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  1. My cousin saw Roger at the game. Wonder why he’s at a crap game like this.
  2. Does WAS, PHI, LAC & GB winning do enough to strengthen the Falcons SOS or to lower ours and swap draft spots? I’m seeing ATL as .466 and we’re .471
  3. But..... Garry Cobb.... How.... I don't know what to believe anymore
  4. So if you're following this team you're telling me the 3rd Quarter is going to be worse than what we've already seen?
  5. But Wednesday's practice was our best yet...
  6. It's only preseason but the air smells a little fresher today. I've moved out of NC so this is my obligatory where can I find an online stream request. I'm sure I will go to the bars most of the time come regular season if I'm not getting it for the fox game, but it would be nice to check out the boys during the preseason if possible. Thanks Huddlers
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