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  1. WJZY will be playing more Jay Z music, because it's a part of the process and it took 7 years! "It's a hard knock life."
  2. Looks like this situation really blew up in his face, err....I mean her face lol
  3. Sam will fumble his starting job to Corral if he keeps this up
  4. Expect more drops from him this year. This is a make or break year for Robbie, 2 years of poor play and he needs to be cut!
  5. Agreed, I don't see the point of signing Mayfield even if he is cut and released or Cleveland is willing to pay majority of his contract. We don't need him to groom Corral if we really believe in him, if Darnold sucks, throw the kid in and let him learn ASAP. Kind of like what David Mills was for the Texans last year. Mayfield also peaked even after signing a great offensive minded HC in Stefanski and with his supporting cast in Cleveland. What makes people think that he will thrive here? Panthers need to stop taking bets on known commodities, if you're going to gamble then gamble on the potential!
  6. This thread has been derailed about Kurt Warner hate. But if anyone who is a true football enthusiast will appreciate the insight. Kurt Warner isn't the first QB analyst to say this about Matt Corral. I want Corral to be our franchise QB just as much as the next Panthers fan, but there is a reason why Corral went in the the 3rd round. If Corral really had the talent and potential to be a franchise QB, he would have went #1 overall. Heck even the Panthers didn't think he was worth # 6 overall. Panthers fans need to temper their expectations.
  7. It kind of sounds like Rhule should have hired people with some actual NFL experience instead of a college passing game coordinator that was all hype! Rhule was too smart for his own good and trusted his process too much.
  8. Hopefully one day we can retire Ekwonu's #79 jersey.
  9. I never said it didn't matter, I said it doesn't always correlate with NFL success. Of course it helps to be athletic, some people just put too much stock in to that.
  10. Having a high RAS score doesn't correlate with NFL success. It just shows that you worked out really well in spandex at the combine. You can't measure a guy's intangibles, football IQ, and passion through athletic testing and these traits matter more than being able to run fast.
  11. I think our roster is full of solid young potential, but we are still far from competing for a superbowl. Look at the rosters of perennial contenders? Rams roster is full of All Pro and Pro Bowl talent. Bengals overachieved last year but still had foundational talent in Burrow, Chase, and Mixon. The only pro bowl talent we had was Burns last year, CMC IF he is healthy. If these players are not achieving personal accolades, they are not being developed.
  12. I've listened to Simm's evaluation of Corral and the other QB prospects from this year and his assessment is pretty spot on. Overall it sounds like Corral has the physical potential to be a great QB and has shown evidence through is game tape. At this point it's just if Corral can put it all together. I want to know more about the kid's intangibles, Darnold has the physical ability to be a great QB, but he lacks the intangibles. Tom Brady has the physical ability but is a fierce competitor and demands perfection and that's what separates these QBs. My expectation is that if Darnold stinks it up within first 4 games, let Corral start so we can see what we have in him. If he plays well, then we'll be out of position to draft the top QBs next year, if he stinks it up we'll likely have a top 5 pick.
  13. Rhule turning to Corral if Sam plays poorly? C'mon guys, did we all forget that Rhule refused to play BC at LT until the end of the season despite the sh't show? In all honesty, I think if Sam plays poorly, Rhule will turn to PJ if he is still on the team before he goes to Corral. Or he could just play all 3 QBs in the same game and take turn with offensive series like how he did with Cam.
  14. Of course we won't ever had that kind of fortune, seems like the football gods hate us for some reason. I knew Russell was going to be good because I went to NC State and saw him play. He was pretty much a walk on and back up, got his chance to start and elevated the NC State football team during his years, they were ranked because of him and he had nothing to work with. He went to Wisconsin and also won there too. I knew he was going to be a good QB but I didn't even expect him to be this great. I just don't see some of these QB prospects bringing that "winning culture" with them. Cam won where ever he went and elevated each team he played on. Some college QBs are great because they have an amazing support cast and are much harder to project (ex. Tua, Fields, Jones, etc.)
  15. Fitt essentially said that if Corral doesn't work out, then it's McAdoo's fault because he wanted him lol. At the same time, I believe McAdoo is better QB evaluator than Rhule and Fitt but Corral being QB#1 in a weak class doesn't mean crap. It's like being the prettiest ugly girl in the room. The weak QB class is reflected by all the QB prospects slipping in the draft or just even being passed on by QB needy teams. People on here were banging the table for Carson Strong who went UNDRAFTED!! Don't get me wrong, I hope and pray that Corral can be our Russell Wilson in the 3rd round, but let's not get carried away too.
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