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  2. Jill Stein Smacks Down MSNBC Host Over Russian Propaganda

    As opposed to the coporate media giving you nothing but truth and unbiased reporting right? please.
  3. Jill Stein Smacks Down MSNBC Host Over Russian Propaganda

    Billions vs thousands. its isn’t. I know you badly want it to be but even the people handing out the indictments don’t think so.
  4. "We'll just post on YouTube that me paying Manafort millions of dollars and him laundering it because he knew it was illegal and treasonous is no big deal because I used to be in Ukraine and not Russia. Some Bernie fans still upset will at least buy it like they did during the election right Putin?" *wink*
  5. Well to stream TV you dont necessarly need prime. PSVue is a great service and you just need a Fire TV or Stick or a Roku. You will need a decent internet connection so you may need Spectrum for internet. Hope this helps, but I would definately cut the cord. It a no brainer and you will save almost certainly.
  6. Your vote won't be wasted!!! Putin promised. Good thing you got so much info from YouTube and non-traditional media. The type of places they were targeting. 20 indictments later there is "nothing to see here. LMFAO.
  7. 5 wide

    He's played 16, 14, 13 and 10 games in four years and he's only missed 2 of 32 games the past two years and he's had 1500 yards and 6 TDs. Not bad, but 750 yards is around WR47 the past two years (#40 in 2017 and #54 in 2016). That's the definition of JAG to me, middle of the pack WR2, and because of the market he's going to get paid as if he's WR20. His best season (when he played all 16) was 63-851 3 TDs. He's had 2 games in 53 where he had over 100 yards, both 9+ point losses. 7 career games over 75 yards and Jax is 1-6. 8 career TDs in 53 games. 28 of 53 games with 37 or less yards. Maybe he's had a few good games, but he's not carrying any team. He's absolutely JAG after 4 years. Not saying he's not a starter in the NFL, but that people are clamoring for a vet difference maker (our #1 over Funchess) and he's not it. Honestly, I am of the thought that if you want a difference maker WR, you have to draft one. Look at the top 25 receiving yards leaders. 3 FAs, 1 trade and 21 players still with the teams that drafted them. There's no FA that I think can have the impact that people in here want. I think the closest is Watkins because of his upside, but he may be really expensive if Robinson is tagged and Sanders/Crabtree aren't available. Our best hope is honestly that Samuel and Byrd stay healthy. As bad as that sounds, I think they both have the speed to help the offense a lot, again with a big "if healthy." I'd like to add someone , but there's nobody I really like, especially without blowing the cap. I just think the FA WRs are ridiculously risky for what they will cost because there's so little available. My other hope is that Turner really helps with the WR draft research and we pick a winner.
  8. Quantify it then. How do you quantify the affect it had on the election? Polling data? Surveys? It is proof of meddling BTW lol
  9. Jill Stein Smacks Down MSNBC Host Over Russian Propaganda

    Which black posters on here voted for Jill stein?
  10. 3rd round pick for Norman

    He would have to restructure for sure
  11. I use kodi with the sports access paid app and watch every game here in Florida and it is cable quality. The sports access app is like $16 a month but well worth it! Any sport any team, it’s great
  12. It's the offseason, so I guess I can post this here? If not, then move it where it needs to be. Anyway, with my medical bills pilling up, I'm thinking about cutting the cord. I just noticed FuboTV can provide sports channels starting at $18 per month. I think if this is as good as it sounds, I could get Amazon Prime and then tell Spectrum to kiss my ass. Has anyone used FuboTV and if so is it any good? https://www.fubo.tv/lp/sports/
  13. 5 wide

    The natural order of things says it pretty much has to go like this...I think the only question is how mch we are willing to spend...
  14. Jill Stein Smacks Down MSNBC Host Over Russian Propaganda

    The mental gymnastics you are playing is amazing to see. Lol the guy who oversees mueller and assigned him as special counsel is now someone bias. And your opinion is the one who should be trusted. Crazy lol
  15. 5 wide

    Dude Byrd was injured for half of the year.
  16. Jill Stein Smacks Down MSNBC Host Over Russian Propaganda

    Yes it does. He is saying they aren’t alleging it because it isn’t there. If it was you best believe they would be alleging it. you definitely can quantify the effects. You can directly compare the effects of say CNN and MSNBC giving billions of dollars of free air time to trump vs the thousands of dollars spents on these ads. One had a tremendous effect. The other was said to be “a small drop in a far larger bucket” you can say I’m downplaying but I’m really just looking at this for what it is. You are trying to say these indictments are proof of meddling. Theres nothing different from correct the record.
  17. 5 wide

    Ha! I remember what people were saying. Some even had Byrd ahead of Funchess. You initially asked why people see Samuel ahead of Byrd. I've given you reasons why.
  18. What if ...

    We don’t need a big name, but we need a receiver who can catch and has good NFL speed. Right now I love Byrd, but we haven’t seen him be consistently healthy. Granted , we haven’t had a large sample size. If he and Samuel could stay healthy, then I don’t feel like we would really need to add one via FA. But I don’t trust them just yet to stay on the field. We can win without upgrading the CB position. Our problem last year was not scoring and settling for FG. Our problem isn’t defense, though we are getting older. So we should def start to bring in some to start in the future. Just not a high priority in my opinion.
  19. 5 wide

    Nobody is saying Byrd is "the next big thing", we are saying he has shown more potential than Samuel did last year. He has potential to be a special asset to this offense. He showed that last year. Of course we need to address the WR position in terms of getting a starter opposite of Funchess, because neither Samuel or Byrd are there yet.
  20. 5 wide

    And don't get me wrong @Trill OG, I still hold out hope for Byrd. I am not as highly suspect of him as I was Shepard and Brown. I just am skeptical because of his total resumé thus far. As much as you guys want to talk about him being "electric" and all that, it wasn't too long ago that he was "electric" in a preseason game and labeled as the next big thing by some in the Huddle. He 7was going to do big things, right? Then, he promptly disappeared. Subsequently, he all but fell off the map during the regular season. There is a reason why some guys just never get traction, and most of the time it's because they aren't that guy. When the real opportunity comes, like the kind that Shepard has had, the gamers seize them and do their thing. Of course injury is the great derailer, but the real gamers just never seem to die. Byrd's gonna have to seize the day if he is going to play to the caliber that some are suggesting. Like it or not, Samuel is going to get his chance because his total resumé is simply more "electric" than Byrd's. It's that simple. Put your money on Byrd. That's OK. But from where I'm sitting, Samuel hasn't even gotten started.
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  22. How about those Cheating Dookies

    This system that's finally coming out, is what needs to be allowed to happen. The details are fuzzy, but college baseball players and hockey players? Allowed to have agents or representation. Why aren't football and basketball players? Easy...give them the right, let the agents pay them, not the schools necessarily...problems solved. It's been going on since the UCLA days, it's in every single major program, and it's not going away. Let's stop acting like it's not happening and let these kids benefit just like some of their college counterparts.
  23. 3rd round pick for Norman

    the results of this poll just shows how many people visit this board who play madden with the salary cap turned off
  24. 5 wide

    That's because you aren't looking at the total picture. You are just wowed by glitz against a suspect defense. Moreover, you aren't looking at the actual routes run, or the level of competition. Thirdly, the sample sizes are simply too small to make that type of determination, so, lastly, you simply have to look at their college resumés and try and take it all in and project who will be the greater receiver---the one that will have the most prolific impact. Just think, with the impact that Benjamin made while he was here, why do you think that we ended up putting our chips on Funchess (who, in my estimation, just looks like the naturally better receiver)? It's not as simple as going by one season, much less basically one game. Furthermore, Samuel's and Byrd's stats aren't that different. I'll give Byrd some kudos for the TDs, but they aren't that different. There's not too much to see with either one, and that's why I feel we must get at least one free agent here to provide some competition to provide Cam a rock-solid option.
  25. What if ...

  26. 3rd round pick for Norman

    They signed Grubbs that offseason, who was high priced. I don't know how logical it is to have the two highest paid players at their positions though.
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