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  1. Largest 1st Q. margin: 21 points. (in a loss: 14 points) Largest halftime margin: 28 points. (in a loss: 16 points) Largest end of 3rd qtr margin: 38 points. (in a loss: 10 points) Largest final point margin: 38 points.
  2. Just for fun I looked up Panthers largest-ever margin at halftime. Funnily enough, 28 points. 3 games. 1 of them versus Atlanta in 2015. The 38-0 shutout. Fun.
  3. Definitely not a huge lead. I was kind of surprised that a 16 point margin was the biggest halftime lead we've ever squandered.
  4. I got curious as to how the team had fared in the weeks following squandering a big halftime lead. In the 8 other games where they've led by 9 or more points at the half and then gone on to lose, their record was 5-2 in the following week's game. (In 2001 week 13, the game with the large squandered lead was followed by a bye, so I didn't count it.) In 2011 week 14, squandered a 16 point lead. Week 15: Won 28-13 In 2016 week 10, squandered a 14 point lead. Week 11: Won 23-20 In 2011 week 11, squandered a 13 point lead. Week 12: Won 27-19 In 2001 week 13, squandered an 11 point lead. Week 14 Bye [Wk 15 L] In 2010 week 13, squandered an 11 point lead. Week 14: Lost 10-31 In 2009 week 9, squandered an 11 point lead. Week 10: Won 28-19 In 2016 week 1, squandered a 10 point lead. Week 2: Won 46-27 In 1998 week 10, squandered a 9 point lead. Week 11: Lost 9-13
  5. Thanks for this. Depressing stat trend, that's for sure.
  6. You can look at the data for yourselves here: https://stathead.com/tiny/Gv69U
  7. Apologies, I know it's long-past the 24 hour rule and time to be moving on from Sunday's loss. But I've had a really busy two weeks and no chance to be on here much at all for awhile. There's a question going around Twitter today about "most embarrassing los for a Charlotte team" ... that reminded me of something that was nagging at me after Sunday's game that I wanted to research. Today I got that chance. I kept wondering why Sunday's loss hurt SO BADLY... really like a gut punch. It's not like we haven't done a lot of losing in the past few years, and some games (e.g. loss to Steelers on MNF in 2018) were really much much much more embarrassing. And then it hit me. This is the first time we've squandered a big halftime lead and lost the game in quite some time. I went to Pro Football Reference to confirm the data: Here are the largest halftime leads ever squandered (by score margin at halftime): Here are the results in chronological order. We haven't squandered a lead of more than 4 points since November 2016. So, yes, that's why Sunday was such a gut punch. We had a decent lead and then proceeded to completely give it away. Having hope and optimism denied hurts much more than not having hope in the first place!
  8. Can't change numbers in season. Zane is in #5 like it or not
  9. Great thread. Gettleman's drafts killed the team. We had the fewest picks in the NFL during that era, BY FAR. And so so little to show for all of Gettleman's trade ups.
  10. I believe we currently have 6 picks for 2022 if Darin Gantt is correct.
  11. Jourdan Rodrigue has a fantastic long form article on the Rams' offensive line today. https://theathletic.com/2860335/2021/10/06/its-our-responsibility-to-make-sure-these-skinny-guys-get-their-glory-rams-ol-a-bright-spot-through-4-weeks/ It's a great read. (Though it makes me sad all over again that we passed over Whitworth when he was available.... sigh. [And yes, I was one of the folks that thought he might be "too old" and was supportive of giving Matt Kalil a try. UGH. Boy was I wrong, and so was our front office.] It gives me some hope though that outside of Whitworth, they gave some young, unheralded guys a chance, and they're jelling.
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