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  1. Very well could be witnessing the last game for Aaron Rodgers career
  2. Imagine if Panthers were owned by their fans much like Green Bay. I wonder that would be like.. it's freezing cold and they are actually staying after the half...their dedication is respectable.
  3. Not saying CMC is faking this at all.. and it sucks that he is hurt.. but it seems in the past, when this team has no hope to make the playoffs and the losses start piling up, injuries start sprouting all over the place. Well paid starters, one by one tend to watch the dumpster fire from the bench.. Its almost like the injuries are some form of contagious virus.. With that said.. I hope I am wrong.. Go Panthers.
  4. This adds more suck on top of this sucky season. My favorite player on the team has become Mr glass... Going to miss you CMC..
  5. Maybe we should start the practice team next game.. also move the starters to the practice squad.. yes it would be really bad.. maybe worse.. But maybe the practice scrubs would play win or lose with more effort, like the kind of 'I want the job" effort.. and let's try a new coaching staff at this point.. Sorry for the ridiculous post..just soooooi frustrated with the team at this point.
  6. We are playing poorly for sure..but these announcers don't need to be so giddy about it....
  7. You can almost hear the Benny Hill show theme song.. for all ius elders.. Lol
  8. Ok that deal went south... maybe call The Golden Calf of Bristol now? Hope our QB gets his act together NOW!
  9. I'm still hoping we win.. but I can't shake this feeling, that it's going to be like watching a couple of one legged men in a ass kicking contest..
  10. Thursday night injurys keep on rolling. Or it seems that way
  11. Russell Wilson's middle finger ...that's Russell Wilson's bird.
  12. Maybe we should try to find some dudes from the WWE.. we need help from somewhere..
  13. We just couldn't stop the run.. The fight has left their heart.. they have a quarter to provee wrong.. I hope they do.
  14. Quiet and reserved?. Hmmm DJ and Henderson should make great chat pals then.
  15. I think Darnold is doing quite well so far, as he continues to win me over more and more with each game to this point. I just hope he pays attention to his peripheral vision, with the incoming sacks. He has to protect that ball better. Incoming defenses will study him and will perceive that this is a weakness, and we can expect them to exploit it with constant swatting of the ball. Hopefully it was a one game thing and Darnold will adjust accordingly. But I applaud how he has fared so far with this suspect offensive line. He can scramble and make some good throws for sure. I am hoping that this line will continue to improve in a hurry and that they will protect our QB, and also help out blocking for our run game, especially with this CMC injury.
  16. Great game minus the injuries.. Technically we have the most wins in NFL at this moment LOL good night
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