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  1. My memory isn’t great, but there were a lot of people who wanted Blaine Gabbert over Cam back in 2011. I’d still say most were correct in wanting Cam but it wasn’t 100%. Again my memory sucks but I think there was a large porting who wanted Marcell Dareus the DT. Side note, that was one of the most top heavy drafts in terms of talent we have ever seen. Von Miller, Patrick Peterson,A.J Green, Julio Jones, J.J Watt,Aldon Smith, Tyron Smith were all top 11 picks and the only bad choices were the QB’s not named Cam (Gabbert and Locker)
  2. As soon as the offseason began I started making threads about trading up for 1 to go get out our top choice of Stroud/Young. I didn’t have a strong preference on either. Since we’ve moved up, I’ve watched as many snaps of each of them as I can find on YouTube and my opinion largely remains the same. I personally like Stroud a bit more but don’t trust my own eyes over the guys making the decision. I am just thankful to have a reason to get excited about this team again. Been a fan since 95 but didn’t get to really watch all the games til 96. This last 5 year stretch has been the most brutal, miserable time period with no end in sight until now. For that I’m happy and can’t wait to see what lies ahead for us.
  3. Just went back and looked at the 2020 and 2021 draft classes and compared the rankings against the top of those classes. I narrowed it down to Burrow,Tua, Jalen Hurts, Justin Herbert, Lawrence, Mac Jones, Justin Fields, Young and Stroud First of all Jones was the overall winner, so that may poo all over these stats. Anyway here's the ranking of all 9 in key categories from their final season before being drafted: In the pocket QBR 1.Tua 96.2 2.Jones 95.8 3.Hurts 94 4.Burrow 93.2 5.Fields 88.4 6.Stroud 86.3 7.Young 82.6 8.Lawrence 79.8 9.Herbert 78.8 Out of pocket QBR 1. Young 95.7 2. Burrow 94.6 3. Jones 93.9 4. Hurts 89.1 5. Fields 71.2 6. Stroud 69 7. Lawrence 66 8. Herbert 37.3 9. Tua 34.8 QBR When pressured 1. Burrow 82.6 2. Jones 78.3 3. Tua 44.1 4. Hurts 38.8 5. Lawrence 34.4 6. Stroud 30.6 7. Young 30.1 8. Fields 22.6 9. Herbert 16.3 Deep ball off target % 20+ yards downfield (lower the better obviously) 1. Jones 17.4 2. Lawrence 23.7 3. Burrow 24.6 4. Young 25 5. Hurts 25.9 6. Fields 27.3 7. Stroud 32 8. Herbert 38 9. Tua 40 Out route off target 11-20 yard downfield% 1. Fields 4.4 2. Hurts 10.5 3. Lawrence 11.9 4. Stroud 13.3 5. Jones 14.8 6. Herbert 19.1 7. Young 22.2 8. Burrow 29.6 9. Tua 30 Intermediate downfield off target % (11-20 yards downfield) 1. Fields 6.9 2. Jones 7.6 3. Lawrence 8.4 4. Young 11.9 5. Tua 12.5 6. Hurts 14.1 7. Burrow 14.4 8. Stroud 17 9. Herbert 19.1 If you scored these metrics based on ranking in each of the above as a total sum ranking (lower the better, for example if you were ranked number 1 in all 6 of these categories your total would be 6) 1. Jones 15 2. Hurts 24 3. Burrow 25 4. Fields 2, 5. Lawrence 28 6.Young 30 7. Tua 36 8. Stroud 37 9. Herbert 49
  4. This really cements that they haven’t finalized any decisions and nor should they. They have the luxury of taking all the time and resources needed to make sure they get a good return on the heavy investment they made to get this pick. I’m sure everyone has their favorite at the moment but hopefully all are going into this with an open mind and can reach a consensus before draft day.
  5. A and B have the most glowing reviews of those reports. I think I understand your plight and may be wrong but if you’re trying to get someone to have some epiphany and decide they all of a sudden like Young when the only reason they didn’t like him was his size, I don’t think you’re changing anyone’s mind. I personally like Stroud and Young and am happy as hell one of them will likely be our QB and to know they were the coaching staffs first choice not just the best of what was left, makes it even better. My biggest knock on Young isn’t his size but rather all the throws I see behind or shortly beyond the line of scrimmage. I’d like to have seen him go downfield more often. However that just seems to be him playing the game the way his coaches wanted him to. The biggest concern I have about Stroud is what I’m not smart enough to know/ have the privilege of knowing. Can he read a defense and accurately make adjustments, and do all the things required at the NFL level that isn’t required of him now. Lastly, both there’s kids are only 21 Years old. They will play more football in the NFL than they’ve played in totality of their life so far. There’s so many intangibles that could change the course of these kids paths and we don’t have the first clue or access on how to get a read on that. I trust the front office/coaching staff as long as they don’t Levis.
  6. I really wish ESPN would have included the number of pass attempts attached to each stat. The only context mentioned in the article said that Stroud was 20 of 30 on out routes (the 3rd most in this exercise of 9 QB's). From the article it says no QB in the last 5 years completed 2/3rds of their out route passes like Stroud has when attempting 30 or more. Also mentioned Stroud had as many TD passes on out routes as he did missed targets on out routes (4 each). Hooker was 8 of 10 on out routes, and that Levis was 3 for 7 on them. The out route seems to be of importance in the NFL, especially on 2 minute drill situations. I don't know this to be 100% fact but when watching their games, I swear I saw more intermediate and deep passes by Stroud than Young. I also believe Young escaped the pocket more and threw from outside of it a lot more than Stroud. There is so much to like about Stroud and Young but I am at least starting to see more and more why Young has been the consensus number 1. Either way I think both would thrive under our current staff and can't wait to see who they eventually settle on.
  7. READ THIS FIRST: These stats lack context, for example if someone had a great or bad accuracy in one area, it does not show you how many times they made that type of pass. For example if someone had a perfect 100% completion percentage but only made that throw 2 times, vs someone who made that same throw 50 times and had a 84% completion percentage, then the lower guy may be in fact better. The article did not contain this info. Also QBR also includes running ability vs passer rating which only considers passes. Some detailed stats from Espn today, no link as it's subscription based. The original charts had 9 players total, based on their rankings I decided to parse it down to just these 5. So while the bottom one may have ranked 5th here, they could have ranked 9th overall in the original chart. QBR Inside of Pocket: 1. Hooker 88.3 2. Stroud 86.3 3. Young 82.6 4. Levis 75.6 5.Richard 64.0 FBS average: 63.7 QBR outside of pocket 1. Young 95.7 2. Hooker 88.4 3. Richardson 81 4. Stroud 69 5. Levis 20.7 FBS average 60.5 QBR When Blitzed: 1. Young, 89.9 2. Hooker, 88.9 3.Stroud, 85.3 4. Levis, 60.9 5.Richardson, 50.4 FBS average: 59.4 QBR When (actually) pressured 1. Stroud, 30.6 2. Young, 30.1 3. Richardson, 17.4 4. Levis, 14.1 5. Hooker, 7.8 FBS average, 14.0 Deep Ball (21+ yards down field) completion percentage: 1. Stroud 50% 2. Young 45% 3 .Levis 42.1% 4. Richardson 41.5% 5. Hooker, 41% FBS average 36.9% Deep Ball Off-Target percentage: 1. Young 25% 2. Stroud 32.7% 3. Richardson 34% 4. Hooker 37.7% 5. Levis 39.5% FBS average 37% Out Route (11-20 yards downfield to outside the numbers, from pocket ) completion percentage 1. Hooker 80% 2. Stroud 66.7% 3. Richardson 52.9% 4. Levis 42.9% 5. Young 40.7% FBS average 48.9% Out Route (11-20 yards downfield to outside the numbers, from pocket ) off target percentage 1. Hooker 10% 2. Stroud 13.3% 3. Young 22.2% 4. Levis 28.6% 5. Richardson 29.4% FBS average 23.1% Intermediate off target percentage (11-20 yards downfield, they did not include completion percentage for this stat) 1. Levis 6.4% 2. Hooker 10.3% 3. Young 11.9% 4. Richardson 14.4% 5. Stroud 17% FBS average 23.1% Short off-target percentage (10 yards or less downfield, again no completion percentage stat listed here) 1. Young 1.8% 2. Hooker 5.3% 3. Levis 5.9% 4. Stroud 6% 5. Richardson 8.2% FBS average 5.8%
  8. I don't know, I think he and Fitterer have both been fairly straightforward,as much as you can be. At the beginning of the combine, he Poles stated he preferred to have a deal done before the start of free agency, because if he acquired any players as part of a trade, they would have a clearer path on how to attack free agency, in addition to knowing what other draft capital they had. Around that same time Fitterer was telling everyone to expect a sexy draft. It seems there has been consistent reporting that other teams inquired and thought the price was A. either too high to move up or B. Non-commital and wanted more time to vet out their options. Meanwhile our brass came in hot and struck while the iron was hot. It truly was a win-win deal for both sides.
  9. Man the lack of edit abilities got me. Meant to say certainly not forcing themselves!
  10. I personally like Stroud slightly more than Young, but it sure seems like they are leaning Young but certainly forcing themselves to make a decision sooner than they have to. The statement of wanting see 2-3 years or 1000 plays on tape to evaluate pretty much confirms it won’t be Richardson. I’m starting to feel stronger and stronger after, that Young and Stroud will be the only 2 QB’s taken top 10.
  11. Wow, that indicates the Texans had flirted with parting with a 1 next year to move up 1 spot. However it doesn’t say if Chicago would have given up a 2 this year or something else of value in return, which seems likely. Also made it sound like the Texans didn’t give a strong degree of confidence they’d actually pull the trigger, meanwhile Scott Fitterer seemed pretty aggressive in getting it done ASAP, as to not play around and let someone else swoop in. Ive also read somewhere that the Raiders inquired about moving up and they were told the price was identical to our trade, except it would take the 2025 First Rounder as opposed to a player (D.J Moore in our case). Couldn’t be happier that we made the move when we did! Had this gone down and we traded up to 2, this means we were comfortable taking Stroud or Young. Seems there was a never a doubt that we wanted to go up and get a rookie this year.
  12. Looks like overthecap has all the up to date numbers so far and they are showing 24 million in cap space. https://overthecap.com/salary-cap/carolina-panthers
  13. I’ve seen more people complaining about his contract than unwarranted enthusiasm. One could argue he was the Premeire WR available in free agency(yes this class wasn’t great), with only his age being the biggest knock against him. With more targets he may actually end up having a better season this year with us than he did last year with Minnesota. Sure would be nice to acquire more talent at the position but hard to argue we aren’t better with him than without him.
  14. Let Fitterer worry about the cap. We got a TD scoring machine who will help out the rookie QB. Without him our top receiver was TMJ, 0 reason to be anything but happy about this signing.
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