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  1. Hey  KB Fan.   Enjoy your comments.

    Off topic for a minute.  I think you told me you were out of the country.  If that's true,  can you share how one might watch Panther game when in foreign country ?   I will be in France for the Oct 1st game against Atlanta, and would like to watch it if possible (   Paris to be exact, but not sure if there are sports bars there lol, nor if a Panther game would be on,,)  Can we stream games off  FOX  ?

    Thanks for any help


  2. A few more links: Rivera post-practice comments - video: http://www.panthers.com/media-vault/videos/Rivera-Young-guys-developing/b670ca66-5ae8-4515-b33b-88b1f7a367a5 Practice Photos at Panthers.com by Melissa Melvin-Rodriguez http://www.panthers.com/media-vault/photo-gallery/Photos-OTAs-Week-2/5ffb1196-6c64-45dc-9531-7b7f53595fc1
  3. Jonathan Jones has an interesting tidbit posted at the Observer this morning: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/nfl-blog/article80954337.html here's an excerpt: Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera had almost reached his boiling point on a hot Tuesday morning less than an hour into his team’s organized team activities session. Furious with how many times his defensive linemen were being fooled by Cam Newton’s hard counts, Rivera almost re-started the entire practice from the beginning. Defenders jumped no fewer than three times, including one
  4. Yeah, that was my least favorite Panthers' tidbit to read today. In reality I'd assume Remmers would first get a crack at LT, with D. Williams taking over for Remmers at RT.
  5. Bill Voth has his notes & observations posted. http://blackandbluereview.com/panthers-2nd-offseason-practice-session/
  6. @Nick81, Oher makes Shaq look small in that pic!
  7. He was there. Reports were that he had a pick-six of a pass from Cam to Bersin..., so seems like he's fine. So fortunate. Hope he realizes how blessed he is to be on the field today and not in a hospital bed...
  8. I like that look for Stephen Hill. The mouth guard makes him look like a fierce and formidable competitor. Granted it's just a couple of photos, but he looks focused. Also, sounds like he wants to catch some of that J-No mojo. (Last year it was always J-No who was last off the field, IIRC, and look at the season he had!)
  9. Was just watching the latest Panthers' video mailbag. http://www.panthers.com/media-vault/videos/Mailbag-Deep-at-wide-receiver/56ffe1d3-88c7-4e82-b407-da3843f789b1 In response to a question, Max Henson claimed Bersin still is eligible for the PS?? I wonder if that's maybe under the exemption where you can have one (or 2?) players over the normal limit? I was surprised by this news. If Bersin is indeed PS eligible, it definitely becomes hard to see him get a spot on the 53. But I could see him possibly making the PS as backup since he knows the offense so well.
  10. A few of us asked a question I don't think I've seen answered yet in this thread. Most of us (myself included) have eliminated Teddy Williams from the roster projection. But, if we do that, who among the projected players would fill the role of Gunner in special teams? In 2014 we were hurt badly by a lack of speed on special teams. That became a BIG focus of the 2015 offseason. Can we afford to get rid of Teddy Williams and still have enough speed on ST?
  11. By the way, I tallied up the WR vote tallies in Igo's "pick your WR" thread... Ginn, Brown, Garrett were the picks. [KB & Funchess were assumed to be automatic locks] Vote totals: 1. TED GINN JR: 61 votes 2. PHILLY BROWN: 49 votes 3. KEYARRIS GARRETT: 41 votes 4. Byrd: 22 votes 5. Hill: 12 votes 6 (tie) Bersin & Norwood with 7 votes each 8. Cobi Hamilton: 1 vote
  12. Wow, we've got another Priority Free Agent who we reportedly gave a 20K bonus to. Devon "Rockhead" Johnson http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/nfl-blog/article78658547.html
  13. Nice post. I think Miley could make the roster (over Horton). We certainly thought highly enough of him last season to keep him from being poached. Also, to add to you 2016 list, I think Keyarris Garrett got $9,000. Think I read that at the Observer. Obviously not in the same ballpark as Cash (I was surprised at the difference, to be honest). DG is doing a very nice job with his PFA signings! One of the reasons he is able to make some trades to move up to get players he likes... he's got confidence (and a track record) that he'll find some solid talent among the UDFAs.
  14. Too funny. Too Typical. @jdpanther5 says clearly in 3 sentences what it takes me half a page to say! I have had too many years of needing to bloviate in writing reports & funding proposals for bureaucratic organizations. I have officially become a windbag!
  15. Not bad.... here are a few changes / thoughts. (Note: I've not yet read anyone else's comments, so apologies if I write the same things others may have already said). Agree re: 25 on Offense, 25 on Defense and 3 on ST as the most likely breakdown, Agree. I know some suggest cutting Webb. I don't see it unless we find another similar ST ace / Swiss Army Knife. Webb has made himself very valuable to the team, plus he's a lot of fun to watch as a preseason QB. Win-Win. I have a sneaking suspicion we'll keep 4 TEs, (or 3 "TEs" and a 2nd "FB"). It seems to m
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