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  1. Jonathan Alexander's write up for the Observer from Today's minicamp practice has more detail than the other recaps I've seen so far from today: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article252161728.html a few snippets: Albeit two of the Panthers’ best pass rushers were wearing a red jersey and did not participate in 11-on-11 drills, Darnold was accurate. He threw two touchdowns passes — one to running back Reggie Bonnafon and another to tight end Ian Thomas. Both were inside the 10-yard line on situational drills. Darnold also threw a 40-yard Hail Mary pass to Dan Arnold, though the defense was asked to back off. Still, the catch was impressive as he was able to keep both feet in bounds in the back of the end zone. ▪ On the defensive side of the ball, rookie cornerback Keith Taylor made the biggest play. Will Grier’s pass was tipped, allowing Taylor to come up with the interception. The Panthers took Taylor in the fifth round of the 2021 draft. Defensive coordinator Phil Snow has been complimentary of the rookie this offseason. ▪ In the situational drills, McCaffrey served as a captain for the offense, and Shaq Thompson was the captain of the defense. Both were allowed to call timeouts if needed.
  2. KB,

    I've read your posts for a while an know you have a great data analytics background. I've got several full-time openings for data analytics folks either here in the Charlotte area or remote. If you are open to a full-time role state side, please let me know. We can go into more detail offline.

  3. Sorry, I was multi-tasking while listening and not able to take notes / write a summary, but I was very impressed by Haason Reddick's press availability yesterday. The maturity of his comments, his perspective on the team as a seasoned NFL vet, but someone who knows Rhule from Temple days. Really a good listen (other than the audio issues that have been affecting ALL of Panthers recent player interviews. Be prepared for huge volume swings between question and answer!)
  4. Oh I agree with that. I like a Front Office who thinks ahead and makes some plans for player succession. I just think Moton is one of the guys a team would do well to keep and pay. So I'm biased and yet also hoping Christensen turns into a really successful player wherever he lands on the line. Depth on the line is EVERYTHING as we know all too well from the trainwrecks of 2016 and 2018-2019.
  5. My memory is fuzzy and I'm too lazy to look it up. I know Moton played at least part one game at LT. Was that it? Can someone who knows OT go back and review that game / those games? I seem to recall that the verdict was "ok, not great (but certainly better than Daryl Williams was at the time!)" Aren't we taking a risk by potentially asking TWO players (one a rookie) to play out of position? If Christensen were a star RT I might feel differently but (correct me if I'm wrong!) all he played in college was LT... If everyone else on the roster who's being evaluated for LT is awful and Moton is the best, sure, switch him there, but it feels like a move out of desperation. Or maybe I'm just too scarred from the team's past experiments with RTs Remmers & Daryl Williams at LT....! (and hadn't Bell always played on the right too?) Shudders...
  6. The daily OT line ups are going to be one of the top two story lines out of camp. (Along, of course, with the obvious story of how Darnold looks each day!) I've been opining on Twitter that Rhule's comments today make me nervous for Moton's future. Are they grooming Christensen to replace him and plan to let Moton walk after this season? I SERIOUSLY hope not. I know there's a salary cap and we can't pay every guy, but it's getting so frustrating to have guys we drafted and developed and who have excelled walk out the door so frequently. Especially with Samir here, and Fitterer, I'm hopeful we'll have better cap management and that pattern will begin to change. Moton has earned a second contract and the Panthers would be better as a franchise if they reward him, especially since the assumption is that Paradis will be gone next year. It really helps to have veteran leadership (not just years in the league, but years with the coaching staff and on the team, knowing the offense) on the line. Moton is already a key part of that and would only be more so next year. I'm willing to consider Moton could be our best LT at the moment, and a switch could work, but by no means sold on that fact. And Along with others above, I think Moton would be CRAZY to make that switch unless the team has already locked him up long term. Too much could go wrong for him in terms of lower-level play. A big part of me is "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"...
  7. Thanks, I'm glad to be back here more frequently. Knowing I'll be in the States for the full season this year, since I have a long home assignment, has reignited my interest / connection to the team. I watched or listened to all the games last year, but just wasn't so involved, for a lot of reasons... Not sure how much stat crunching & analysis I'll be doing though. Maybe a few things that pique my interest as the season progresses... we'll see. No promises yet as I'm not quite sure how busy my time in the States will be. July / August will be mostly R&R, but the fall could be fairly busy.
  8. Hey @SBBluethanks so much for doing the summaries of these pressers. I got through listening to Rhule and Moton's last night before I just couldn't stay awake any longer and I haven't had time yet today to catch the others. You do a great job. Much appreciated!
  9. I like your priorities. No judgement here. I was just curious. I'm encouraged that others too say they know the roster somewhat less well than previously. I honestly have been a bit worried by Covid brain fog, and am beginning to do more of this kind of thing where I make myself frequently have to probe my memory a bit. I think it's helping. Less obvious memory loss now than in Jan / Feb. Then I was routinely losing my train of thought / forgetting vocabulary (even in English, and don't get me started on French or Arabic!) when I was leading trainings, teaching material I used to know cold.
  10. Obviously it's not quite as extreme as having 3 D. Moores, but we also have 3 Browns (Derrick, Deonte & Spencer), 2 Millers (Christian & John) 2 Smiths (Shi & Rodney) 2 Thompsons (Shaq & Colin). So, just knowing those 5 surnames gives you 12 players accounted for!
  11. Good questions! I hope (expect?!) that a strengthened Secondary will really help the pass rush giving them those extra split seconds to go from "nearly a sack" to a sack, or at least a QB hit / hurry and a disruption of the play. Which leads to your question 2 about playing more press-man coverage. We REALLY need to, and given how JayCee Horn has been described, I think we'll all feel cheated if we don't see more man coverage. It's been a big weakness of our defense for a few years and I've grown quite excited about Horn's being picked at #8 if it means we'll have a more aggressive defense and can get off the field on 3rd & long. I'm glad Fitterer and the Front Office acknowledged the weakness and seem to be trying to do something about it!
  12. Thanks for sharing this OP. Forgive me for a possibly dumb question. But could the news of a potentially lingering injury or rehab for Troy Pride (as mentioned by Rhule today, who said Pride might not be ready by Camp), be a factor in our interest in Clinton-Dix? I forget what role Pride played in our Secondary last year. Is he better slated for CB or Safety? Just wondering aloud if the two bits of news were connected.
  13. Yeah, I was blanking on some of last year's rookies like Thomas-Oliver & Roy. I had to really work hard to pull those names out of my brain along with a few other guys who played last year. Also, I totally forgot about DaQuan Jones (even though I was excited when we signed him), and guys like RB Trenton Cannon... I guess I need to do some conditioning too to get in top season form! LOL
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