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  2. I’m looking for younger faster quicker stronger versions of stew, TD, Olson, Pep, Adams, Coleman, Kalil focusing on more pass rush and more speed the only way I give up a first rounder is for a second or third yr superstar
  3. Trai in concussion protocol

    Preseason? Really? That’s your barometer for a player to not suck? There are countless players who perform well in preseason and end up sucking it up when the real bullets start flying. We have all seen him in enough regular season action to know he sucks and is a huge liability when he’s playing. Luckily, he’s sandwiched in between a former All-Pro center and a young RT who has hit his stride recently so his magnitude of suck-age just might be masked a little.
  4. The saints were a pathetic defense when they came to Charlotte with an 0-2 start. I don't take stats seriously
  5. Just hoping Williams will be alright. At least his fingers were moving as they were carting him off.
  6. lol does this wee cringelord think he's edgy because he discovered 4chan? i remember when 4chan was fun and they actually exposed and reported pedophiles. apparently they're a haven for them now. they really will let anyone be a newfag these days
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  8. The Last Jedi *Spoilers*

    Not a good movie. Bad writing. I love Kylo Senn. The acting was pretty good and visuals were good but the plot was contrived.
  9. The life of Guam guy was re-elected 5 times. There's lots of sex offenders residing in DC that people seemed to be fine with until recently. That Congressional list of settlements? Still out there. Those accusers propped up for changing elections? Any chance those same parties will see those allegations through? Those are the elected leaders running the country. They don't give two shits about victims of sexual predation.
  10. Fry is intelligent. He's simply in a stage of checking his surroundings to see how he needs to form the narrative. There are few people on the planet that are content with letting the facts simply play out
  11. The race card can never be overplayed for a lot of people. I've not known PSC to use it casually, but Red will surely interject it somehow
  12. did anyone in the segment point out that this is a grown man that voluntarily watches wrestling?
  13. The Last Jedi *Spoilers*

    Even knowing what was going to happen, I loved it. I agree, Ackbar's death I hated the most. And as Steele Saunders says, your Snoke theory sucks. Err, sucked. Like the way they are passing the torch. Kylo's line about burning everything in the past down was aimed at fans just as much as it was aimed at Rey. Going again later today with the kids. 9/10 due to the Leia Superman scene.
  14. "trump neonazi" You literally contradicted yourself.. Trump is a jew, no actual nazis support Trump since the election. Also, Trump supporters aren't exactly an enclosed group like BLM. Millions of people support Trump and half of the nation voted for him. Also, from https://godfatherpolitics.com/black-lives-matter-terrorist-organization/ What started out seemingly as a relatively harmless protest group, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has morphed into a full-blown black separatist hate movement. They have no shame and no fear in these United States, as they know the liberal press and spineless politicians don’t dare challenge them. They have but one arrow in their quiver as a defense for their radical behavior, but know that in this current climate, it’s all they need. No one wants to be labeled a racist. Yes, the race card is all they need to inoculate themselves from backlash — and with allies like the president, why even worry. With every gathering — with every march — we see them growing ever bolder. The latest demonstration of this arrogant boldness was the march in St. Paul at the Minnesota Fair, where they chanted, “Pigs in a Blanket — fry ’em like bacon.” They have no shame and no fear. And this ramping up of hateful rhetoric directly coincides with the recent rash of police executions — white cops, and citizens (reporter and cameraman) being slain by an angry gay black men. There’s no way on earth these recent murders aren’t at least partly attributable to the well-advertised hatred of police by the BLM movement. Police officers get killed in the line of duty — but random assassinations of police like we’ve seen simply don’t occur in this country.
  15. Dallas shooter was not affiliated with BLM. he was in whacko separatist groups. but even if he was, should Trump supporters be known as a terrorist group because of the Trump neonazi who murdered Heather Heyer?
  16. Believing in jinxes is WEAK. #KeepPounding
  17. Did you seriously just try to not only bring up stuff from a long ass time ago, but not even copy and paste the right poo?
  18. We could move Worley to FS or SS and then get Apple
  19. How is it racist? I just used a fuging character to portray i'd take Mayweathers opinion over a bum. I know right! Because shouting racist chants and committing terror attacks in Dallas isn't something a hate group would do! At this point BLM is worse than the Modern KKK, atleast they don't fuging kill people. I can't imagine why you'd wouldn't want to debate that though. I never attacked you, I just repeated something that a lot of BLM supporters think.
  20. When I played sports I went were friends until we hit the field or court. Then it was time to dominate.
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