clock is ticking away fast.
  7. With today's loss, the Panthers played against the Vikings and the Panthers.
  8. So if we're going to put Brady on blast, we need to put Phil snow on blast too. 500+ yds? We couldn't stop anything. Screw the stats, it's about making plays when it matters and this defense did not get it done at critical moments.
  9. What happened to this defense? No pressure, no sacks? Panthers are pretenders
  10. The only good thing is that the 3rd quarter came to an end.
  11. This team is just so incomplete. All 3 phases of the game are not consistent. Last week special teams cost the game, today special teams made a play but offense didn't show up. Defense stays strong but gives up the big play at the worst time. It's all a recipe for disaster. Rhule needs get it together.
  12. Is it a coincidence that bad things happen when Sam targets Anderson? He is in a funk and needs to be benched for a while.
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