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  1. Mac Jones is gonna disappoint the second he goes up against a really athletic quarterback, should have went with justin fields.
  2. I look at PJ walker like a college rookie, huge upside, but he needs polishing. Anyways happy to have him on the panthers.
  3. Same could be said for sam darnold, but your entitled to your opinion.
  4. that was hero ball. Oline gave up, they put PJ walker in at last min, when the game was already over. And he still push the ball downfield. Pj walker has showed potential, and I think he'll get more opportunity come 2021.
  5. Except Pj Walker is too good to tank with, you're talking about Grier.
  6. wow. they really could have ran with pj walker and left it at that untill 2022 if thats the case.
  7. I already got warned by mods, we gotta go to the "tinder"?? Dont know what that is but..
  8. Yes please tell me, a black person about race problems, I clearly dont have any personal experience. The fact that you dont see how insulting that statement is, is very telling. Talking about marching with dr. King and then using a term like "race card"? Press the reset button bruh.
  9. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/opinion/the-conversation/sdut-panthers-qb-cam-newton-racism-stance-backlash-2016aug15-htmlstory.html i'll just leave this here. carolina panthers fans for the most part are cool, but there has always been this subset of fans (i call them the Ford F150 fans) who are very cringe when met with the topic of race. and im putting that nicely.
  10. thank you. decision making, reading defenses is all apart of the mental. its just a passive aggressive way of saying not smart enough. then you have the subconsciously being uncomfortable with a black guy being in charge.
  11. im speaking on the history of the NFL and black qbs, speaking of race in the NFL makes you uncomfortable but dont pretend its never been a problem.
  12. nobody saying those guys are unathletic cause they're white though, they are just not athletic, that goes for teddy bridgewater too. the stigma for black qbs is decades old and is still prevalent today in its own passive aggressive way.
  13. it shouldnt have anything to do with race but thats what the foundation of the NFL believes.
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