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  1. But people on the Huddle said it was too early to judge!! Fitt's draft history has left a lot to be desired and resulted in our lack of depth when injuries happen. Chinese Proverb: "A tiger can not change it's stripes" = Fitt still sucks at drafting
  2. LOL, at this point everything Fitt touches is trash. Miss with draft picks, miss with trades. Trade a 3rd for Jeudy, I expect it not to work out like CJ Henderson. Save future draft picks and use a 3rd round pick to draft a DJ Johnson who isn't even active on game day = we're all screwed.
  3. Deciding whether to trade Burns or not based on our depth is irrelevant. Barno and DJ can do exactly what Burns has been doing for us these past 3 games, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! And they do it for cheaper! Burns has trade value based on his potential and that's his selling point. It's really a no brainer question when you look at the pros and cons. He is an expensive player that hasn't produced anything. Burns will not win you a football game, Bryce if surrounded by the right cast can win football games.
  4. At this point, I'm ok with trading any or all three of these players. Since their time in the league, they have been around a losing culture so much that they have become losers. We need new talent and need to draft winners. I feel like this team lacks leadership in the form of a Luke, TD, Cam, or Olsen. Everyone on the team seems like a JAG at this point.
  5. The big difference here is that the Dolphins actually built this the right way. They fully embraced a full REBUILD!! They traded their star players away for future draft picks, traded Fitzpatrick, Laremy Tunsil for draft assests and flipped some of those into Tyreek Hill. We are currently half-assing everything here. Our team here is lacking talent. We need to trade Burns away for future assets. He has gone MIA in these past 2 games. With these injuries to our starters, Fitt has failed to find good depth for some of our positions. When you look back at things, it's actually not really a surprise that we suck.
  6. I blame our black cat mascot. Might as well put ladders at the entrance and let all the players walk out from under it. Then instead of pounding the keep pounding drum, we just smash mirrors. Change our name to the Carolina Incompetents.
  7. We need a disgruntled WR star who wants to leave their current team like Diggs and Hill did in, unfortunately I don't know of one. Maybe Tee Higgins but is he pro bowl/all pro talent wise? Regardless, paying a top shelf WR is still cheaper than a top shelf pass rusher.
  8. If it's not too early to judge Bryce after 2 games, then it's not too early to judge Zavala as well! We want to be fair in our pettiness!
  9. I think Bryce has been coached to "take what the defense gives you and get the ball to your playmakers to make a play." The irony is that we don't have any playmakers! Bryce has to be the playmaker at this point. He had positive plays when he had to improvise with the long run and the 2 point conversion! I honestly think he coached to be conservative with all of these dink and dunk passes.
  10. It's also time for these WR to prove that they can make a play when needed! If you ain't open, then make a contested catch! Olave was not open and pass interfered and still made that catch against CJ! Time to be a dawg!
  11. Review our O-line play, who won at the line of scrimmage, did we get any push? Also our CB play, they gave up 2 big passing plays that essentially turned the tide of the game in their favor, Olave catch and Rasheed catch.
  12. If you're logging on to the Huddle to find optimism, this is the wrong place my friend. You'll find more joy and optimism at a funeral.
  13. I agree it doesn't look that way on television. I think we just have some chunk yardage on runs but we mostly get stuffed on 1st and 2nd downs. We need to consistently at least pick up 5 yds on 1st and 2nd downs to open up the passing playbook. And i think it has more to do with our interior O-line and not necessarily our RBs, there just aren't any holes to run through. Frank needs to wise up and scheme around our weaknesses, he's supposed to be our offensive genius.
  14. We need a scouting department over haul. Why does GB and Pittsburgh always find gems in the later rounds? Davante Adams, Jordy Nelson, Antonio Brown, George Pickens, etc...
  15. Our rushing yds per game is actually ranked #9 overall, but our passing is #32. We are really just 1 or 2 big passing plays away to make a difference, I think that's what's really upsetting. We're so close and yet so far from a winning formula.
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