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  1. Waddle's comp is tyreke hill. Who wouldn't draft tyreke hill at 8 if given the chance? If Panthers want a weapon, my bet is the Panthers board looks like this: 1. Sewell 2. Pitts 3. Waddle 4. Chase 5, Slater
  2. Let's assume 3 qbs go 1-3. I think that leaves Sewell, Slater, Surtain, Horn, Chase, Waddle, Smith, Fields, Parsons, and maybe Lance on the board. It would be silly with all of that talent on the board to lock in on 1 guy. Especially with the holes on our roster. I think the Panthers want to trade back, but not so far that they do not get one of these elite guys. I'd feel good about trading back to 9-12 I would still get an elite difference-making player, probably pick up an extra 2nd or a 2022 first. This gives me flexibility to move around and get whatever I didn't get in the
  3. My guess is the panthers were targeting Wilson. They explored opportunities to move up for Wilson with the Jets and Miami. If the Jets stuck with Darnold, Wilson could be had through the Miami pick. As soon as the Jets made it known they would consider offers for Darnold, the Panthers knew Wilson was gone to the Jets. No one else was worth moving up for based on their analysis. All things considered, I think the Panthers are on the right path. Roll the dice on a young, developing QB, tag Moton, sign some solid vets for the interior line, and hang on to 8 and 39. If we can land Pitts
  4. To me, adding Darnold really changes things. Also, we have a ton of decent guards now. I really don't see a need for a stud G with Miller, Eflein, Erving, Daley, Scott already on the roster. They may even try Little inside, although I think its more likely they cut him and save the 2m. We have a ton of defense front 7 as well. The openings on the roster are S/RB/CB/WR/TE. 1. Sewell or Slater 2. Grant S 3. Gowan Stokes, or Melifonwu CB 4. Darden WR 5. RB or WR 6. Yeboah TE 6. best S that falls.
  5. Exactly. Denver could trade up with us if they want lance and are worried New England or WFT is offering a better package. They are worried about us trading down more than us taking their guy.
  6. This took 5 minutes on google to find this so I stopped there. But since you asked, we were 38-42 in the 90s. Very average. Doesn’t really add much to the story but certainly doesn’t help your argument of us being among the worst.
  7. Our record is 16th best over the last 10 years. Our record is 18th best over the last 20 years. Historically we are average. No amount of head in the sand is going to change that.
  8. 8, Fields (or Lance if Fields is gone) 39. Mayfield or Cosmi or Jenkins LT (one should be there) Then I'm wheeling and dealing. I'm turning 73, 113, 151 into a DT, S, and CB. I would prefer Richie Grant - S Alim McNeill - DT One of Melifonwu, Gowan, Adebo, or Rodarous WIlliams - CB 193 Yeboah TE 222 Very fast Slot Receiver 226 Hog Mollie
  9. LOL, my money is on stbugs to check in soon with his usual.
  10. Here's how it will shake out... 1. Jags - Lawrence 2. Jets - Wilson 3. SF - Jones 4. Atl - Parsons 5. Cinn - Sewell 6. Mia - Chase 7. Det - Waddle 8. Den - Fields 9. Car - Lance + Denver's 2nd.
  11. Why the smokescreen - they pick 3? Why pretend your picking Jones then suddenly pick Fields? what's the point of the smoke? Who needs to be fooled? I think they plan to pick Jones, but Fields is a contingency in case something goes wrong last minute. If Mac jones tests positive for cocaine or has a serious accident before the draft, they will probably go with a different QB since there are no take-backs on their ridiculous trade.
  12. Everyone acts like Lance is some finished product that everyone needs right away. He’s a developmental guy for a team that is not ready to compete. That’s us. He will fall to 8 and we’ll take him. TB will start next year, our new line and defense will gel. Lance will get reps in practice and get his feet wet with a drive or two in the games. if lance is somehow not there, we move back far enough to grab a future first, and pick best available LT and Corner in rounds 1-2. Then go get Wilson next year. the build is happening. A plan a and plan b is in place. Patience padawans.
  13. I'm excited about this. Can play G or C. Won the Rimmington. Wanted to draft him back in 2017. Exactly what we need.
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