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  1. when you're on the field, theres always space to make plays, shaq didn't. look at chinn, he was a rookie and he was outplaying shaq last year, thats facts. luke did all the work and shaq mainly followed behind him. luke would literally be telling players where to go and what to do. i get it though, i don't think coaches played shaq to his strengths up until now.
  2. to be honest, shaq thompson only had 1 elite year, and thats this year. wanting him to be traded was a fair assessment because up until now neither he nor donte was producing. donte got better and shaq, i believe the coaches are choosing to play him like he played in college : linebacker who plays like a safety. smart decision.
  3. We have a QB whose arm is shot. The last 2, the coaches didnt trust. That's why brady schemes conservatively.
  4. i said it in the other threads, ill say it in this one. rhule and his ilk were more concerned with a feel good story. the fact that he only brought the team back out on the field because the crowd booed ?? like what??
  5. Just last game yall were applauding Brady, now cause they lost it's a different story. Look, cam arm is shot, teddy arm is not strong, sam arm is not reliable, that is why brady has limited play calling.
  6. No moral victories. A win was needed, not a feel good story.
  7. Donte played good most of the season. I'm not gonna jump on him now, when yall havent jumped on him for the last 3 years. What's happening now is the feel good story yall wanted came crashing down and you're overreacting. Had they just played it smart with a 2 QBs system, they would've won.
  8. So he threw them short to help the receivers? That's what we're rolling with? And yeah I guess it was accurate at times, 10 yard passes arent that difficult.
  9. They cut him because they didn't want to cut their 3rd round pick .
  10. Several of those passes were short and or low. They just so happen to catch them.
  11. I think cam arm is shot. Coaches know it, so they are giving him drinks and dunks.
  12. Give cam some blame too. Should have stretched the field.
  13. There was one guy who could do itBut he was on the bench.Yes, I'm going there, because the panthers organization was more worried about emotion, rather than strategy. Wanted a feel good story, rather than doing what worked for them. Had they ran the 2 QBs system, guaranteed they would have won.
  14. Checkdowns weren't gonna cut it. They needed to stretch the field in this moment.
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