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#2250566 DA KRAKEN IS IN THE HOUSEEEEE (and they let me start my own topic)

Posted by itsghardy on 04 June 2013 - 10:56 PM

Whats up everyone its ya boy Greg Hardy aka da kraken aka GQ I just wanted to stop by and let my fans know I love yall! I just wanted to do something that others dont and go that extra mile for yall and know that appreciate everyone of yall #krakenout #illbeback

#2527441 New Orleans week

Posted by SCP on 04 December 2013 - 11:44 AM

8 in a mother fugging row. The ass pirates sailed their dingy up to Charlotte and we smacked the Ginger Giraffe and his Merry Men right in the face and sent them packing back to MRSA Bay. Thanks for playing Bucs but frankly your team and fan base is boring and I’d rather read dissertations on the difference in wipe quality between organic poop paper and the normal bleached variety. Speaking of wiping asses, the 24 hour celebration rule has come and gone and we have to turn our attention to the largest group of FEMA collecting, shrimp boat working, bandwagon riding, anal bead licking poo bags this side of the Rockies. If there is anything more pathetic than a Saint fan I will be first in line to see what that is.

After a warm-up against the Bucs we head down to the worlds largest crapper to face a Vic.din thief, his disgustingly fat-slob sidekick, and their pet mole. The game has been flexed to a primetime matchup which will give Taint fans an extra few hours to crawl out of the swamp and spend their FEMA checks on liquor and meth. Sean Payton will not have to get up early on Sunday so he can spend Saturday night in the French Quarter popping pain pills and showing his pucker face to the thousands of Spaniard transvestites dancing around in face paint and jean shorts. They will dress up like mimes and clowns and carry their stupid ass umbrellas and chant their incoherent Who Dat drivel which was conveniently stolen from another shithole town upriver in Ohio. The town is full of fake wanna-be Marie Laveau’s pretending to cast voodoo spells in their voodoo stores which are basically Wings filled with shittier merchandise. It makes me smile to know that 90% of the poop and piss in the Midwest flows south down the Ol’ Miss through the center of New Orleans before heading out to the Gulf. As much as I travel in the Midwest that means I have directly contributed approximately 8,000 lbs of corn filled human feces into the New Orleans public water system over the last 9-10 years.

It’s almost embarrassing but New Orleans is home to only one Fortune 500 company. In 2012, Time & Leisure magazine named New Orleans the #2 "America's Dirtiest City", down from a #1 "Dirtiest" status of the previous year. So apparently one or two locals decided to poop inside instead of directly on the street. Progress! And if you want to get murdered, plan a trip to New Orleans.

Meanwhile, the football team that was destined to move to San Antonio before Katrina hit has started to win a few games and all of a sudden you’ve got idiots with fleur de-lis hats popping up around every corner. Last year they were claiming that the Taints were going to hoist the Lombardi on their home turf and shove it up Gordells ass. Well, after we swept that ass that poo wasn’t going to happen. We pressured Brees with Sione fugging Fua. Now we’ve got real men manning the middle. It’s going to be an epic battle in the Rape Dome this Sunday night. But that fat little center, De La Puente, has got some beasts coming to town, and they are bringing hell with them. Cam is going to run all over that weak ass defense and will pass right over the top. Meanwhile our d-line is going to knock that mole/birth-mark thing off Drew’s face and into that cesspool of a pond, Lake Pontchartrain. There it will attach itself to one of my turds and slowly sink to its final resting place, just like the Saints season.

Panthers 28
Taints 21

#2560261 More than just a win today...

Posted by solorca on 22 December 2013 - 08:10 PM

This may be a little off-topic, but I wanted to share.


Yesterday morning, my wife received a devastating phone call.  She learned that her father had passed away suddenly in his sleep.  Dennis was a massive Panthers fan and has been talking this game all week, and I was working on trying to find a way to get him some tickets to the game. 


In honor of him, his brothers and sisters all attended the game today, each wearing a piece of his huge collection of Panthers gear.  Like most of the crowd, they sat through the downpour and cheered the team on to victory, knowing in their hearts that the team was going to find a way to win in honor of him.


At his home, my wife and I sat and watched the game with wife.  As I was frustrated when we punted with 2 minutes remaining, my mother-in-law, who is only a casual fan, looked at me with sad eyes and said, "can we still win?".  I told her that that there was a small chance, but it was a longshot. 


Then we held them to a three and out.  Then Ted Ginn caught the long pass.  Then we scored.


I've been happy after big wins many times over the years and I consider myself a true diehard...but I've never been as happy as my mother-in-law was today.  Sometimes a win is just a win.  Sometimes, it's so much more.


R.I.P. Dennis.



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#2485832 New England week

Posted by SCP on 13 November 2013 - 04:19 PM

Son of a bitch if we didn’t go out to San Fran and steal the 49ers gold. The last time I was this excited was when Olestra hit the market place and fat free Doritos were invented. Fat free fat? I was sold! I assume the knee buckling cramps I experienced after eating the olestra laced Doritos are kind of what 49er fans were feeling when Thomas Davis drilled Kendall Hunter to cause that fumble. Alas the 24 hour rule has come and gone and I have savored the flavor. Fortunately it’s easier to move on from the 49ers than it was to get those poison Dorito crumbs out of my chest hair. So onward we go to play what is without a doubt the most important game for us this season, the next one. A Monday night showdown against Gisele’s husband and the Patriots.


I’m kind of perplexed about what to expect on Monday night. I’m almost certain I am going to see a poo ton of Patriot "fans" at the Bank. 99% of them are probably Red Sox fans because of that crappy Jimmy Falon movie Fever Pitch. 99% of them probably think New England is a US state. 99% of them probably think Ben Affleck should have won an academy award in Gigli. I’m certain the uptown parking lots are going to be packed full of Honda Odyssey’s with those stupid stick figure family stickers on the back window and "Red Sox Nation" bumper stickers next to a Miami Heat NBA Champ license plate frame. And I am 100% certain that if you ask 10 of these people to tell you who Steve Grogan is, they will all look at you with a blank set of eyes and a slacked jaw. I anticipate the number of "Keep Calm and Chive On" t-shirts to increase ten fold in uptown on Monday night. Most of the people we will see are probably from our neighborhoods and root for the Tarheels or Blue Devils in basketball. These sad little people are caught up in the Patriot bandwagon and most can’t help it because they seek to be a part of something that they feel is bigger than they are. I mean in Fever Pitch, when Jimmy Falon is down in St. Petersburg going crazy for the Red Sox, who didn’t want to join Red Sox Nation? The same can be said about the Ugg wearing douchebags that live in Charlotte and hate on our Panthers and turn their allegiance to a team a thousand miles away. Who doesn’t want to be a part of rooting for a team from Foxboro, MA that won a few Super Bowls? But tread lightly folks, because these people know as much about the Patriots as a certain Saints fan knows about the silky texture of a woman’s labia. Just like putting peanut butter on your sack to entice Mr. Bigglesworth is easier than trying to meet a real woman, it’s easy for these people to root for a team that is constantly being jerked off by the national media. They can suck it on Monday night but soon enough they will be Panther fans.


So come Monday night when these sellouts are trying to out-cheer the loyal Panther fans, we will rise to the occasion. Fua is out and Dan Connor is back. Coach Boomhauer needs more than two weeks to prepare for a Fua-less Panthers team. Shane Vereen and Stevan Ridley will meet Luke and by the end of the game will be calling him father. We are going to exploit that Patriots defense by running it up their ass. Nate Chandler is the next hall of fame guard and will open holes wider and deeper that Vincent Wilforks belly button. Tom Brady is going to need Gisele to wipe his ass after the Kraken and CJ smash the organic poop out of his metrosexual cornhole just as Star and KK come off the top rope like the Road Warriors. If we can somehow pull this off, it’s going to be a fun ride.


Panthers 31

Patriots 21


Posted by itsghardy on 07 December 2013 - 09:59 PM

Hello everyone, how has everyone been? Well it is xmas time and some children who do not have much are in need! I am panning out the details now but  the 17th at North lake mall I am going to donate some jackets and I want as many people who can to come out to my coat drive. Just letting everyone know if I am not on here before hand please look at my twitter for the news updates on this @itsghardy (with info like when and where) I will be raffling off some autographed things as well to help the cause!! I'd appreciate as much support as possible and I promise you these children will as well! Happy holidays! #krakenout #panthernation #leggo


if you are not local PLEASE tell ten people and go out in ur local community and give a jacket or something to a kid in need!

#2564044 Twas the Night Before Christmas, Panther Style - Merry Christmas Panther Nation

Posted by NanceUSMC on 24 December 2013 - 11:05 AM

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land,
The playoffs were coming, for each Panther fan.
However unlikely they said this would be,
The Panthers delivered, for you and for me.

The journey was long, and not without struggle,
There were plenty of doubters, over at Carolina Huddle.
But the team was determined, and promised to fight,
So that fans could rejoice, on this Christmas Eve night.

But just how we got to this wonderful place,
Is a story that puts a huge smile on my face.
The NFC South, we were expected to lose,
Good thing we don't care, about those point of views.

It's the year of the Saints, said the man on TV
They've got too much talent, who else could it be?
Coach Payton was back, that's what they were lackin',
But the experts forgot, Coach Ron has The Kraken.

The showdown was set, for a little past noon,
What they didn't expect? The Carolina monsoon.
The torrential downpour was a nice surprise,
And certainly helped with the Saintly demise.

The Saints kicked the ball, and the Panthers received,
The offense came out, and we all believed.
DWill off tackle, that was the call.
The crowd was electric, 'Get Smitty the ball!'

But the offense soon stalled, this wasn't the plan.
Not that it mattered, cause Kuechly's the man!
He dashed and he darted, it was quite a sight
And showed that this team, could put up a fight.

The Saints tried to run, and they didn't get far.
Thanks partly because of a big man named Star.
So Brees dropped back to pass, but had little success,
Cause the first half, you see, was a Panther sack-fest.

The Saints managed to put three points on the board
It didn't change much, fans continued to roar.
Saint coaches decided to win would take tricks
Then decided to try a surprise on-side kick.

They recovered the ball, and put up three more points.
The Panther response? Let's make some more noise!

The defense was solid, and TD is a beast,
He wasn't afraid of Drew Brees, in the least.
Brees dropped back to pass, he had Graham in his sights
But just about then, Thomas Davis took flight.

TD hauled it in, an incredible pick!
Then Deangelo rushed, for a really quick six!
Halftime had come, with the Panthers ahead
Twas the first time all day, that the Panthers had led.

It was just about now, that the rain came to town,
And man let me tell you, it really came down!
But Brees is fantastic, and a tough one to spook
But in this downpour, he threw it to Luke!

The rain made it tough, to move or to score
But despite all this mess, we were still up by four.
The Panthers had given, as good as they'd got
For rivals like this, predictions mean squat.

But the Saints they weren't done, they had more in the tank
That's when Brees tossed the ball, to Graham on the flank.
The Saints took the lead, at thirteen to ten
I hadn't been worried, up until then.

It was late in the game, and the offense had stalled
But just about then, Cam got the call.
He dropped back to pass, and hit Teddy in stride
And that quick young man, took the Saints for a ride.

Hurry up Cats, only seconds are left!
Don't worry my friends, cause Greg Olsen is deft!
He pulled in the pass, and fell to the ground
Cam rushed to the line, to spike the ball down.

And that's when it happened, the crowd started to rock
The next play, you see, put the Saints fans in shock.
Dom on the left, ran a simple out-route
And cradled the ball as he fell to the ground.

The crowd exploded, in spite of the rain
Cause we revel, you see, in Saintly disdain.
The review was upheld, as we knew it would be
That play right there, put the Cats up by three.

Extra point on the board, and time winding down
It was joyous to see, Sean Payton's frown.
The Panthers had won, on this wet winter day
And don't really care, what the 'experts' might say.

Now we're back in the playoffs, and man is it grand
There's room on our bandwagon, for everyone to stand.
We're gonna play tough, and we will make some noise
That's just how it is, for these Carolina boys!

#2396866 Doubters take heart! Here are 12 reasons why it's an absolutely wonde...

Posted by PhillyB on 23 September 2013 - 06:44 PM

After two weeks of abject disappointment and the brewing cumulonimbus cloud of infuriating mediocrity and status-quo apathy casting shadows over the Carolinas, the defensive sledgehammer and offensive curb-stomping we laid on the Gaints has this fanbase at a collective level of giddiness unprecedented since week one of the Ron Rivera era.


That said, there are plenty of doubtful twinges impinging the onslaught of unbridled joy. We've seen this before: good game against good team followed by bad game against bad team and the inevitable regression to the mean. Doom has been derailed, but skepticism is still chugging along at top speed. Choo fuging choo. We still suck. Right?


WRONG!!!!! Lend me your ears, for I present to you a dozen reasons why it's an absolutely wonderful time to be a fan of the Carolina Panthers. And so without further gilding the lily, and no more ado, I give to you:




(12) This distraught New York Giants fan, a Lysol-toilet-bowl-cleaner-blue turd floating in the pristine electric-blue-and-silver punch bowl of the Carolina endzone, following Cam's first rushing touchdown of the year.






(11) Deangelo Williams and the Carolina running game.


Much-maligned running back Deangelo Williams is back to the 5.0 ypc form that defined his early career and had people comparing him to Jim Brown as recently as last season before Hurney's firing exposed the level of incompetence in roster management in a way that most of us had never before considered. Angst turned into improperly-directed rage, and every preseason Deangelo draw play into a wall of interior pressure for no gain had most of us ready to trade him to the CFL for a couple of right-guard-sized eskimos. Instead, three games in:



2013 NFL Player Rushing Stats


1. LeSean McCoy -------- PHI - 62 attempts, 395 yards

2. Doug Martin ------------ TB - 73 attempts, 297 yards

3. DeAngelo Williams ---- CAR - 62 attempts, 291 yards

4. DeMarco Murray ------ DAL - 58 attempts, 286 yards

5. Adrian Peterson ------- MIN - 69 attempts, 281 yards




Yes, you read that right. DeAngelo Williams is the league's third-leading rusher, and that's with Cam Newton taking designed runs that might've otherwise gone to him. Granted we're stuck with his crippling contract, but there's nothing we can do about that, so the second best thing is him performing like a top running back, and that's exactly what we're getting.


Oh and Tolbert should hit his stride over the next games - right about the time we get bruiser Jonathon Stewart and Darren-Sproles-esque Barner lining up in the backfield.



(10) Our kicking game.


A year or two ago we were stabbing ourselves in the eyes every time Olindo Mare missed an easy game-winner or Medlock looked like Lauren Silberman or we were watching in shrieking horror as Brad Nortman shanked a routine punt out of bounds for a twenty-yard net at the worst possible moment in a game. And suddenly, holy hell, is that a 53-yard field goal with room to spare? Is that a deep, high-hanging punt? (he's gone from 32nd in the league in punt yard average to a respectable sixteenth in the space of a single season, leapfrogging half the NFL in the process.) Mother of God, consecutive touchbacks through every game this season?


Both players are young and talented, and if they keep up this measure of consistency they could easily stay with the team for the rest of the decade (or longer.) As many times as special teams miscues involving kicking or punting has been a problem, this is a development that should have all of us shitting our pantaloons with excitement.



(9) Jerry Richardson may be newly focused on winning over profits.


Granted this one is a stretch, and I may be reading too much into things, but after last year's debacle against the Cowboys and last week's debacle against the Bills, Richardson received an obscenely high level of negative fan feedback. Last year he followed the debacle by firing Hurney. In week three this season, perhaps following the current of letters stuffing his mailbox like Kurb's and mine, he skipped his normal powwow with visiting executives and instead chose to mingle quietly with players before the impending showdown.


This picture should give you the chills. Maybe we're turning it around from the top.



photo credit: zod




(8) Cam Newton and the progression of lockerroom cohesiveness.


Since April 2011 we've had an influx of red-faced children invading these boards and spewing strawberry poptart crumbs as they scream about maturity, chemistry, attitudes, and winning (four elements which they share the distinction of collectively knowing nothing about.) However, as Cam has progressed as a quarterback and as a human being, we've seen a transformation. It's tangible - you can see it in his face, in his pressers, on the field.


A few days ago we heard a story that seemed to encapsulate the change: Thomas Davis popping into the weight room where Cam was lifting by himself, asking if he was ever going to join the team. This moment seemed to be a catalyst: Cam himself admitted that he thought he was giving the impression of being dedicated and focused, but realized that he was alienating the guys he fought with on Sundays.


"Like looking at yourself as a high schooler," Cam said, introspectively, a touch of disbelief in his voice when comparing himself now to himself as a teammate two years ago. "You can't relate to it." And we've seen that transformation before our eyes. It was visible Sunday. Remember all the accusations last year that Cam was just sitting down instead of celebrating with his receivers?



photo credit: zod


...yeah, those days are over. Cam loves his guys and his guys love Cam, and we're seeing it on the field. We're seeing it in celebrations. We're seeing it in selflessness: look at Smitty, ball-hungry, insatiable Smitty, joining the celebration, craving the win over personal stats. And we're seeing it in a suddenly new ability to overcome adversity, the lack of which was a hallmark of the early Cam Newton-led Panthers. It's a beautiful thing.



(7) Agent 89.


You know what, let's talk about Steve Smith.


He's been marginal this year statistically. He grabbed a touchdown against the Seahawks in our season opener, but he's only averaged about 50 yards a game and hasn't made any of the big downfield plays we're accustomed to seeing. And yet Steve looks more confident, more content than we've ever seen him, and no less hungry or focused for it. What gives?


Well, his role on the team is changing. Smitty is 34, and he's suddenly synthesizing his dynamic outside play and uncanny ability to snag those first down comebacks on the sideline with a high number of snaps playing out of the slot. This is directly attributed to Ricky Proehl, whose role as a mentor for Steve Smith during his early years with a team has picked up right where it left off. I'm convinced he's the reason we've seen this subtle, but important, change in Agent 89.


So is that it? A feel-good story capped off by an 700-yard season?


Doubtful. This offense is finding its rhythm and gotten progressively better week to week. Ted Ginn Jr. has emerged as a legitimate deep threat, and he'll be worked into the lineup with increasing snaps if he continues to play like this, and defensive coordinators will take note. LaFell silenced critics last week, getting open with eye-popping consistency against the Giants secondary and posting the first two-touchdown game of his career. Olsen will continue to flourish; he's quietly on pace to break 1,000 yards this season.


All of these things bode well for Steve Smith. Mercurial, incendiary, and the quintessential milquetoastal antonym, he'll not be counted out, and as the Panthers get hot he'll be leading the way.



(6) Speaking of offense, we're on pace to put up 23 points a game.


Three games isn't a very large sample size. It's unlikely we routinely drop 38-burgers on teams, but I'd argue it's even more unlikely that we drop 7-Quinoas anymore. With the talent on this roster it isn't unreasonable to expect four to five touchdowns a week between the running and passing game, and suddenly we've got a kicker who can make long field goals barefoot with his eyes closed.


pair this with:



(5) a defense allowing twelve points a game


...and suddenly you've got a very dangerous football team on your hands. Twelve points, bitches. That defensive line is stifling. That linebacking corps is blowing up runners in the backfield. That secondary is locking down the likes of Hakeem Nicks and causing coverage sacks, or forcing interceptions, or fumbles... take your pick.


This means statistically we'll double our opponents' scores down the stretch if we can keep this up. And leading the way and making all this possible:



(4) Star Lotulelei and the defensive line.


Where do you even begin on this? Greg Hardy? Unstoppable sack streaks. CJ? A penchant for sack/fumbles and a perpetual motor. Short? Grabbed his first sack Sunday, constantly slipping in between guards and ruining plays before they develop. Fua? You know what, forget about, just watch this video


Note in particular Star's sack:




Yes, that is Star reaching around the center with one arm, grabbing onto Eli with one hand, the lineman still in front of him, and subsequently dragging him to the ground.


With one hand.






(3) The upcoming schedule favors the Panthers.



That's right, our horrendously difficult schedule is taking a leave of absence just about the time we're getting hot. We've got the Cardinals, Vikings, Rams, and Buccaneers coming up; if we play up to our averages in scoring/defending these should be easy wins. The first three have statuesque quarterbacks that should be prime targets for our marauding front four, and the Bucs... well... they're the Bucs.


The toughest game in that stretch is the Vikings; assuming we can beat them, it's not unreasonable to expect to face the Falcons as a 5-2 team.


Five and fuging two.






(2) Speaking of schedules, the NFC kind of sucks right now.


Oh hey look, the Falcons and Packers have the same record as us! That's right, two perennial playoff/superbowl contenders are 1-2, with the same record as the Panthers. Oh hey look, so do the San Francisco 49ers, who narrowly lost the superbowl last year. Half the NFC East hasn't won a game, the Vikigns are winless, the Rams and Cardinals look like trash.


This means the wildcard race is wide open; assuming we keep a hot streak here we are set up nicely to compete for the division title, falling at worst to a wildcard berth. Keep pulling against anyone else challenging for the division lead (except for us, obviously) because parity works to our advantage right now.




(1) These threads dominating the Giants message board the night after we shut them out.






and the best of all:










After handing two years of complete morons on these boards it's kind of nice to see meltdowns happening somewhere else for once, and knowing we caused them. Schadenfreude is just so much fun. 


Go Panthers!

#2753284 Thomas Davis

Posted by Lilsmitty09 on 27 April 2014 - 10:41 AM

On Instagram a few days ago I decided to make just a quick 15 second video on Thomas Davis (15 seconds is the limit), and wasn't expecting much. Almost immediately after posting it, Thomas Davis himself saw the video, liked it and commented on it with the emoticons of clapping hands and thumbs up. He then a few seconds later commented "do a longer one and email it to me". So with that being said, I did a longer one (seen above) and sent it to him. Pretty cool! I'm interning for an Arena Football League team right now and have made highlights per request by them, but never by an NFL player let alone a Panther!

For most of you this is a "Cool Story Bro" thread, which is exactly why the video was posted first. But I just think it's cool how great our organization is, and how they can reach out to you even when your thousands of miles away!

Not to mention there wasn't a single TD highlight on YT. That man deserves hundreds. Maybe next it's time for a Kuechly one?

Keep Pounding!

#2500212 Dex's Trip To The Queen City

Posted by Dex on 19 November 2013 - 09:35 PM

What's up motherfugers. This is going to be boring but I don't give a fug I had a great time.


Friday November 15th


Feeling like a fuging sack of poo. Long ass week that seemed to be dragging because of the game. I'm tired as fug but I'm like fug it I wanna go for a run. Get about 5 yards down the street and sprain my fuging ankle.





Doctor's is too expensive and ain't no buddy got time for the fuging poo. Only won thing was on my mind... Getting on that plane Sunday morning and there was no fuging whey it wasn't happening... Oh and calling out of work Saturday and watching Dexter.


Saturday November 16th





Mission Accomplished.



Sunday November 17th


Didn't sleep last night. Dozed on and off between 11 and 430 am. Stay in bed refreshing the Huddle every one or two minutes hoping for a new thread. I see SuperJ's name and throw my phone across the room.  6 am I get out of bed and head down to D&D to get a cream cheese bagel.




Moving on. I'm all fuging packed and ready to go. I'm leaving on a fuging jet plane and I'll be back again on fuging Tuesday. We get to the airport at about 11am and decide to get some food cause the flight isn't for another couple hours. Oh and by we I mean my fuging Patriot's fan girlfriend.




I go the bathroom to take a leak. A security guard disreguards the 1-3-5 rule and decides to take #4. This concerns me but I squeeze the fuging lemon and come out to find my girlfriend changed the background on my phone to a stupid fuging selfie and took off my Greg Olsen lucky wallpaper.




This angers me. I tell her she has jinxed my team and doomed them to irrelevance for eternity. She reminds me Jimmy Clausen had his mom invest in a energy drink pyramid scheme and he shamelessly promotes it on his twitter. I said "that's good but not enough." She reminds me of her fellatio skills. I pick up our bags and start moving to the terminal after I change Greg back.


Airports are fuging miserable but I stand in line waiting for the time to come. They check my fuging bag even though it meets requirements. fug you LGA.




Wheels up Charlotte here I come.


We get to cruising altitude and it's pretty fuging sweet once we get above the clouds. 




The fuging flight attendant comes around asking me if I want a fuging juice like I'm a little kid. The conversation went along the lines of something like this.


Flo - "Would you like a beverage sir? We have water, soda, juice -"


Dex - "Do you have alcohol?"


Flo - "Yes sir we have-"


Dex - "I'll take whatever's strongest and a cup with ice."




That's moar like it. But wait, what is that off in the distance?




Charlotte....? Is that you?




Cue Starship.



So anyway Douglas is a fuging shitshow with 8 flights arriving and only one baggage claim section working but we find our poo and hail a fuging cab. 




Our cabbie was a nice guy and told us a lot about the city. But fug that poo you wanna get to the game right? Well it's going to be a while. We arrive at the Upton Sheraton formerly the Blake Hotel and settle in with an afternoon fug and a $5 water from the hallway vending machine.




Usual poo but not a bad room at all.




So anyway we freshen up and head over to the Epicenter and Wild Wing Cafe to catch the rest of the 4:00 games. Service and food was great but the atmosphere could use a chainsaw. Bahston fahcking accidents everywhere. fug you Pat's fans.







Buffalo Chicken Dip & Chips

Cheesy Jalapeno Bacon Fries



Anyway moleface wins so I get mad and we decide to go on a walk around Charlotte in the rain to see some poo.




Pretty sweet.




King Kemba! (UCONN Fan)




This fuging thing! Anyway I get tired and pass out halfway through SNF. The day I've been waiting for has arrived...


Monday November 18th




I woke up at the exact time the sun fuging broke across the horizon. I knew today was going to be the fuging day. So my girlfriend and I decide I need an undershirt for my jersey because it might get a little chilly later. I call her a weak woman but agree so we go to Target and get me an undershirt while grabbing some breakfast at Starbucks. Also fun little fact. I was amazed at this.




In Connecticut only package stores and groceries can sell alcohol but it was everywhere I turned down here. It also just became available for purchase on Sundays a few months ago. (Thank God)


So anyway we do the 3 S's and head over to BoA early to go to the Team Store and see the sights before the game. Also weather earlier in the week called for a shitty fuging day. But it was absolutely gorgeous all day!


We walk for about 20 minutes and then I see it in all of it's fuging glory.




I almost teared up(comes later) seeing her. We walked along the "Observer Wall" which was pretty cool then make our way down to the stadium.




The place is absolutely fuging beautiful. The cats were sweet and made my girlfriend's legs quiver. Actually they may have made mine quiver but whatever moving on to quite possibly my favorite part of the trip.


I may come off as a dick in this but Sam Mills is my favorite Panther of all time and when I saw him and touched his statue it damn near truly brought me to tears. I'm a film major and a script I'm writing is inspired by his story and will be dedicated to him and his honor. My grandmother has been fighting breast cancer for the last 3 years and has taken everything that it's thrown at her and said "fug you, you're not keeping me down". The "Keep Pounding" slogan may mean a lot to us as Panther fans but it carries a greater meaning that can be shared by anyone that's ever been affected by cancer or even any hardship in their life. Love and miss you Sammy. RIP.




Now onto the Team Store! I was one of the first in line!




Didn't spend a whole lot.


- 8 Keep Pounding Bracelets

- Keychain for mom

- Gameday Pin

- Growl Towl

- Sideline Winter Hat




All in all it was great seeing the stuff I wanted to see at the stadium while I was sober. Saw a few more sights and then headed back up the hotel to get ready, geared up and head out to meet a couple fellow Huddlers at a tailgate.




Carp24000 PM'd earlier in the week and told me to stop by the tailgate he goes to. He said $10 all you can drink and eat. Really starting to fall in love with this city. So my girlfriend and I start making our way across the city Kuechly/Edelmen jersies side by side. Got some strange looks but whatever. So we get to the tailgate behind The Doghouse right next to the stadium.




It was an awesome fuging tailgate. Hung out  with Carp and his buddy for about and hour or so drinking beer, taking hots, eating and playing cornhole. Then that's when the second Huddler arrived. Your Girlfriend's Favorite Huddler. The "Tucker Max" of the Huddle who's girlfriend is also coincidentally a Pat's fan but he left her home like a bawss. So we all hungout for a couple more hours and got shithoused then proceeded to make our way into the stadium around 7pm.


Also I just want to say Carp and YGFH are two of the coolest and nicest guys I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Hope to see you guys next time I come down!


Here it is. Finally for the first time ever I see the field. My fuging sanctuary. Words couldn't describe my emotions.




Anyway met our seatmates both Panther's couples (who were both awesome all game making noise and standing up) then proceeding to hike back down the mountain for beer and Bojangles before the Veteran's ceremony began.


By the way BoA was LOUD basically all game and really filled up halfway through the ceremony. 




Last minute fans scurrying to get in.


Very classy ceremony by the way with the building lit up with the American Flag and the field as well.




Alright now I'm not going to commentate the game. I didn't take any pictures (superstition) so will just fast forward to the end.




As soon as we saw Mitchell running around we knew we won and BoA fuging ERUPTED. It was incredible, I burst out crying into my girlfriend's arms and people immediately took out their cameras and took pictures of me and her kissing and hugging. Man card revoked and I don't care.I really wouldn't have changed a thing about my first trip to BoA. Fans were great to my girlfriend, Huddlers I met were awesome, I got to see the city and our Panthers won. I look up into the stars because I was fuging drunk and couldn't find the building with the V on it and wept some more. Hadn't had this feeling since 08 and if you never had it then I can't explain it to you.




Dude above almost ruined the picture fug him! But anyway we stayed for a while they started to make our way down. Here's my drunk ass trying to start a "let's go Panthers" on the ramps.



Tuesday November 19th


So that was my trip and it really was something special. To the victors go the spoils.




(Giselle was in the bathroom.)




So wheels up Huddle it's back to Connecticut to rub the win in all my Patriot fan friend's faces. Thanks for the time of my life and lets keep this streak going.



#2500943 Thoughts from a lifelong Phins fan!

Posted by Phinisher on 20 November 2013 - 10:11 AM

Good morning my fellow Carolinians!!!!


For those who know me, you know me around here as "Henne Given Sunday" or now as "The Phinisher"


For those who don't know me. I am a lifelong Dolphins fan, who moved to the great Queen city back in 2008.


Can you believe it's been 4 years since that Thursday night game where Miami squeeked one out and held off Delhommes desperate come back?! That was fun though!


Every 4 years the Miami Dolphins and The Panthers duke it out. Here we are again. I wanted to bring some perspective on this game from how I see it as I watch both teams rather closely.


Let me start off with thank you. Thank you for doing that to New England. Man I love seeing Tom Bradys vagina chin dripping with slobbering goo as hes yelling like a bitch to the ref for not fisting him another bullshit call in a game. Boy if it was Foxboro you know that flag would've stayed. Brady probably cried for 5 hours while Giesel responded to hate mail on his uggs sponsered fan-site.


Now its on to Miami!


Why Miami Will win:


  • Its 39 fuging degrees here in Charlotte...........in Miami? 80 at 9:50 in the morning!!!!!!!!!! On Sunday it will be a high of 80, probably humid and sticky. Miami wears white on whites at home, so you all will be in dark uniforms, in a 1pm game. Coming from South East Russian weather here in charlotte, thats going to be a big hit of STANK to the face when you get off the plane
  • You are high as a kite right now after two big wins. You have the big bad Saints in 2 weeks, and Miami on a short week, non-divisional, non-national tv game has all the signs to a let down.
  • Ryan Tannehill is playing pretty good right now. No Sophmore slump for this kid. He has 3 interceptions at the end of games from hailmarys, take those away and he's got a very impressive td/int ratio for a kid with limited experience. Mike Wallace leads the league (or is close) in drops, and Tannehill has missed his target on multiple deep balls, but thats bound to correct itself soon, and if you guys for some god moses noah reason can't reach Tannehill on a couple plays, I don't see a DB on your roster that worries me covering Wallace.
  • Our defensive front 7 is pretty scary too. Cam Wake is a fuging monster. The original Kraken. Dude got healthy 2 weeks ago and is on a tear. Randy Stark, Paul Solia and Jared Odrick can stuff the run and rush the passer. Dion Jordan is all over the field. We bounced him from DE to Middle linebacker last week in the middle of Phillip Rivers cadence and he called a timeout. Blew his fuging mind. Dannell Ellerbe and Phillip Wheeler rush the passer good and cover well. Gates had a couple of catches last week and a short TD, but we held him mostly in check.
  • Brent Grimes will be on Smitty, and he knows him well. Grimes is healthy and playing at his 2011 pro bowl level he was playing at with the Falcons. Hes locking guys down, picking off passes, scoring TDs and all over the field. He looks so short, but the dude has the athletic ability of a god damn cheetah warrior!
  • Lamar Miller in space is dangerous. You guys miss a lot of tackles, that happens Sunday and Miller will break a couple.
  • We lose to crap teams....but beat good teams. We have lost to Tampa, Buffalo and Baltimore. But we've beat Cleveland, Atlanta, Cincy on national TV and Indianapolis on the road, even stopping Andrew Luck on a 4th quarter come back. We usually show up against good teams for some dumb reason that makes me want to murder a boy scout.

Why Carolina Will win:


  • Cam Newton is a man beast of silver and black. He's literally a man panther. Panthro. He scares the living jesus out of me.
  • We couldnt block 4 mentally challeneged kids on roller skates right now. Richie Incognito is suspended, probably punting a puppy somewhere. Jonathan Martin is at a gay bar getting paid to do it. Will fuging Yeatman was our only hope and he tore his ACL washing his legs in the shower.....we are starting at left guard Sam Brenner (who was on Dallas' practice squad during halloween) and Nate Garner at Center (unless Mike Pouncey comes back). Your front seven will need two seats each on the airplane to Miami...one for them to sit, and one for them to place their boners from being so excited about going against this offensive paper bag....er....I mean line.
  • Ryan Tannehill needs help. Our running game average 5 inches per carry against Tampa Bay......no I did NOT type that wrong. 5 INCHESSSSSS PER CARRY!!!!! Against Tampa. The skin diseased leporsy patients. FML
  • Our defense tackles about as good as those same mentally challenged kids on roller skates....exept put them on an ice rink. Yeah. Terrible. Phillip Wheeler makes me miss Channing Crowder....hes that bad against the run.
  • We are the Dolphins. We just got into the playoff hunt at 5-5 we always choke when the going gets tough. Incognito should've spent more time toughening up this coaching staff instead of worrying about Jonathan Martins gay ass.......and yes I really think hes gay. That will never come out. But hes gay.


So there you have it. Hope you enjoyed as much as I enjoyed typing it. After the game Ill continue to root for the Panthers, especially against the Saints and that twat QB with the super continent Pangea on his face!


Go Dolphins!!!

#2394588 Panthers - Giants Illustrated

Posted by Zod on 22 September 2013 - 06:09 PM

During warmups, Jerry Richardson typically plays host to the visiting executives. He is routinely seen driving them around on his cart as he shows them the stadium.

This day was different. Jerry was not playing host. Instead, he got out of his cart and made his presence felt in the end zone during warm up drills. At one point I thought he was in danger of being hit by an offensive linemen, but he didn't budge. As they players walked to mid field, Jerry Richardson stood there stoically.

Posted Image

The result was the biggest lopsided victory in Panthers history. The Panthers fired on all cylinders and finally gave fans a glimpse of what is possible with this team.

The defense posted a shutout as I began to actually feel a little sorry for young Eli Manning. Eli frequently decided to hit the dirt before contact was made, a wise decision on his part.

Posted Image

This was the defense that we all dreamed of this offseason. An unrelenting group of men determined to devastate their opponent.

Posted Image

In fact, some of their hits knocked the Giants offensive players cleanly off their feet.

Posted Image

The biggest question mark going in to the game was the Panthers secondary. Thomas Davis challenged them to make a play. The front seven was doing their part, it was time for the secondary to step up and contribute. Melvin White, a rookie out of Lafayette, did so in convincing fashion. His interception of Eli Manning some would say put the nail in their coffin.

Posted Image

On offense we saw the Cam Newton of old. A Cam Newton not afraid to run the ball. A Cam Newton without the leash that Mike Shula had placed on him for two games. It seems the Panthers remembered they have one of the most exciting quarterbacks in the league, and called plays accordingly.

Posted Image

Cam did have an interception (pictured below). Credit the Giants defense for getting in his face and forcing Cam to throw off his back foot. That would be the last time the Giants defense did something worth mentioning.

Posted Image

The Panthers rushing attack also found its mojo once again. Deangelo Wiliams rushed for 120 yards.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Mike Tolbert was not as effective in terms of yards, but very effective in spelling Deangelo and making sure the Giants defensive interior stayed winded.

Posted Image

One thing I pointed out in the pregame was that Cam would need to spread the ball around if the Panthers were to win this game. While it is strange not seeing Steve Smith on the top of the receiving stats, it is for the best.

Brandon Lafell finally got a pair of Cam Newton touchdowns, and was congratulated by #1 in epic fashion...

Posted Image

Tedd Ginn Also snared a touchdown...

Posted Image

and promptly rewarded a lucky fan.

Posted Image

But to me, the play of the game was the Cam Newton QB sneak for the touchdown.

Posted Image

For weeks we have been calling for the Panthers to use Cam on short down yardage. You have a huge and hugely talented quarterback, why would you not run him for a short quick gain? Apparently Mike Shula heard our cries and turned him loose. The result was sustained drives and 7 points.

Once Cam scored that touchdown, I could literally feel a huge weight being lifted off of his shoulders for him. He gave a yell that was more serious than campy. more genuine than contrived. It was pure unadulterated joy, and it was fantastic.

Posted Image

After the game Cam was called over by Eli Manning and exchanged a few pleasantries with him. Cam was all class and wished him the best of luck the rest of the season.

Posted Image

The End.

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#2349821 Listen up Seattle! You are now ON NOTICE!

Posted by Zod on 01 September 2013 - 09:14 AM

Listen up Seattle! You are now ON NOTICE!

Friends, Huddlers, Carolinians, lend me your beers.

This week begins anew the NFL Season. A time in which our hearts and minds turn from beaches and bikinis to large sweaty men hitting one another on a field of plastic grass. A time when Sundays no longer mean mowing the lawn just to escape the horrors of our pathetic domesticated existence, if only for a moment.

I submit to you on this day that football is our liberation. This week, we take back our balls.

First up on our schedule and inevitable road to glory is the provincial town of Seattle. This suburb of Vancouver is best known for its god awful weather, foul coffee, and a music genre named after the stuff you clean out from betwixt your toes. While not discussing the intricacies of Twilight, Seattle residents are known to try their best to acclimate to American culture by watching our national past time, football.

This Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks fall victim to the Carolina Panthers and serve as a sacrifice to the gods of football. Their inferior cast of players, while heralded in the media, are nothing more than paper puppets pathetically perpetuating the practice of pomposity.

Men, look at their shiny unblemished exterior. I say beneath that vomit green veneer is weakness. Weakness is meant to be exploited.

And exploit it... we shall.

This season the Panthers have put together a group of individuals whose skills mesh into what will be known as the greatest team of all time.

The leader is a wise statesman who formulated the plan. Once a great player himself, he now provides the wisdom necessary to guide his team to victory.

On offense is a smooth talking snappy dresser whose grace on the field makes winning seem effortless. A man the ladies want and the men want to be. One might say he is the face of the franchise

On defense a leader has emerged whose gameplay seems both amazing and insane all at once. The way he throws himself at defenders forces some to wonder if he may be a slight bit crazy.

The muscle is provided by a man so angry and feared that he has become legend. Cross him, and your foolishness will be pitied.

Ladies and gentleman, while the Seahawks can be considered a B team, the Panthers are the A-Team.

Posted Image

I love it when a plan comes together.

Panthers 24 - Seahawks 17

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#2802522 Spoke to Mike Craft today

Posted by cattv1 on 28 May 2014 - 03:05 PM

As promised, I did. Thanks for the kind words. Look forward to seeing you out there next week.


#2865089 Exclusive Fan Fest Photos

Posted by Jeremy Igo on 25 July 2014 - 09:52 PM

Yet again Fan Fest has come and gone.


Due to the CBA regulations, the players did not wear pads. So, unlike in years past, fan fest did not feature an actual scrimmage. Still, it was great to see the guys in action.


Before practice began, Cam had some encouragement for Greg Hardy, who was fairly quit for the practice. It an awkward situation Hardy is in, but everyone is trying to make the best of it.




I noticed KB tends to stick his tongue out quite a bit. It worked for Jordan, but I am not so sure its a great idea in football...




Cam Newton and Ryan Kalil continue to develop great chemistry. I think it is under appreciated how well these guys do together.



Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis threw on the sidelines for a while. Davis kept putting some heat on the ball and causing Luke to drop them with the crowd watching, which wasn't appreciated. The two really do seem like brothers.






The usual conditioning and training drills began.








We got our first look at Tyler Gaffney. Gaffney may see increased snaps at the start of training camp due to Jonathan Stewart's hamstring pull. Gaffney really needs to take advantage of it.




Chandler and Bell once again split time at both tackle positions throughout the day. 





Dave Gettleman was seen on the sidelines looking over his squad. He was joking around with Charles Johnson a bit and seems to really have the respect of the players. I think they relate to him well as an ex-football coach.



Cam looked healthy and was able to perform all that was asked of him.



It is not surprise that Josh Norman looked good. He always looked good in camp and in practice. Can he make his way out of the dog house this season?





Tavarres King made a really nice grab that was initially bobbled in the air during wr/cb matchups. In an actual game, it may have been picked off by a safety. None the less, it was impressive to watch.



Byron Bell was drawn offsides by Charles Johnson. The flag would probably gone against Johnson I believe, Cam's hard count the credit.



There is little doubt in my mind that Trai Turner is our day 1 starter at right guard. The man is a double wide.



Swole Bones Brandon Williams also made some nice grabs with the first string. If he can produce this year it is going to be huge for the Panthers offense. Hello two tight end sets!



Any time I can take a picture and have two future All Pro players in the frame, its a picture worth taking.



Benjamin made a nice grab from Cam in heavy traffic and headed for the end zone. He continues to flash and could be a breakout player this year.



Deangelo looked good, as usual. He has never had an issue with conditioning in camp. We tend to take that for granted. Could Vinnie Testaverde's influence on him still linger? 


Kenjon Barner is quick. He gets to the outside faster than any running back on the roster. He also made a couple of really nice grabs. I know some of you have written him off, but I haven't.



Cam had a blast directing "the wave" with the crowd. I can't think of another player in Panthers history with so much likeability and charisma.





The best play of the day goes to Bersin with a gorgeous TD grab over Byndom.



After practice, it is easy to see who is the most sought after player by the media for a quote.



Hope you enjoyed these photos.


I am heading to Spartanburg on Saturday for the kickoff party. If you are there, please be sure to say hello!

#2449979 Atlanta, GA: The Sebaceous Cyst of the Southeast

Posted by SCP on 25 October 2013 - 10:41 AM

Getcha’ some MRSA Bay. What a damn night Panther Nation! It must really suck to have to walk out of that stadium dressed like an ass pirate after a blow-out loss to my Panthers. Seriously Buc fan, what’s going through your mind when you are at home in your bathroom using make-up remover to get the fake pirate beard off your face after a loss? Your kids are looking at you like you’re some douche and your wife refuses to wash your puffy pirate shirt for the next game. It’s just sad. Anyway, thanks for getting us above .500 and those fake cannons sounded awesome bros.

Now we have to turn our focus to I-85 south and the proverbial shithole of the South. It’s fitting that when reviewing submissions for the new Falcon stadium, Arthur Blank approved a design resembling a puckered sphincter muscle. It’s inspiring when architecture can tell a story about the city you’re visiting and its something that I appreciate when I travel. The precision and excellence of the architecture in ancient Greece implores you to appreciate the workmanship and pride of the Greeks. The skyscrapers reaching to the heavens in New York City that stretch the limits of man’s ability to design and construct speak to the relentless pursuit to achieve greatness. Then you have Atlanta. What a better way to tell the story of Atlanta and the Falcons than by choosing a big butthole to be the landmark sport venue in the heart of downtown. Speaks volumes, no? When that thing is finished in three years they should hand out a commemorative roll of toilet paper and a tube of Preparation H to the first 20,000 fans in attendance. I assume the stadium naming rights will go to Depends Undergarments or Ex-Lax since the Falcons and Matt Ryan poo the bed so much when it counts.

We have a local Charlottean that’s popped up on the message board of late who claims hardcore Atlanta Falcons fanhood. I thought I’d provide some stats since his Matt Ryan jersey probably still has the Kohls tags on it. The Falcons have been around for almost 50 years and their overall record is 312–402–6. They are 7-12 in playoff appearances and have been to one Super Bowl. My Panthers are 135-159-0 and are 6-4 in playoff games and have also been to one Super Bowl. So shut your piehole when you speak about the Falcons being this superior franchise. The Falcons haven’t done squat. Matt Ryan and Mike Smith choke harder than Andre Rison teaching a finance class. You claim "Dirty Bird" and now "Rise Up" as battle cries. Rise Up actually makes sense since so many Falcon fans are used to hearing "Please Rise" when the judge enters the court room at their arraignment hearing.

Come next Sunday after the Shitbirds lose to the Cardinals in the desert, they will make the trip up to Charlotte. Thank God Fua has been inactive but Atlanta’s o-line is so bad Fua could probably make a highlight reel film for his Canadian Football auditions. If CJ’s groin proves to be healthy I expect our front 7 to wreak havoc on Howdie Doodie all fugging day. That ugly ass Julio Jones is out so shut down White and bust Gonzalez in the mouth at the LOS and things should go well. Atlanta’s defense doesn’t have poo to stop our dynamic QB and this offense. Suck it Falcon fans. 85 South bitches.

Panthers 28
Falcons 21

Attached Thumbnails

  • ice.jpg

#2582117 Playoffs...Playoffs?! Playoffs M-Fer!

Posted by SCP on 03 January 2014 - 09:19 AM

Well cup my balls and tell me to cough. My Panthers are in the tournament with a first round bye. That's right NFC South, the Carolina M-F'n Panthers are the #2 seed. When the year started that seemed as likely to happen as a Falcon fan declining an unemployment check. I mean there was a better chance of me pulling over on the interstate to assist a Buc fan in his broken down PT Cruiser. Hell, there was even a better chance that a certain Saints fan would join a pilates class and shed 45 lbs of unwanted sweaty girth from his stretch-marked man tits. But guess what losers, that NFCS crown sits high atop the Queen City where it belongs and I get to sit on my couch and cram Cheetos and Miller Lite down my pie hole while my kids are ingnored and our round 2 opponent is determined.

This weekend we get to watch the San Clemente 49ers take on the Packers up in that frozen poo hole that's home to the highest average cholesterol per capita and women that poop 7 times a day. We also get to see the drug addict pucker faced Sean Payton take his band of merry cheaters up to the City of White Trash and Herpies. These two games will determine what opponent comes to Charlotte on January 12th. All four teams harbour cocky fan bases that I cannot stand. Somehow, and help me if you know the answer, Charlotte is home to a poo ton of 49er fans, Saint fans, Eagle fans, and Packer fans. Obviously, Charlotte is a sanctuary city for dumbass bandwagon fans. Much like San Fran opens it's arms as a safe harbour for illegal immigrants, Charlotte opens it's arms to douchebags who are desperate to be a part of ESPN hype. Here is my plan to deter the potential opponent fan bases from entering the stadium:

If we play the Eagles...
Around the outside of BofA stadium, set a perimeter made up of carts that sell books and carts that sell carrots and celery. Nothing repels an Eagles fan like learning and vegetables.

If we play the 49ers...
Put up an electric fence around Gastonia, Maiden, and Ashboro. Much like Cowboy Nation, a large majority of 49er fans will be traveling to Charlotte from these three towns claiming diehard status. Something about these towns makes jumping on a bandwagon necessary for it's residents to survive.

If we play the Packers...
Like they did in Detroit for the Super Bowl a few years ago, set up fake store fronts that make Charlotte less appealing to Packers fans. Things like GNC, Planet Fitness, Barnes & Noble, and Tropical Smoothie absolutely repulse people from Wisconsin. Bojangles should temporarily halt all sales of anything fried. Surround BofA stadium with tread mills and free weights and restrict sales of anything cheese related and replace it with fruit and veggies. Let Proactive set up a free sample tent so all the female Packer fans will line up for free acne med samples. Whatever it takes.

This is a call to Panther Nation. After Sunday we will know what team is coming to Charlotte. I don't give a poo who it is, bring it. The national media will pick against us no matter who we play, they have been doing it all season. Bring it. Our defense will smack any of the teams square in the mouth and Cam Newton will rise to the occasion. Playoffs? You're god damned right.

EDIT: How could I forget. The other way to deter these assholes is to show up at Roaring Riot's rally and claim what's ours.

#2577178 Top 10 Panthers Photos of 2013

Posted by Zod on 31 December 2013 - 07:43 AM

Its was an amazing opportunity to photograph and document the Carolina Panthers 2013 regular season.I thought I would reflect on my favorite photos of 2013.


Here are my personal picks of the top 10 photos I have taken in 2013.


10. He Still Got It - Steve Smith dances for a TD after burning the trash talking Rams secondary. The Rams game was the most physical of the year.



9. Jason Williams punt block. This was a game changing play against the Jets. It began the momentum swing that ended in a Panthers victory.



8. Cam on the Run. In Miami I captured Cam framed perfectly between two other players during a touchdown run. I just love this photo, there not much more to say.



7. Rising Above. Cam and Lafell celebrate after a touchdown pass.



6. Kings of the South - Mike Tolbert leads in a chorus of "Kings of the South" in the Atlanta visitors locker room. Luke is found in the back getting a video of it all.



5. Winning Score - Dominick Hixon is the hero of the day after a last minute touchdown catch against the Saints. Tolbert is there to lift him up as the Panthers celebrate in the background.




4. Cam's Roar - Cam vented a bit against the Giants, letting out the loudest yell of his career.



3. Melvin White's Magic Carpet Ride - Melvin White brings back a Matt Ryan pick 6, diving for the end zone. This was a pivotal play that ended with the Panthers winning the NFC South.



2. Luke in the Rain - During the downpour of the Saints game, Luke Kuechly remained focused. Its always a challenge shooting in a heavy downpour. Visibility is low and focusing is difficult. I will be sure to get a copy of this one signed.



1. Jerry Richardson taking it in. With the Panthers starting 0-2, Jerry Richardson decided to make his presence known. During pregame he left his cart to walk in the end zone and talk to the players. I had never seen him do this before. The stakes were high, and the result was the only shut out of the year. I like to think JR had something to do with that.




#2440272 MRSA Bay Buccaneers

Posted by SCP on 21 October 2013 - 02:36 PM

Hot damn! We survived the scumbag Jeff Fischer and his dirty St. Louise Rams and son of a bitch if we aren't sitting here with a win streak in Charlotte, NC. I honestly do not know how to act right now. That game yesterday was entertaining to say the least and I am thrilled to come away with a W. It is also good to know that we will not have to hear anything else from the 4-5 guys that make up Ram Nation County.

So on to the Sunshine State we go. I'm sure when Otis Redding wrote his classic song Sitting on the Dock of the Bay he wasn't envisioning a smelly 400 lb. offensive lineman with a flesh eating disease called MRSA. Pack your Lysol, pack your Purel, bring your body condoms, drink a bunch of Airborne, hide your kids, and hide your wife because we are heading to the land of ass pirates and MRSA outbreaks. Don't worry about contracting anything from Bucs fans because they will not be anywhere near Ray-J on Thursday night. Antibiotics won't help with MRSA so avoid contact with Donald Penn's fat ass if you see him in line at the Golden Coral sucking down fried Okra by the pound and dipping meat loaf squares in the Chocolate Wonderfall. They signed Revis, one of the best man coverge DBs in my lifetime, to a huge deal and play him in zone. Brillant! They blitz on victory formation plays. They apparently don't wash their hands after they poop so their facilities are living, breathing petri dishes for things like dysentery. Their fans think dressing like a pirate is cool and they have cool pirate names on their message boards like Swashbuckler and TimmyTheAssPirate. I kind of remember when it was cool to dress like a pirate but that's back when I was 9 and carrying around a plastic pumpkin and begging strangers to throw my fat ass a mini Snickers bar. Fugging popcorn balls got their ass egged. I mean seeing some loser dressed as a pirate pull up to the game in his 2002 PT Cruiser with the "Arrrgh!" vanity license tags and the "Surrender Your Booty" bumper sticker does not instill fear in any man. You know the guy I'm talking about. He makes regular appearaces on To Catch a Predator and Cops. It makes me want to grab him by the collar of his puffy pirate shirt and throw his white trash ass back into his Hillsborough County meth house.

The Glazer family has thrown a tone of money around lately on names like Jackson, Revis, Golson, and Nicks. Big fugging deal. Maybe they should invest in a name like Chlorox. Unfortunately they also hired a squishy faced twit as a coach who's more worried about proving he is a bad ass than winning games. Captain Munnerlyn's short ass is going to climb Vjax like a lumberjack while our D-line forces that Napoleon Dynamite look-a-like QB of theirs into making duck fart throw after duck fart throw. At halftime, Donald Penn will be calling that Apple Cart Roof Cleaning guy to pressure wash the poop out of his jock strap after The Kraken knocks the fat out of his man tits. Last time I called on Fua to be the hero he disappointed me. I think he steps up to the plate on Thursday and disappoints me again. Star and KK are going to make their pressence known and our offense is going to score just enough to get us a W.

Panthers 17
Bucs 14

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#2431553 St Louise

Posted by SCP on 16 October 2013 - 09:15 PM

Well smack my ass and call me Sally. The sun is shining and Panther fans bi-polar pendulum has swung back in favor of the Panthers after that nice little win up in the land of blonde bearded transvestites. I'm not sure if I'm buying what they are selling quite yet because our coach is a bewb and is STILL learning in year 3 (his own words). But, at least for this week the collective mood of our miniscule fanbase has gone from "fug this poo" to "we can make the playoffs".

The next opportunity for our Fightin' Rivera's to cram a suppository up the asses of Panther Nation is this Sunday when the St. Louise Rams come to The House that Bo-Berry Built. You know, there is not much smack to talk about St. Louis. The residents are friendly, the women are hot, they love BBQ, and sweet tea was first made there at the State Fair. Also, I am a bit jealous of St. Louis because if I lived there, every morning I would walk down to the Mississippi river, grab a tree branch, dangle my ass over the edge,and take a poop just for the satisfaction of knowing that my turd would float down stream and end up diluted in the New Orleans drinking water system.

St. Louis has long mired in the shadow of Kansas City and is best known for the world's largest McDonald's arch rising from the polluted banks of the Mississippi. Known as the Gateway to the West, this structure sticks out like Wilford Brimley raising his hand to answer a question in an English class full of Bosnian refugees. St. Louis is considered the bastard child of a more-or-less shitty part of America's heartland. 350 years ago a couple of wandering Frenchmen decided to stop at the banks of the ol' Miss to perform felatio on one another. Such a grand time was had that the two men decided to name their little riverside slice of heaven, St. Louis, after King Louis IX of France. How nice. Now, a few centuries later thanks to the Louisiana Purchase, St. Louise is part of the United States and is the car jack capital of the MIdwest and has nothing to show for iteself but a few shitty Nelly albums and the St. Lunatics. Obviously St. Louis Rams fans are few and far between so I do not know any to formulate an opinion on. I know they can barely fill that convention center stadium they play in and will probably relocate for the 4th time, but who am I to judge. I suspect most of them work at Walmart or clean shitters at the myriad KOA Kampgrounds and Waffle Houses that smatter the Missouri country side. Sure, St Louis has given us some greats like Maya Angelou and Mark Twain, but they also taketh away by giving us Ike Turner's wife beating ass and remaining in the top 5 for most violent crime plagued cities in America. St Louis natives also lead the nation in eBay purchases of those Teva strap shoes and denim fanny bags. One more little known fact, St. Louis is the one city in America where I have not taken a poo.

As far as the game goes I am hoping that my Panthers show up for consecutive weeks for the first time in the Chico Era. However, my faith in Ronald is about as strong as my faith in my ability to get laid again if the wife ever divorces me, The Rams coach Jeff Fischer, who bears a striking resemblence to Jimmy Hart, is the rules committee guru and pretty much has an incestuous relationship with the league and NFL VP of Officiating, Dean Blandino. So any hope Ron has of getting a call here and there is out the window. I am rather uninspired this week but will have my 8 year old son at the game with me so come hell or high water it will not be a wasted day.

Panthers 28
Rams 14

#2250608 DA KRAKEN IS IN THE HOUSEEEEE (and they let me start my own topic)

Posted by itsghardy on 04 June 2013 - 11:26 PM

Peppers dont want this bruh

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