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  1. I would not assume that at all. If Tepper called for this move then Fitterer was just following orders and if that's the case this in no way indicates he has job security.
  2. I did not get the vibe that CMC asked to be traded at all from this presser. Not saying he didn't want out or made it known, but nothing from Fitterer here insinuates that to me. Seems more likely that offers started to come in and he had to make Tepper aware. Tepper probably signed off on anything that included a 1st round pick and anything less needed to further discussion. Something close enough came in and they bit. He's posturing as if they are not in wholesale/tank mode because he obviously has to but I really hope that since we started down this path we continue to try and move anyone who can net us picks, with the exception of Burns,Brown,Horn, Icky, and Moton.
  3. Same. Moving a player like McCaffrey comes from the top. Sounded to me like we basically held an auction with a minimum reserve, no one actually hit the minimum reserve (a 1st) but Tepper and possibly Fitterer decided to settle on the best they could get. Sucks for Wilks as he's really not being given a chance at all to have the interim tag removed.
  4. I agree, keep the defensive cornerstones and the offensive line. Everyone else can be replaced.
  5. 4th and 2 and the FG was the right choice? Insanely stupid. If later on we have to go for it on 4th down, no matter the distance we have to go for it. Moot point anyway as this game is over and hopefully so is Rhules tenure here.
  6. I felt like the receivers were locked up most of the game and not creating much separation and that’s not really the fault of Baker. From the other comments it seems others saw it too.
  7. Jeff Lewis has entered the chat.
  8. Seems a good portion of this board think he may the answer to our QB woes or at minimum upset that Baker/Darnold will take away reps from him, hence impeding his ability to develop into a franchise QB.The odds of him becoming a franchise QB hover around 1% or less based on his draft position. In the last 20 years you have: Dak Prescott drafted 135th overall in 2016 8th QB taken that year. Derek Carr drafted 36th overall in 2014 4th QB taken that year Russell Wilson drafted 75th overall in 2012 6th QB taken that year Kirk Cousins drafted 104th overall in 2012 8th QB taken that year One could reason all of those QB’s would have been taken even earlier if not pushed down by higher rated prospects. Outside of them you don’t have a single QB anywhere near earning the label of a franchise QB or even a good to great starter drafted outside of the 1st round. So why is that so many seem convinced we struck Gold with Corral?
  9. Basically calls him out for pursuing Watson for over a year, bailing on Rock Hill and finding a way to file for bankruptcy to avoid paying contractors, firing the soccer coach halfway into the first season and execs stepping down.
  10. All I can do is give you my best guess for the Panthers: Wk1 @ Giants Wk 2 vs Niners Wk 3 @ Rams Wk 4 @ Bucs Wk 5 vs Browns (TNF) Wk 6 vs Steelers Wk 7 vs Falcons Wk 8 bye wk 9 @ Seahawks wk 10 vs Lions wk 11 @ Ravens wk 12 @ Saints wk 13 vs Cardinals wk 14 vs Saints wk 15 vs Bucs wk 16 @ Falcons wk 17 @ Bengals Wk 18 vs Broncos
  11. By the end of his tenure here the first timeit looked as if he was done. Other NFL teams agreed, as he only signed a vet minimum deal with N.E., then they cut him and while it’s reported Seattle and Houston made him offers, he didn’t exactly have a strong market for his services. Let’s hope all of this time off has helped him both physically and mentally and we see the best version he has left.
  12. This being based strictly from on field capabilities. I’d like to go ahead and nominate Dan Henning, O.C 02-07. As for players, I’m going with Matt Willig.
  13. My last 2 seller clients here in Charlotte crushed neighborhood records. Inventory seems to be slowing down and it's making it tough for me to find new clients. My apologies for spamming this thread but if anyone on here is thinking of buying or selling anytime soon, I'd love to help any of you! I have got a proven track record and references.
  14. What's interesting is that the big rental companies are a huge part of the equation of what's driving these prices up. Between my last 2 listings I had over 10 cash offers from rental companies sight unseen while they were still in the coming soon phase. I think eventually this market will cool down to a degree, but I don't see prices going backwards. Great time to cash out some equity if you need the liquid cash but if I were fortunate enough to own some investment properties I'd hold on to them.
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