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  1. Hi Everyone, thanks for the replies. We have seen everything produced over 5 years ago that we want to see( yes including the wire and it was amazing). Most recently we have watched and enjoyed. Mare of East town, The Undoing, Behind her eyes, made for love, the fight attendant, little fires everywhere, cruel summer. Don’t currently have showtime or starz but have seen The Chi, billions and power. But would be willing to sign up for either if there’s something good we’re missing. We also watch Dateline, 20/20 weekly. If we are missing anything alone those lines pleas
  2. Man this one stings. By all accounts a very good guy and very passionate about his Hornets/NBA coverage. Literally been reading his work for as long as I can remember and feel like I was just reading one of his tweets just a couple days ago. RIP Rick. You were a great one!
  3. I was a used car manager for years and I agree 100%. This call reminded me of conversations I’d have negotiating with wholesalers buying a high mileage trades from us. That’s just typical sales lingo.
  4. Yea I can’t believe Lance wasn’t a consideration, especially since they though the Niners would likely take Mac Jones.
  5. X-clown of course 96 playoff win bs cowboys Delhomme coming in at halftime in 03 to lead comeback vs the Jags Foster TD run against Patriots Several long TD runs by cam Several Smith Sr catches and TD’s Fred Lane game in 97 I believe, can’t remember if it was the win against the cowboys or the raiders but as we left the stadium everyone was chanting “Freddy, Freddy, Freddy”. Win in 2015 against the pats that ended with a failed pass in the endzone to Gronk with Luke defending him.
  6. Little over Ford has proven to be a huge mistake. Reached for a need and passed on a handful of starting left Guards. From what I can tell there was no tackles taken that panned out at tackle.
  7. Travelle was an awesome person and indulged me in an hour long conversation about football about 6 years ago!
  8. Well there’s a major asterisk next to it but even at 7-8-1 we made the playoffs with Byron Bell at LT and Nate Chandler/Remmers at RT.
  9. Wife and I are looking for something new to watch. Is there a website where we can go through and check off shows we liked and have it recommend more based on that?
  10. Hasn’t he said in the past that he doesn’t comment on players not on the roster?
  11. I feel like things turned out fairly decent for us this offseason but not enough to say we are going to be a guaranteed contender. Things we have learned as the offseason has progressed. 1. It was pretty clear that Stafford was option 1A. with the 8th pick. We were trying to trade for him months before the draft. That should have tipped everyone off to the fact that we weren't impressed enough with any of the QB's outside of the first 3 who were clearly going to be gone by 8. 2. The fact that we traded for Darnold further provided proof that we didn't really covet Fields or M
  12. I highly doubt Christensen is expected to be the starting LT. If the front office had that expectation that he was that good to plug and play there now they wouldn’t have passed on him at 39, and again at 59. As a matter of a fact if they thought any tackle drafted past 38 could be a quality starter at LT this they would have drafted them instead of trading down. Maybe he can potentially grow into that role but seems highly unlikely any team would want the 70th pick in the draft to be their starting left tackle their rookie year.
  13. What a great read. Don’t know if we have ever been given that much honest insight before. I definitely like the line of thinking here to not fall in love with players that fall outside of the elite category (top 15 this year). If a player makes it to the 2nd round or beyond, they made it there for a reason, so no reason to get emotional about having to have one of them. I did not know the Texans owned the Rams 22’ 4th round pick, kind of dampens the value of that trade to me a tad as it’s surely going to be lower than that of the Texans. Granted we’re talking about a 4th round pick
  14. We entered the draft with 7 picks total and came out with 11 drafted players, +1 pick for next year. *Panthers did not enter the draft with a 7th round choice (pick 236) as they had traded it 2018 to the Bills for Marshall Newhouse *Panthers were awarded 2 6TH round compensatory picks for this years draft (222 and 226) *Prior to the draft we traded a comp pick (226) plus next years 2nd and 4th for Darnold. *Prior to the draft we traded Bridgewater for pick 191 from the Broncos Recap of the trades: Trade 1: Panthers received 52,83,204. Bears received 39 + 151
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