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  2. Local are huge, Fox - Panthers, CBS - NCAA tourney etc. But yeah that sucks. I personally dont care for iptv or apk much. Too buggy and buffering etc.. Anyway, to each his own.
  3. Set TV is legit. I'm telling you. No, it's not perfect. There is occasional buffering on some channels or movies, but for the most part it works like a charm. The only other negative (other than not being quite perfect) is that you won't get local channels on Set TV, but I do pretty well between getting The Leaf antenna and roughly 35 feet of coax to get my antenna in the "right" spot. I'm telling you, just try it for free on your phone even. I set my sister-in-law up (yes, for some reason I am the go-to tech guy for my family's older generation at least), and she didn't even wait 15 mins of her 24hr trial before extending it. This guy is pretty much on the money, and the service has even improved some since then. This is how it really works.
  4. Which Panthers UFA do we re-sign?

    I believe we have legit, young replacements at both OG and DT with little to no drop off Let em walk. Go spend money on a player that will help a position of need. Like DB DE or WR
  5. well looks like in my area code "27537" CBS, NBC, and Fox are not available for any option in this thread other than settv which I don't wanna get into. fug these major corporations.
  6. JRs sexual harassment situation will have a greater impact on candidates attempting to purchase the Panthers than it will ever have on him. The new owner will need to have a blemish free record when it comes to sexual harassment to get the NFL's approval. Otherwise what would be the point of JR selling the team?
  7. 5 wide

    Agree with Igo’s Op, but not sure if that’ll be the order. I really hope we add 2 quality WRs this offseason though. Crabtree if he becomes available would be perfect to pair with a young wr in the draft. Go S first round in this scenario (Derwin James if he somehow falls would be great) then grab a wr like arden Tate round 2. Alternatively, if we signed a big name like Watkins or Allen Robison, then I could see us drafting a wr round 4 or 5 too. Finally, we could could sign a low tier wr ( Richardson, Pryor? Idk just some names I don’t think will command a lot of money) and draft a wr round 1 like kirk or Ridley. Wr is the team’s biggest need rn though with how injury proned some guys appear to be rn. We can’t let Cam play with funchess and practice sqauders again, we just can’t
  8. Oh no a $400,000 fine or forfit a 3rd round draft pick to someone walking away with 1.5 billion?
  9. Which Panthers UFA do we re-sign?

    - Bring pack - Peppers, Gano, Dickson and surprise re-signing WR Charles Johnson Everyone else is walks
  10. On gameday I just always go to r/NFLstreams and there's always like 10 Panthers streams, typically someone streaming on youtube too.
  11. As terrible as some of the stuff he did was, no crime has been committed, and he is leaving with $1 billion+ in his wallet. They can't make him pay any kind of fine. What are they going to do to him? Good luck nailing him to anything.
  12. Which Panthers UFA do we re-sign?

    Peppers and Gano. Would love to keep Star and Norwell, but they're going to take bigger deals elsewhere. The rest can go.
  13. 5 wide

    I think ppl are over thinking this now.. There is some meat on the bone in FA WR this year and some deals to be had if you look.. After the top targets are off the market.. You have guys like Moncerrif, Matthew's, Wallace, Jaron and John Brown, Richardson, Wright, and Lee who can come in day 1 competing for starting snaps.. 8 to 10 mil can get you 2 guys in FA.. 5 to 6mil can get you Wallace or Richardson.. 3 to 4mil can get you a Brown, Moncerif or Wright.. We can come out with 2 FA WR if worked right... Byrd and Samuels are pretty much your rookies.. With the injuries and little playing time they pretty much are going into a type of rookie season.. We really don't need another development project...
  14. You could ban his entire family. That would be sufficient.
  15. Hurndog knows the score, but he ain't talkin'... yet.
  16. Joe Rogan & Ben Shapiro on the Transgender Movement

  17. 5 wide

    As long as our front office continues to act like a good chunk of our fanbase and think that bottom of the roster type WRs are the answer.
  18. Tried all except youtube. Currently using Hulu because in Atlanta it has all the locals ABC, Fox, CBS, NBC. Got tired of missing on the air broadcast and didn't want to hook up an antena PSVUE- Best streaming quality in my opinion. Most expensive as well. Missing ABC and NBC locally in Atlanta (it varies by where you live). Sling - most affordable, easier interface if using computer. Highly watched events stream goes to crap. Hulu - all the local options. No NFL network. Stream during highly watched events is spotty. DirectTV - Missing I think it was CBS. Picture quality stream was 2nd best.
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  20. Which Panthers UFA do we re-sign?

    Pep, Gano (Tagged, hopefully), Dickson, Bersin are the ones I'd have no issue with, and would hope Bersin doesn't make the roster. Could see the herpes that are Amini or Teddy Williams still sticking around, though.
  21. Yeah I tried Settv after I cut cable and the HDMI antenna I bought didn’t work. I’ve had it for three months and it’s been just as reliable as TWC was for all those years and about $140 per month cheaper, not to mention every nfl game and nba league pass and every other channel you can think of. It’s a no brainer. Cable companies have fleeced consumers for years so don’t expect any remorse coming from here.
  22. Which Panthers UFA do we re-sign?

    Star is probably gone, along with Norwell. No way Hurney piles that much money in OG. Wouldnt mind seeing Peppers back for one more try at a SB. Probably going to tag Gano Wouldn’t mind seeing Bersin back, dude is clutch Everyone else can go
  23. If he sells the team before the investigation is over the NFL can’t do anything to him... I guess Goodell and his crew could stand outside various BoJangles and protest
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