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ROUND 1 - New Jersey (3) vs. Carolina (6)


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Damn! Had to F-up and land on playing the Devils.

Week Defense tonight, Cam did really good, but not great.

We seemed scared/overwhelmed to be in the post season tonight. (Devil's brought their "A" game!)

Benefit of a doubt will be given for tonight's game.

Lets hope the next game goes better.

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I thojght we looked slow against the devils in game one. We can not get into a trasition back and forth game with them. They are way too good at the transition game. We did not play good in center ice and could not get good quality ice time in the devils zone. We looked better in the third but the team had to realize this is the staly cup playoffs and play like they were playing.

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My fear was that once the Canes actually lost, they were going to fall apart like they did last season after their little run (which put them close to the playoffs). Hopefully they will turn it back on, but game one certainly didn't give me much confidence.

This team, ever since the Stanley Cup run, doesn't seem to know how to play after losing. They will go on winning streaks occasionally, but as soon as they lose a game or two, they are useless for at least a week or two.

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