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  2. The case for Billy Price....

    Chubb ate up just about everyone, but I see your point.
  3. The case for Billy Price....

    Trust me, you don't want McGlinchey unless you want him at RT. He can't handle speed rushers. If you like Matt Kalil, oh boy, you'll love seeing McGlinchey against competent DE with a speed rush. Watch his tape against Georgia or NC State's Bradley Chubb.
  4. The case for Billy Price....

    Price and Cam can fight over music choice, lol. I really like some of the interior linemen in this draft. It's often the position that doesn't get pulled off the board until later (Only exception this year being Quinton Nelson who I believe will be top 10). Either Ragnow, Daniels, for our future center. Will Hernandez or Wynn for Guard. Wynn is interesting in that he's a Georgia Left Tackle that's being asked to transition to Guard at the next level. Senior Bowl measurements have him at around 6-2 308 with 33-inch arms, prototypical guard size and not ideal for the outside. Panthers over years especially Hurney loves linemen who played multiple positions in college. Wynn could be a guy you try at LT at practice and see if he can handle it. If he can't then place him inside. He looked great in Senior Bowl along with Will Hernandez.
  5. The case for Billy Price....

    Man if it is a choice between McGlinchey or Price that could get interesting. Probably be Price with Matt eating up all that cap. BTW: I notice Pete Prisco gave the Panthers an OT for like the 20th straight year. Wudda dik.
  6. Lamar Jackson at #24: Is it possible?

    I am saying it here and now. Lamar Jackson will be a Bust in the NFL.
  7. Show me a evil gun, and I'll show you a drunk car...oops!
  8. Gosh, every car now has a device that don't let you start a car if you're drunk? Altered car designs?...lol...tell that to the victim's families that's been killed by drunk drivers...recently!! You are not too bright are you...
  9. We really ought to give Gettleman a call about OBJ. Trade for Matt Kalil, straight up.
  10. I was just throwing a number out there that would be acceptable to me. I don't think that Landry would accept that, but, more importantly, I don't believe we have any interest whatsoever in Landry. The whole notion from the get-go was absurd as far as I'm concerned.
  11. Of all the guys/gals in Congress

    No you are, "instead we got a global elitist that is also probably a racist and not very bright as president." You said it, back it up big boy with facts...derp!
  12. Things that trump says

    Here's one...“My whole life is about winning. I don’t lose often. I almost never lose.” Donald Trump....So true!!!
  13. Of all the guys/gals in Congress

    Yes I have evidence he continued probes after 7 other reviews and found nothing. It’s all public record. You are are the one saying racist. That’s on you.
  14. Bradley Chubb

    I am going out on a limb here and saying Chubb is an absolute monster. He is clearly the best player in this draft. If I am Cleveland I take him one and a QB at 4. Rosen, Darnell, Allen or Mayfield...take your pick. I would want Chubb at 1. Period. Dude is down right intimidating.
  15. Wow, Landry is a decent WR who gets a ton of volume, but he's not the one addition we need to win a SB. Dolphins have been 6-10, 6-10, 8-8 and 10-6 with him. Funny thing is that in Landry's rookie year, Wallace was their leading receiver and they were 11th in scoring. In Landry's two high volume (160+) target years, they were 27th and 28th in scoring. In his second lowest target season, they were 17th. I don't think it is a coincidence that the more they threw to Landry, the lower the scoring. For stats guys, yards per target is important because it shows the efficiency of every play for Landry. Last year was the Dolphins worst scoring year with Landry (their leading WR) and not coincidentally, he barely was over 6 yards per target. In their best scoring season, Wallace was their leading WR and he had 7.5 yards per target or 20% more than Landry in 2017 Landry Targets - Dolphins Scoring Rank 112 - 11th 131 - 17th 161 - 28th 166 - 27th Feel free to ignore the data, but from an efficiency stand point, Landry isn't that good, which is why KB's 1st down percentage per catch was way better even though his biggest supporter on this board just ignore my point. Anyway, suffice it to say that if we did trade for him, we would be fuging ourselves both in cap space (losing Williams or Funchess or both) and draft capital (likely cost our 1st).
  16. Of all the guys/gals in Congress

    Probably a racist huh? Got facts or credible evidence, or is that just your opinion...I bet the latter...
  17. Props to Rubio

    Took you long enough. The problem with this is the question about armed guards in school the kid wanted to ask was asked. Townhalls like this always screen questions so the same thing is not asked
  18. Benjamin

    He is not a TE and he wan't be able to block
  19. Benjamin

    TEs & small shifty WR w/ 1big outside WR. Power/Finess Running game.
  20. I actually liked the Butler pick at the time once I warmed up to the reality that Short was likely gone. But we all know how things played out. Luxury picks have been an issue the last several years. By the time picks like Shaq and Butler get real starting time, their rookie contracts will be up and we will become forced to make tough decisions due to obvious cap restraints. That's a lack in basic foresight. If you can't find any issue at all here, you're just willfully blind to it.
  21. Props to Rubio

    Forum was a fake, it's scripted. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/02/22/parkland-student-cnn-gave-me-scripted-questions-on-guns.html
  22. Post your view from work

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