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  1. LOL!! I'm Asian so I understand. I guess all white dudes look alike from the back too lol!!
  2. This isn't too surprising. The panthers have reset the market at position before. Ex. CMC highest paid RB, back then it was Luke with MLB. I just don't know if it's worth it for a RT. I'm ok with letting Moton walk after this year, we drafted Brady Christiansen to replace him lol!
  3. Otah was actually good, he just couldn't stay healthy. Little has never even shown any potential to be adequate.
  4. The Golden Calf of Bristol got a 1 year contract after not playing football for almost a decade, anything is possible I guess.
  5. The dude has made it clear that he is not going to give the Seahawks a discount, he is asking for big money. Besides, I don't know where he would fit with Perrymen, Thompson, and Reddick taking starting roles, he is not going to come in and be a bench player. I also trust Fitterer who knows him the best, if Fitterer doesn't bring him in there must be a reason.
  6. Regardless of practicing end zone or 2 minute drills, Joe Brady's offense produced 4 1000 yd scrimmage players from DJ Moore, Anderson, Davis, and Samuel DESPITE Teddy's shortcoming! That in itself is good scheme and coaching.
  7. Sure, but Jimmy wasn't with the team the next season and Cam didn't pursue #2 after that.
  8. And it's probably because he was picked #8 overall. Cam wore #2 at Auburn but stuck to #1 because he was picked first overall.
  9. I think this also proves that Fitterer will not trade down just for the sake of trading down to get more value. If he feels like a blue-chip player is there in the Top 10 and if trading down will cause them to lose that opportunity, he rather just pick at 8. It says a lot about how they feel about Horn, they would rather pick him than move down to pick an average player and some JAGs. Fitterer flips the script in the second and later rounds and trades back multiple times, I think this speaks to them trusting their board and player value.
  10. Panther's war room was upset? Do they mean the Huddle? lol, everyone here was upset that we traded back and missed out on tackles.
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