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  1. I have questions about Brady's play calling, but I'm not placing all the blame on him. At some point you need to look at the lack of execution with the called play. He schemed Ian Thomas open for a TD and Darnold threw a bad ball. Should have been an easy TD. Unfortunately that led to the fumble that ended the drive. The throw to Marshall in the endzone was just off the mark. A better throw and I think that's an easy TD as well. If those two throws are placed better, I don't think we are having these conversations about Brady this morning.
  2. When the trade broke, wasn't there a story where his wife nixed the trade to Carolina because she wanted to be on the west coast.
  3. The Coconut Berry ones are the way to go
  4. The Observer is just a feeder program for ESPN at this point. She's replacing Marcel Louis-Jacques in Buffalo who left The Observer in 2019.
  5. I'll take "Tell me you're a racist without telling me you're a racist" for 500 Alex
  6. Mahomes is getting 50-60 reps against another defense in joint practices the last two weeks. I have no issues with the 1st team not playing more because of those practices. If they weren't having joint practices, I'd be concerned why they aren't out there getting more than one series through 2 games.
  7. Depth is a concern for me along the O-Line and at LB. I think we already knew that going into the pre-season. Fitterer should be on the phone calling up any kicker they can get their hands on.
  8. If you watch the interview, I think the "next in line" was taken out of context. Fitterer mentioned they were working on a significant one and then one other one. When asked about Anderson, it sounded more like Anderson would be after these two in terms of "next in line". I also kind of got the vibe where it could have just been talk like "oh yeah we want to re-sign him" but may not actually have intentions to.
  9. I thought he actually played well on Sunday. Hopefully a change of scenery will do him good.
  10. These games mean more to those fighting for roster spots anyway. No need for the 1s to get a ton of time when they are locked into a roster spot.
  11. Come to Buffalo. I've seen those fans mock children and purposely throw up on them
  12. DirecTV shot themselves in the foot when they refused to open up their streaming platform to everyone. The BS about not being able to purchase the streaming only package if you lived at an address that could get DirecTV was horrible business. NFL should just create their own streaming service like MLB did and save everyone the headache.
  13. Definitely his agent putting his face out there in a contract year. Bradberry's agent had him doing the same stuff last off-season
  14. She must have really improved her interview style and questions. I've seen plenty of the press conferences and I often thought her questions kind of came off cringe worthy and left the coaches/players trying to come up with something.
  15. These helmets are pretty big in the memorabilia collectors market. People have a variety of different ones from the black to camo to chrome. I wouldn't get your hopes up.
  16. I like OTC better and one of these guys is a decent follow on Twitter. That said, I always see the mainstream writers reference Spotrac
  17. Cannon might be on the bubble in my opinion. His primary role was returning kicks and we brought in a few guys who have experience returning kicks/punts. He could be expendable if there is another roster battle going on elsewhere.
  18. It reminded me a bit of the old ESPN commercials at the Bristol offices. There were some good bits but they have set the bar so high it kinda felt like a swing and a miss.
  19. I thought it was more of a play on the fact Sir Purr is a cat and typically afraid of dogs.
  20. Unconfirmed report is Panthers @ Bills week 15 which may be a flex week...
  21. The storylines are about all I care about. I want to see if they put Panthers vs. Patriots in Prime Time for Cams return.
  22. You never know here. It could be beautiful 70 degrees or miserable with rain/snow. There is no in between.
  23. I'm good with taking Horn if we trade back several spots, but he is not worth #8 overall. He's gained hype over the last 2-3 weeks to push his name up this far in draft talk, but realistically he's a mid-late 1st round talent in this draft. Picking him at 8 is just bad value.
  24. Pretty sure I hit on several needs after a few trade backs. Took a combination of need and BPA
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