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    Matt was rough early on, but I thought he did a banged up job for the rest of the way. He's serviceable at best. Now as for Gettlemen giving him the money, I wasn't for that. I wanted Kalil, but only on a prove it kind of deal. I also wanted Riley Reiff. If we had to give either the long term deal, I definitely was pushing that for Reiff, and bringing in Kalil to play RT. Interestingly enough, Reiff is still playing in the playoffs.
  3. So, who is at fault

    probably better to threaten to shut it down over imaginary federal dollars spent on abortions at planned parenthood

    I always thought it was T'n'A, then I found the football part.

    what is the cap penalty to cut Matt now, vs as soon as 2018 starts? almost a rhetorical question... as far as JN, that was a fug up on both sides.
  6. Completely agree. Some are speaking of a power back like the back has to be only good at running between the tackles to complement CMac. Sony can run between the tackles, has an uncanny burst for the home run, and is a better blocker and receiver than Chubb. A complete back like him gives nothing away in terms of playcalling vs. CMac or both being on the field. That’s what I want. And I’m willing to take it in the late 1st RD or early 2nd if we trade back.

    This is a fan forum right?
  8. You're referring to the Ealy principle?
  9. In truth, we will only know how good the draft class is two or three years after the draft has been completed. As of now, its only a guess.
  10. I should have just gone the Norm Crosby route.... young people pay attention.

    If Moton is worse than Matt Kalil at LT, we can go ahead and cut him now.
  12. The Eagles now have an omen

    It's pretty funny. My Eagles fan buddy from Philly sent it to me yesterday morning. Kenny V is the man!
  13. CAROLINA PANTHERS news and talk. Please see top of your computer screen.
  14. Good point. I think a first rounder is the pick if Hurney releases Stewart, which is probably something he should do if you look at production. However, that usually means Stewart will get a 6-year extension at $8m per and join Jake Delhomme and Charles Johnson in the HURNEY RING OF HONOR.
  15. Fanspeak Mock Simulator

    this offseason should be fun...
  16. Shame that Brees, Goff, Newton and Ryan all out and the teams with subsitute QB's are playing for SB. Would not count out the Eagles nor Vikings in the Super Bowl. Especially the Vikes
  17. The Eagles now have an omen

    I’m not sure just how good the Vikings are. Either way, the AFC will win the Super Bowl.
  18. Today
  19. The Eagles now have an omen

    english is not his native tongue?
  20. The Eagles now have an omen

    Lol....Saw when you tweeted it out yesterday and had no snarky comeback then nor can I come up with one now. There is just nothing that can be said in defense of that so I laugh at it with the rest of you to hide my shame.

    Oher > Remmers>>>Kalil = Bell
  22. Thanks for the information. DT, Dominique Easley WR, Allen Robinson, Jags WR, Marquise Lee, Jags' CB, Kyle Fuller, Bears S, Tre Boston, Chargers DE, Ezekiel Ansah, Lions OT, Cameron Fleming, Pats First, with Fangio returning and a glaring need at CB, I would think Fuller will be locked up by da Bears. Why am I thinking Mike Wallace is headed to Carolina? I don't like it because WRs are supposed to be able to catch, , but I would be happy with either of these Jag WRs. I doubt Boston returns. We like tackling safeties. I do not think (if you look at contracts only) we address C or T in free agency this year. I think we are likely to draft a T and C later in the draft to develop behind the Kalils. I think we draft a young DE if Peppers signs for another season. Ezekiel Ansah has been fighting the injury bug and did not heal over an entire off season,. Red flags. He would be a great gamble, but not at a big number. About Easly at DT--love the player, but he has had 3 torn ACLs in just 4 seasons. A nice addition if the price is low, but dang, that is scary. Please, no Thomas Davis references. One exception does not make a case. Big men with knee issues are like horses with broken legs.
  23. RIP Dan Gurney

    With all the racing fans here, surprised this hasn't been posted... https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/15/obituaries/dan-gurney-driver-and-builder-of-racecars-is-dead-at-86.html Was the first man to win races in each of the big 4: Formula 1, NASCAR, Sports Gran Prix and Indy.
  24. I'd agree with you most years.... but lets be honest...2018 for the Panthers is a make or break year. Everybody will be playing and coaching for their jobs.

    Kalil > Oher, Remmers, Bell, Chandler
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