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  1. Nice win boys. Suicide watch for a few.
  2. Not sure who is lighting up. Brissett was 18-34 for 147 with a QBR of 38.1. We know you hate the Panthers but let's have a little perspective.
  3. My father hung me on a hook once, ONCE.
  4. BC and Mays are your backup tackles. Bozeman/Elf and Mays are the primary backups. Jordan and Daley are your backup guards that (hopefully) will never play. Teck is decent and is a Rhule guy. Brown is toast. Haven't really watched Horton, but doesn't seem special. I think the final group is Ickey, BC, Elf, Corbett, Moton, Bozeman, Mayes, Daley, Tecklenburg. Erving is odd man out.
  5. IMO, I think Zylstra is a lock. He's the only one of the 3 with a guaranteed salary. If we cut him, we still eat almost 1m in dead money. Saunders, Kirkwood, and Wright are battling for a possible roster spot, but more likely a practice squad spot.
  6. Yea, I understand the salary ramifications. But he really isn't very good, and they can save 2m. With so many multi-positional players such as BC, Mays, Bozeman, Elf, etc, his flexibility really isn't as big a selling point. Unless he is some sort of important leader in the locker room, I think he's gone. I wondered why they re-configured Elflein's compensation and not Erving's. I think the reason is barring injury, he will be cut.
  7. I don't think Erving is a lock. With Mays and BC versatility, I think Erving is out. Tecklenburg, Jordan, and possibly a waiver wire pickup will round out your other locks.
  8. I'm wracking my brain trying to come up with a something dumber but drawing a blank.
  9. Came in just to see stbugs declare his love for Trey Smith for the 400th time. Was not disappointed.
  10. While I agree, there is film of Sam sucking, there is also film of Sam doing well. While he has not proven he can be a consistent winner over a full season, he has had flashes of pretty good QB play. I think he'll have a fairly long career as a back-up/spot starter starting this year. Bottom line - he is not worthless. We just need to extract what we can and move along.
  11. Rams don't have a lot of cap space, but could eat 5m of the 20m owed Sam. They are in win now mode. Every game could be the difference in a wild card spot vs. home field. Gotta believe Darnold is far more likely to come off the bench and win a game or two than some dude named Woolford. Rams also have a lot of late round picks and a number of likely comp picks. Take a 6th and $5m for Sam and call it a day.
  12. I don't get the gloom and doom on here. It's a long season and anything can happen. We have 9 home games. All home games are winnable. We have Giants, Saints, Atl, Sea on the road. We should compete in all. We are not the only team that gets injured. What if Stafford, Burrow, Jackson, or Brady get dinged up and have to miss some time. Suddenly the Rams, Bengals, Ravens, and Bucs look vulnerable. 5 of our first 7 are home games. If we are 4-3 or 5-2, maybe guys get confident. Momentum ensues. We upset some teams. Who knows? We came out of nowhere in 2015. Maybe it happens again. We have a competitive team. We should be able to hang around in most if not all games. Way too early to throw in the towel.
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