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  1. It was the Buc’s in the early days of the division. I don’t think we actually have one now.
  2. Does this mean we’re playing the cowboys at home on thanksgiving? That is a turkey on the screen right?
  3. For reference I just checked the Bengals schedule in 2020 when they drafted Burrow. They had 1 Thursday and 1 Monday night game. No Sunday night games. In 2021 the Jags only got 1 Thursday game with after hiring Urban Meyer and drafting Trevor Lawrence. No Sunday or Monday night games.
  4. This just another confirmation that we were comfortable going up to number 2 for a QB but I have not seen anything concrete on who we would have taken if Bryce wasn’t there. Has that been reported anywhere beyond speculation?
  5. I can’t believe Jakes first game was coming up on 20 years ago. I’ll never forget the roar of the crowd when he replaced Rodney Peete in the 2nd half, as he his play was abysmal and left us down 17-0. At first everyone assumed it was Weinke coming in but shocked when we saw that number 17 but the crowd was just ecstatic to see anyone but Peete come back out. While I don’t remember each play specifically I’ll never forget the feeling of watching him take command of the huddle and lead an improbably comeback to win 24-23. Absolutely one of the funnest games I’ve ever attended. A perfect beginning to a season that left us as close you can get to winning a Super Bowl.
  6. I personally think hitting on any pick at this point is like winning some sort of lottery. Now is not the time to try and fill needs, that time has passed as you can’t reasonably expect anyone outside the top 100 to be an immediate impact player. That being said solid depth players that you can groom would be good to find here. Whatever we end up with here I’m good with unless it’s another long snapper who isn’t going to beat out J.J
  7. Panthers will play against AR15,Levis and Stroud this year, assuming they all start since we play the AFC south this year.
  8. Let’s start with the cardinals. They crushed it. Didn’t need a QB and could have had their top choice of any non QB in the draft. Instead they prioritized O-line help and got the first Tackle off the board(picks 10 and 11 were also Offensive tackles and they were sitting at 12 at the first trade). Over a series of 2 trades they only moved back 3 spots, picked up pick 81 this year and a 1st and 3rd from Texans next year. That’s insanely good value to move down 3 spots while only giving up pick 105 and 168. Good for them! For the Texans that worked out fairly well too in terms of instant gratification of getting a top tier QB and non QB of their choice but man I don’t think I wouldn’t have given up the next years 1st and 3rd to make that deal happen. Seemed way too rich on compensation. Now Lions, I just don’t understand their plight either. They were essentially sitting on their choice of the 3rd Non QB player available and dropped 6 spots to grab the 2nd running back taken?? Yes they got the 34th pick too but if I were a Lions fan I don’t think I’d be too happy, especially when you look at the compensation the cardinals just got to move back 3 spots vs 6 spots they just did. I know there were other much smaller scale trades and feel free to add them to the discussion but the ones above really stood out to me.
  9. I have to disagree here. Have Sunday ticket for my wife who is a Giants fan. Daniel Jones carried them last year more than you’d think.
  10. I agree with everything, but I would be really tempted if he's there at 39 or later.
  11. I'd prefer that vs him landing at 8 in Atlanta. He has talent, not sure why he'd fall and honestly don't think he will.
  12. They are complete polar opposites in just about every way. I guess with an all star staff like we have, they surely had confidence they could coach Richardson up but he still needs that coaching, where as Bryce is plug and play right now. I can't wait to see what happens with Stroud too. He has undeniable talent that shows up on game days. Levis just seems so weird to me with his whole eating an unpeeled banana schtick and mayo in the coffee. Admittedly I invested much less time in watching his games but he did nothing that led me to believe he would be worthy of the time once we got the number 1 pick. Lastly I hope Hendon Hooker lands in a good situation too and I wouldn't even be upset if he somehow ended up with us.
  13. Smith is the best player in franchise history, so he’s easily the best value of all time. Charles Johnson at 83 turned out to be incredible value. Travelle Wharton at 94 is great value too. One of our best offensive lineman in team history. I mean I really like everyone you listed. I might even add Donte Jackson at 54 to the list. I’d also definitely add these players to the list. Mike Minter at 56. Will Witherspoon at 73 (I’m sure Dan Morgan especially would agree ) James Anderson at 88 was another good value. Geoff Hangartner at 169. Anyone who contributes as much as he did and picked that late deserves to be mentioned here I’d also have to at least give honorable mention to both Richard Marshall 58. Lastly I know he was still a first rounder but Chris Gamble was a top 10 talent and we were fortunate enough to get him at 28.
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