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  1. Just went back and looked: Retired: Jared Allen, Charles Johnson, Luke, TD,Tillman, Harper,Olsen, Kalil,Stewart, Ginn, Oher, philly brown, Benjamin (are we even counting him), Cotchery. Plus plenty of rotational players retired: Shell of themselves from that year: Cam, Josh Norman, Norwell, Turner. Funchess. I only see Star and Mario Addison still being useful from that roster.
  2. Have to factor in that we were an aging team. Without looking it up, I’d safely say 75% or more of the starters have since retired.
  3. Lions fans should be very happy with this deal. Rams don’t give 1 F about first round picks. Goff was the last time they had their first rounder and won’t have one again until 2024. The 1st round picks are in 2022 and 23 since Rams already gave up this years for Jalen Ramsey
  4. Now we just need the Eagles to fire Roseman and hire Bill Polian. Then we can watch all 3 of our former GM’s duke it out in the East.
  5. He's been the director of college scouting since 2010 with a title change to co-director of player personnel coming in 2015 . Actually a very strong resume when you look at their draft history: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/sea/draft.htm
  6. So here's an updated look of who's still in play for us: Internal candidates: Pat Stewart Samir Suleiman External candidates: Kwefi Adofo-Mensah Scott Fitterer Jeff Irleand Champ Kelly Monti Ossenfort Adam Peters Ryan Poles Jerry Reese Joe Schoen Brand Tillis The guys in Bold have been interviewed by other teams so we I'd say they aren't top priorities or at least our feelings wouldn't be hurt if they were hired somewhere else. Everyone else hasn't interviewed anywhere else, so I suppose there's no nee
  7. I agree that they must not love any of the candidates interviewed so far. I briefly started to look at the Seahawks draft history and they haven’t drafted earlier than 27 in the last 8 drafts.
  8. Kwesi Adofo Mensah would be my choice. Felt this way before Dodds pulled us name for consideration. Seems like a very smart guy who would pair well with Rhule.
  9. With us having expressed interest in double digit candidates,I thought it would be interesting who other teams are targeting and if any names are drawing interest from multiple teams. Panthers confirmed candidates: 6 Interviewed Tuesday: Current team in ( ) Kwesi Adofo-Mensah (Browns) Jeff Ireland (Saints) Nick Caserio (took texans job) Monti Ossenfort (Titans) Jerry Reese (Former Giants GM) Joe Schoen (Bills) 3 Interviews for today: Ed Dodds (Colts) Adam Peters (49ers) Ryan Poles (Chiefs) Reported Interest but no
  10. How many confirmed candidates are we up to now? 6 Interviewed Tuesday: Kwesi Adofo-Mensah Jeff Ireland Nick Caserio (took texans job) Monti Osenfort Jerry Reese Joe Schoen Interviews for today: Ed Dodds Adam Peters Ryan Poles That's 9 interviews with all but Caserio still available. Have I missed anyone? Edit: We requested Brandt Tillis from the chiefs and Champ Kelly from the bears as well but haven't seen any confirmed interviews scheduled.
  11. All Nc schools closed for next 2 weeks.
  12. This is excellent news! Pass rush has been non existent and with CJ going down it was about to get downright ugly. No idea what he has left but costing us less than a mil and has to be better than everyone other than CJ.
  13. We are wasting a spot if we keep Chandler. At least 2 maybe 3 better options to backup Oher if necessary. (Remmers, Williams, Maybe Silatolu) Travis Henry gets no love in spite of great play in these games so far.( someone mentioned false starts, must have had him mixed up with someone else) I think Boykin is a keeper. Fozzy's pass protection gives him the nod over Todman if we can't keep both Brockels not worth keeping, rather have Fozzy and Todman. Plus Dickson is better at that role and Simonson might be as well. otherwise I agree on everything else
  14. Trusnick sucks. He's supposed to be a special teams ace but has not shown it thus far. Mayo is similar to Klein, however he and Klein are vastly more talented than Glanton or Trusnick.
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